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  1. Update after a couple weeks: Took it out camping this weekend out in Marcola Oregon and While i was finding a place off road i ran over some clear brush and my front tires started spinning with no such action from the rear... It would seem that my awd js not working. There seems to be no torque bind when tight turning etc
  2. I caught my alternator harness before it caught fire, quit charging during a drive, tried to jump it, and then we noticed the alternator stud over was weirdly bulging away from the stud, pulled it off it was a short fire waiting to happen... so i walked to Ace Hardware and bought some electrical wire, electrical tape, etc and re did my own line from the alternator back toward the fuse box to get home, the next day i took a OEM alternator from the junk yard as well as that harness... I didnt use the alternator, or harness, but i have them for backup, i ended up doing a really solid job on my my make shift harness, and i replaced the stud and part of the housing etc... but still... this isnt an uncommon problem i believe.
  3. you could maybe call the company the imported engine came from, or i imagine subaru might know.
  4. and if he ever needs junk yard replacements the junk yard on 33 just west of the Interstate
  5. there a couple places in Murray and West Valley i used to go to... My friend used to take the car he gave me to guy on near the Subie on State St, around 3300 s block... ill ask if youd like... good price as far as i remember.
  6. Fair enough. Not intended as a slur, just a short hand that I will be sure to refrain from. My apologies to any offended. And i meant it as a joke more or less about hating USDM market... But realistically lets look at what the USDM market doesn't get compared to JDM or even AUDM
  7. its because Jap car companies hate USDM market :\
  8. Alright. I will probably delay doing this for awhile, perhaps when i decide to do timing or something... The tick has quieted itself a bit and is less frequent so im not going to be concerned about it further. Thanks for the input guys... If i do this in the near future I will update what i did and if it solved the issue.
  9. noted. you think the bags of ice will remove enough traction?
  10. of course!!! Especially because here in Eugene we dont have the widest roads, or longest driveways :(, not like where i was in Florida :P. I think IF i decided to do that, I would maybe just let the gas off just enough until I could feel the car start to push, or i would not feel anything and the AWD doesnt work... I would also maybe do it along the curb, or the nearby HS parking lot which is mostly empty for the rest of the summer now
  11. Duralast stuff is pretty junk, ive had better luck with used junk yard replacements tbh. Steering rack i dont think so, though it could be i suppose... but i feel like you would have noticed loose and free steering wheel, shaking and feedback in the steering wheel when turning, and even a loud vibration in those tighter turns. Get the car with all 4s in the air and start turning stuff by hand...
  12. is this something that would have been done part of a valve job(or should have been). My friend who gave me the car had a valve job done within the last 30-40k, maybe more like 20k ago, about 2 yrs or so
  13. i guess another thing i could do is jack up the front just enough to remove most the pressure on the front, and see if the back moves me forward :/ seems kinda dumb to do, but i dont think im gonna have much wet grass soon (i dont think my people want me to tear up the yard). what would i do with soapy water, my driveway is pretty course, so im not sure that would work?
  14. No stethoscope atm but i can say for sure i hear it more in the passenger Wheel Well than the top side
  15. So Ive followed the recommended reading, and it appears i should have had all 4 tires spinning, especially when i switched to 1st gear and blipped throttle, because when the shifter is in 1, the ecu automatically ups the hydraulic pressure to send more torque and power to the rear. Perhaps i misunderstood something in the reading, but what im getting is my MPT is staying disengaged...