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  1. Well none of those sound to terrible really. Just for an uncomfortable ride on my back and tires... So far the worst thing im noticing is my tire isnt in alignment... Steering is still responsive and solid... But i was also guessing something with the strut/coil/top hat as i was really feeling it out on the highway.
  2. I just think its odd that its coming after ive done a lot of work in the area. Tie rods, rack and pin, ball joint, and just yesterday the whole knuckle assy to do wheel bearing. And even then after i drove it after the bearing was finished it was great. Idk... If its sway bar link on bushing im probably over it long enough to get home... But i just dont want to go through and it be the tie and ball joint again, i mean i just changed them and solved those pops and chunks.
  3. 95 legacy Its only when im going over curbs or something. Pot holes do it if im going slow. Alrdy changed tie rods and ball joints. When i break nornal its fine, but like if i kinda hit the brakes hard, its more like i feel the clunk than hear it... The noises from the curbs are heard not felt. Im leaning toward a control arm bushing? If thats what it is i just dgaf anymore. I need to get home. Trying to do hard turns and violent back and forths do nothing accept feel and sound normal. Cant make noise on my own. Im not fat enough
  4. Dude there was no 50$ shop to press it in for me. Subaru #1 wouldn't do it. Subaru #2 wanted 200$. spoob holes wouldnt touch it. Some wouldnt do it for less than 100. And most ppl made up some liability excuse... I really got left without much choice unfortunately
  5. Wheel bearing is replaced. Followed Generals advice as for pulling from the junk yard. 1000 times better. There was no wheel play but after the whole assy was off, there was a ridiculous amount of play in that bearing... Thank you General. Thanks to everyone else. I believe my free car is finally able to ve safely driven back home.
  6. The ball joint was the biggest bitch to remove... So i took generals advice and pulled one from junk yard. Found one that had a new axle nut, and lo and behold the bearing looks near new too. Time to take it home, clean it up and regrease, throw it on and ill get back with results.
  7. Also alignment is alrdy gone. When i was given the car the immediate concerns were ball joints, tie rods, rack and pinion, brakes, rotors and calipers and ive replaced them. So the alignment is thr last thing im doing as obviously im still getting at that area. Also i do have experience in bearing pressing, buts its been a really long time since ive done it(like 10 or 11 yeara) and i do not have a press, or access to one.
  8. Sorry. 95 legacy. There isnt a prepressed assmebly for older models unfortunately. General disorder. I had one subaru shop here in Salt Lake(mark miller subie) say the exact same thing you did about subaru not wanting to do it, but the other said theyd do it for like 200$(nate wade subie). Honestly, im travelling, recovering from my other vehicle being totaled,and funds are limited as i still need to get home. Honestly i bought a new bearing, but im gonna try and take the advice and go to the junk yard it this morning. I remember seeing a few good knuckles in the yard attatched to some fresh looking axles. Fingers crossed and Hopefully they are still there.
  9. I could probably rent one. Actually. Which i probably will. Friend says he hears the noise more in the floorboard area closer to the transmission exceot when im braking then its def in the wheel well. i can definitely feel it in the spring when the car is jacked up. I imagine the noise just resonates down the axle when there isnt much load? Well regardless. Seems i know what tomorrow's project will be. Thank you guys. Any tips or tricks I could use?
  10. Im going to do one more drive with a friend to verify the position of the noise, as well jacking the car up when im back. But im getting a lot of feed back for wheel bearing. A couple follow up questions. So far im getting quotes in excess of 100$ to have a shop press a new bearing into the hub. Is that fair? Seems ridiculous to me. One shop refused to press a bearing and insisted they do the job start to finish... Am i able to do this without a press? Or would pulling a fresh looking hub in the junk yard be the way to go without a press?
  11. Im getting a humming noise in the front of the vehicle. Noise starts at 30, gets loudest at 50/55. When breaking it is audible until stop. Breaking hard makes it audibly worse... Changing lanes to try and put pressure on the suspected side doesnt really cause a noticable difference. But being in the driver seat to hear exactly where it is coming from. Its definitely coming from the right of me, but im having a hard time telling if its the wheel well or something closer to me. I really cant figure it out. Not excessive play in the tire, neither from side to side, top to bottom, or in an out..., i can maybe move the shaft of the axle a tiny amount when i grip it. Diagnosis has been inconclusive. This is really bugging me and setting me back. Is it transmission, axle, bearing? Uhg. Any help is appreciated. Its definitely not tread noise, i changed the tires yesterday. Ive also replaced ball joints, tie rods and rack and pinion. None of those have answered the issue. Brakes were recently done but it doesnt sound like brake noise... And its not road noise... Salt lake has like 50 different types of road and the noise is consistent. So consistent it haunts me... Also feeling the hubs around the bearing, none feel excessivley hot.
  12. So title says it. 95 legacy. Ive done the obvious attempts. The ball joint just wont pop out of the knuckle. Control arm no problem. I saw some people make a tool but that requires a drill or drill press, neither of which i have access to atm. Would a bolt style wheel puller work?
  13. Theres a few questions below. Please feel free to answer any or all of them. Any help is appreciated. I tried to organize the post below I put a lot of the details i know about this car in the intro thread, but some basic info will be included. 95 legacy, 231k, lots of work has been done to maintain the engine and tranny, however i inherited a mess of safety issues. I will bullet my concerns below to keep organized and an easy read. Hopefully this post will keep my spacing inbetween topics. 1)Alternator: just discovered today, but someone had clamped the wires into the terminal connectors with the insulation, this inevitably melted and corroded the wires underneath and caused a short, i jerry rigged it for now, but the terminal bolt is also stripped and will not come off, nor can it be tightened... The alternator is fine otherwise, my question is am i able to replace just the terminal on an alternator? Or am i looking at changing the whole unit :(... Not that its hard, but you gotta hate wasting money because someone sucked at life when installing the current one. 2)Popping noise front passenger wheel area when hitting harder bumps?: I have replaced the rack and pinion, and inner and outer tie rods. The cv axles look fine and have no excessive play or anything. I am between the control arm bushing, which look fine, but not that you can see it, or the ball joint, which looked fine until i caught a specific angle and saw that one side of it is completely bare... The question here is, if it isnt the ball joint, will the control arm bushing become dangerous if failed, it looks like a solid piece with no chance of catastrophic failure unless it becomes unbolted... The driver side ball joint by comparison looks fine and its claimed just that one was repaired within the last yr or 2... With the otherone being at least 40k miles. Maybe older... 3)Steering: The reason why i changed the rack and pinion is because it was shot. Wasnt leaking but there was a lot of free play in the steering, there was alot of free play just pulling on the tie rods themselves, there was definite stiffness in the steering that increased the more it was used throughout a driving session(i.e. lots of turns in short amount of time would cause very notable rise in stiffness). And on hard turns from stop or going slow caused alot of vibration and feedback in the steering... So new one is in and fine, most of the symptoms are gone, but occasionaly i still get that vibrating feedback... Occasionally... And its no where near as severe... My question here is, am i just experiencing some aire in the system and need to rebleed the power steering? Or am i getting a warning sign that the pump is going out? Any other thoughts or suggestions on this question would be appreciated. Thanks for your time... I appreciate any thoughts or advice.
  14. As the title says, my friend gave me his 95 Legacy L with 231k after i wrecked my 05 trailblazer during the blizzards this past february down in Albuquerque. He got it at 190k. Car def needs some love, but the engine and tranny have been taken care of. Since he has had all the belts were changed, valve job was done, rear main seal, rear cam shaft seal, oil seperator, transmission oil cooler... Just before he got it the HGs were done supposedly, they do look fresh just checking the seams inbetween the heads and the block. Barely leaks any oil at this point. Supposedly burns going uphill, but ive yet to experience this. Since ive had it, ive addressed some things that have been neglected by both previous owners, mostly safety related.. So new front rotors and calipers, new pads all around, as well as new Rack and Pinion, and inner and outer tie rods... Currently i have a few more things to address, which i will be posting in the relevant forums shortly... Mostly it is suspension related, and a new issue dealing with a stripped alternator terminal(s.o.b)... But hopefully im almost there, and she will make a wortht replacement for the trailblazer.