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  1. Mitchy

    “BRU” Our new workhorse.

    Now to find out where that water in the rh foot well is coming from.... -Sunroof drains all good -Cleared the mud from the windscreen lower cowl drain holes. -HVAC box and drain, all dry and clear -Pulled out tonnes of mud and plant shoots from inside the lower front splash guard and trim panel. It has been raining heavily and horizontally for a few days, but actually the car already smelled fairly musty when I took delivery. Probably never get rid of that smell ...
  2. I have been offered a cheapish OE option nudge bar p.n. E7718FC000 Will this fit a ‘00 (facelift) Forester SF? I’d take a look but it is far away from here (over water)... I wonder if anyone can tell me. Many thanks normally found here: but will it fit here?:
  3. Mitchy

    “BRU” Our new workhorse.

    There is a great satisfaction in repairing driveshafts. I don’t really know why.... ....and also giving the dirty motor the once-over. They always come out nice after a little scrubbing... Ready for the overhaul work to come.
  4. Just for reference, here is a photo of the 334167 (front) and 335020 (rear) struts:
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. the 334166-7 KYB are strut only, looking very much like the forester ‘00 struts, though I have not compared them side-to-size yet. KYB specifically stated in an email that these are the correct available part for a 96-99 Outback. There are other number struts which are no longer available. I understood that Forester struts fit a Legacy/Outback (up to Legacy II / Outback I) with the correct tops, and the springs are essentially interchangeable - The springs on our ‘99 and ‘00 Foresters, and ‘97 Legacy are not tapered, and all have the same diameter. I therefore assume that the longer-than-Legacy ‘Legacy Outback’ struts are compatible on an SF Forester, and if using the Forester’s springs and tops should maintain a similar ride height, and furthermore give slightly more rear tire clearance to the spring perch than the original SF rear strut. Here’s hoping when I start to pull the forester apart....
  6. Mitchy

    1980 Brat EA71

    Love that Brat!! Thanks
  7. Mitchy

    “BRU” Our new workhorse.

    The repair schedule so far: Rear quarter/tail lamp damage letting in water, so unhook all that trim and unleash the panel beater’s kit.. Not too bad for a preliminary hammered repair.. ...and then sweep up the accumulated detritus whilst in there Rear diff plug: now I know why the magnet. Is this serious? The rocker covers will be coming off soon...all four seals are leaking And the PO threw in an unused steel skid plate. How kind.
  8. Here is our new twenty-year old lugger. ’00 SF 2.0i. Solid, rust free, 140,000 miles, 5MT dual-range. It needs a few of the usual bits fixing: axle boots, oil seals, new plugs etc. etc. but it runs fine and vacuum gauge reads a healthy motor. I have a howling rear bearing and tired rear drums. Perhaps I can swap the broken Legacy’s rear hubs complete with disc brakes to save some money.... So we now have two Foresters; a fine team.
  9. Hi and welcome. You joined an excellent forum.
  10. Hi there I was recently stuck in the same decision, a 91 Legacy wagon or newer Impreza wagon. I admit that the Impreza would have been a ‘heart’ purchase rather than ‘head’. I love the look, especially when prepared for some light of road duty. Definitely too small for practical needs in the boot/trunk department compared to the other options though. The Legacy purchase fell through, so i plumped for a Forester instead, with is a great compromise. Only I am in Europe and I believe all of the gen 1&2 Foresters are dual range 5mt. I’m not sure about availability in The Americas.
  11. Me and the Vivio passing through Gibraltar last year.
  12. After all the humming and haa-ing I am grtting a ‘00 Forester 2.0. It’ll accept the Legacy OB struts, but using the Forester springs and hardware. There will not be a noticeable difference in ride height, but the difference will be felt in the fact that the OB struts are new, and not 20 years old!
  13. Good info Bennie I know all about the centre diff failure- After paying the dealer for the Forester I took it for a long fast drive to fill the time before boarding the ferry to our island, and soon after discovered the clonk-clonk-clonk in tight slow turns. They sent me a replacement, and I fitted it myself (three years later!) - This blue wagon has the 2.0 with 125hp, like the Forester- it’s a big car and I don’t know if it’ll be up to the job we would throw at it. The EJ20 in the Forester seems OK with the manual gearbox, and the dual range gets used every day. After all I reckon that another Forester is our best option, for a power-to-size-to-offroad capability, plus I know it inside-out! You'll be sure to find out as soon as I have made my final decision! Thx
  14. Hi guys - thanks for the replies. I now remember that the 3rd gen has the integrated rear hub carrier and single-bolt struts. As it goes I am not going for a Legacy s there is very little availability here, so the top candidates are a ‘00 Forester SF facelift or a ‘02 Impreza wagon. The 334166-7 struts are the correct and only available KYB (Europe) numbers for the Legacy Outback 96-99. I initially bought them for my gen 2 Legacy sedan. That isn’t happening now. From what I have gathered (lots of trawling the forums) there is no problem fitting Forester SF struts on a gen2 Legacy (gen1 OB) with either Forester or Legacy springs, so I ASSume that these OB struts should therefore fit a Forester SF using the correct strut tops etc. Correct me if I am wrong. Thx
  15. Mitchy

    ‘97 EJ22 in a ‘04 Forester??

    OK I get you. As far as I can tell the European Subarus retained OBD I much later than the USDM models, our ‘99 Forester and ‘97 Legacy still have the old “connectors and CEL flash codes” system, no dash-mounted diagnostics socket. I am not so sure about the ‘04 models though. This is all theory to help me for my next purchase- thank you