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  1. I would be interested to see if this is true. As I have it understood, the hydraulic valve system is only found on clearance engines, correct? Apparently (according to the dealer) my heads have solid adjustable valve tappets, but combined with dual exhaust ports.
  2. I have been following topics on heads, headers, single and dual-ports, interference or not, etc etc I have noticed that the USDM EJ22s from 95 on would have single port heads, coinciding with the start of the interference engines too. Is that correct? Whilst my Fuji-built EDM Legacy from 96-97 would ‘appear’ to have the interference NA EJ22 (eg. solid valve tappets- I haven’t actually checked that yet), it does however have dual exhaust ports. What other differences can we find? The heads and headers on the 96-97 EDM NA EJ22:
  3. I have just washed my hands after the surprisingly quick and easy steering rack bushing renewal. The hammering ‘click-clack’ has gone, now with blue ‘Superpro’ PU bushings installed. The steering rack is much more snug now, with negligible lateral movement. I was fearing this job as I had heard stories of hours spent cussing under the car.... not so; just loosen the steering shaft pinch bolt first and undo the rack bolts - down she comes. You do not even have to disconnect the steering shaft, just let it slip that cm or so down its splines. I had to deflect the defiant PS hoses to let the brackets out, but the bushing just slipped into place on both sides, no grease, just a little cajoling with a wooden dowel to push the pinion side bushing over the top of the rack. 25 minutes wheels-up to wheels-down. **Rusty cars may need longer.** easy peasy. Test drive to come. After the test drive: As hoped, the steering has crisped-up, with no negative effects such as increased NVH etc.
  4. For a car that was concept-sketched some thirty years ago, it is still a remarkably fresh design. Giugiaro at his best. So much more complete than today’s BRZ for example.
  5. God that’s lovely. If I could get my hands on one I would keep it forever. Stunning.
  6. Mitchy

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    ....And for that SUS off road style I have just discovered and bought these genuine new splash guards. Super-chuffed!! They are the longer, more funcional flaps, rather than the stubbier ‘aero’ ones. The rears come from the UK, 45euros or 50$ delivered to Spain. A bit more expensive than I’d like.... The fronts I discovered on a Polish auction site after searching the part number; 20€ delivered!!! I don’t speak polish so I hope I did OK... That has to be cheaper than anywhere else for new old stock parts in their box!!!! -evens up nicely for the expensive uk ones. I previously tried some universal-fit ebay flaps, but they were deformed, and they deformed more when I tried to fit them to the car, so they went straight back to the supplier. I can’t wait to get these on the car...
  7. Mitchy

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    Today I bought: New NGK plugs and cables Genuine thermostat Superpro steering gearbox bushings Gates rad top hose Genuine clutch lever dust boot And idler and pulley bearings for the air con...
  8. Sure, I’m just wondering why there would be a need to remove engine or transmission at so few thousands of miles...
  9. The belt was replaced at 70,000 mi, 8 years ago, according to a sticker in the engine bay. I am however considering a belt and pulley renewal, along with front seals, water pump etc
  10. Thanks Bennie It certainly looks like the rack movement is making this noise, so I am looking forward to feeling some new bushes in there. That dowel pin is a mystery: Is it officially an engine assy or trans assy part? Although 22 year old, this car has only 95,000 miles and looks/ feels like it. The annual road inspections tell the same tale; mileage was recorded at each inspection; I cannot imagine that the NA EJ22 or the cable-operated clutch or the 5MT could have failed in those miles, though anything can happen...The car seems well maintained, one owner from new in ‘97 till 2018, new timing belt at 70,000 miles in 2011 etc etc. Mysterious.
  11. I dove in a little deeper today, but still without assistance. There is definitely some lateral play (0.5-1mm) in the whole steering rack body, so I shall soon change the bushings. whilst I was looking in there I found a dowel pin - clutch bellhousing to engine block perhaps? It measures 10mm dia x 22.5mm long. And a slightly oily steering mechanism! View from above:
  12. I really should get an assistant to help, I was a bit rushed to pull the splash guard off and get under there with the axle stands. Tomorrow I’ll give it a more thorough inspection. Perhaps the steering rack is loose in its mounts.
  13. It sounds louder in the video than it really is! Not really like a hammer blow at all- more like a click-clack.