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  1. It would appear to be the norm that OEM aftermarket parts at least are manufactured globally, it makes sense. Without a doubt it still makes sense for a car manufacturer to use domestic manufacture parts if this option is available. After all, the parts industry exists because of car manufacture, and not vice-versa. as dealership parts generally appear to be of (in our case) Japanese origin, this perhaps help them maintain dealership prices and guarantees.
  2. There’s always a good reason to open the hood now and then!
  3. Don’t they have annual inspections over there? They would have been condemned a decade ago over here, -no rust problems where I live now. That is a very different story compared to the UK’s heavily-salted roads of my youth. Vivio’s exhaust pipe is 23 years old!!:
  4. Yep, and they are thin bolts too. But no extreme pressures or forces inside the valve covers. Remember that cars used to have cork gaskets here and they would split if forced too much. My old mini would gush oil if anything over firm finger-tight was used.
  5. It doesn’t worry me about the S.Korea pump manufacture so much as the ‘Japanese Quality’ paper gasket, which is NOT going to come out of its bag.
  6. Mitchy

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    I would have bought an Outback if there had been an option, but this was what there was for the money and I don’t regret it a bit. The Forester does a fine job.
  7. Mitchy

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    .....But they’re 5-spoke alloy-disguised steelies. 48 offset compared to 55. Perfect for off-road, ding repairs etc And they remind me of slot-mags! I took the original 7” alloys off the Forester and replaced them with these! Yup I’m a freak. I might keep em on and put those alloys back in the Forry. Or just keep playing until missis says ‘enough!’ Its starting to get taller, especially viewed from the rear! I haven’t even put the Outback struts in yet, so will be taller still...Now for the roof rack and some front bumper mods and we’re all set. Oh, and timing belt, water pump, oil change due, ARB spacers, lower BJs . . .
  8. Mitchy

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    But I really like the bog-standard Forester steelies....
  9. Hi all I was very happy to find my SKF belt idlers for a good price, and fully expected them to be made elsewhere than in Japan; S.Korea is the acceptable truth. Now I received an Aisin water pump, proudly marked ‘PREMIUM JAPANESE QUALITY’ on the packaging.. Elsewhere on the packaging, however it says ’Made in S. Korea’. The gasket is paper..... I had already bought a metal Subaru one just in case! The Aisin lower front BJs I just received were also packaged similarly, also made in S.Korea. No more Japanese manufacture of these Aisin parts? So our Legacy and Forester are migrating from Japan, bit by bit.... My tough new KYB Outback struts however still subtly announce ‘MADE IN JAPAN’ .... :)
  10. Mitchy

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    I’m getting the clearance I need now with this setup. The 7 inch wide wheels are really tasty though..
  11. Mitchy

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    Testing the Forester’s 15x6 steelies with the standard Yokohama Geolandar 205/70 R15. This is with the 1.5” strut spacers, awaiting arrival and fitting of KYB Legacy Outback struts.... If the authorities allow this setup, I shall be fitting a set of Geolandar G015 A/T on the original Legacy alloys. the angle of the sun makes it look like the wheels are in-set, but really they are just within the arch. Cannot fit much more rubber under there. I have to take precise suspension clearance measurements because these steelies have 48 offset and the Leggy alloys have 55. I also have the opcion of some 15x7 alloys for the Forester (offset 48) but I am not certain whether I want to stretch the tire over that extra inch....
  12. Petrol does fine for preliminary part cleaning, use gloves; it carcinogenic. Water with degreaser is also effective. Good old elbow grease with a stiff brush for crusty externals. I also use denatured alcohol for ‘thoroughly de-greasing mating surfaces before assembly’. Female threads are cleaned well, as already mentioned, by using an old undamaged bolt with a tidy saw-cut across the end threads and some deburring. This scoops out the oily grime from engine blocks effectively. Repeat as necessary and clean with paper or cloth and some air. I have also used a sliced nut in a socket to clean and hone bolt threads successfully. I would not use a cutting tap unless the thread was deformed or damaged.
  13. I have discovered that many filters fit my Subarus. But really, it does not seem much of a problem to fork out a few notes every oil change for whatever filter of known brand. Rather than forking out big money on genuine or Japanese filters, I change branded filters (usually ‘Mann’ at the place where I buy a few at a time) every oil change, keeping an eye on the oil colour between changes. My oil never gets black!