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Found 13 results

  1. The time has finally come for the Ignition Lock to get stuck in my Brat. It was already in a state where the key could be removed in any position and while driving around. Currently it is stuck in the Run position, and can start the car, but will not turn back to shut the car off. Is it possible to remove this lock cylinder? I have a parts GL Brat with a good lock cylinder in it to swap out if so. 1985 Brat Gl (tilt column steering)
  2. Need help locating these keys, if anybody may have one or all squirreled away some where Part numbers : 7574 22021 (master) 7574 22090 (sub-master) 7574 22100 (sub/valet) The master key is the short one with the large rectangular rubber head, sub master is short with small rectangular head, both "W" code blanks the sub/valet is long with a more trapezoidal shaped head, "F" code. I am *really* hoping to find these so if there are any left tucked away someplace and you wouldn't mind selling, please let me know. Also, I am aware I can easily get aftermarket keys; I'm only interested in originals that say "SUBARU" Thank you!
  3. My wireless key fob has been misplaced. I am looking for a device that will let me know when I get near it. I could use the Outback itself for that but I can't get it in the house. :-) Does any such electronic device exist? Some sort of equivalent to an RFID reader? Also I would like to know the frequency on which the system operates. Many thanks.
  4. Me and my girlfriend just recently purchased her a 1999 Subaru Legacy Brighton wagon and did all the first car maintainence on it. We figured out how to lock and unlock all the doors etc. but we have had a big issue with the hatch lock. Whenever we attempt to enter the key into the key slot, it only goes in about half way. From there I can lock and unlock the car with a bit of difficulty. The other day I attempted to lock it when the key broke in half... I was wondering if Either A. I was suppose to receive a trunk key, B. There is some sort of trick to unlocking and locking it, or C. The lock is faulty. Thanks so much -Craig
  5. Hi all, Re-entering the Subaru world after a long break (previously owned an '85 DL Wagon, '87 GL10 Wagon). I just bought a 1990 Legacy L Wagon for my son today and I need some advice. General Advice - best online parts market place? Specific to this car - The key won't unlock (or lock) the drivers side door. Works on passenger side. Is this about the cylinder or the key? The original key is broken but I still have the "stub" and I'm currently using a key that was copied from original some time ago. Is it worth it to bring "stub" with code to dealership to get new key cut? Thanks in advance for the help! - Drew
  6. Siiiiiighhhh. Okay, so now I'm having another problem with my Subaru Loyale. When I try to turn the ignition off, the key won't come out. It will turn as far as cutting off, but not to the full off position. I use the method the manual tells me, to reach under the steering wheel and put your finger in the hole where you toggle the little button inside that releases the key, and it does. But I just wanna know WHY this is happening and what to do about it? And is it dangerous to keep driving?
  7. I have a 2010 Forester. So even though you remove the key from the ignition the door chime constantly goes off with the door open. the head lights do not turn off and the doors will not lock with the power locks. outside the car the remote transmitter will not lock/unlock the car also the alarm will not arm. I'm guessing the car still thinks the key is in the ignition but why?
  8. 1986 GL 1.8L 2 Door Hatchback - EA21 Car starts fine. When I turn the ignition switch to the 'Acc' position (Maybe 'on' it's dark out.) I'm hearing a steady clicking sound. I don't notice it when the engine is running, but the sound of the engine could mask it. I traced it for a bit and it seems to be coming from just behind center towards the rear of the vehicle, centered somewhere near the drive-line or so. Just curious as to what this could be, I'm assuming it's not supposed to be there, as the engine isn't even running (not to mention it's a clicking sound). I'm not even sure of anything electrical in that area. Are there relays under the rear seats somewhere? Thanks for any help, prior.
  9. Some horrible person tried to steal my 1993 Legacy wagon. It has been stolen before but got it back. This time the person tried to steal it but messed up the ignition and now the key will not go in all the way and will not turn. I looked up a few threads including: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/116698-ignition-switch-lock-cyl-replacement/ I watched the youtube video and removed the plastic covering around steering column. There is a hole in the ignition switch that if I could turn the key I could press there and I could pop it out and just replace it. Then I would not have to take steering wheel and more off. I am ok with having different keys for ignition and door. The problem is of course I can't get the key in to ignition to turn it. Questions: Could a locksmith could get the key to turn? How long would it take to do the long way (take off steering wheel) and think it is possible for someone who has not done something like this before? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance!
  10. She says twice just recently (today) the key was very hot when she removed it from the ignition. It was 105+ today but, a/c has been working and she didn't complain of any other symptoms. anyone experience this? (search won't let me use 3 letter words - ugh)
  11. So I had a nice trip home from Pueblo CO to Florissant, But when I started my car in Pueblo, the ignition switch seemed gummed up. real hard to turn, but started OK. Now I can not turn the car Off ! ? I disconnected the power to the coil and the battery, OK, its off. Reconnected it and it starts and runs fine but can not turn key to off position? Any idea if this is a key or switch problem, or is it one unit? 99 Impreza, 2.2L Thanks, Bill
  12. my subaru impreza hatchback 2.0i premium Key sometimes will not come out of the ignition switch. it does not happen every day,but today was the worst so far took me like 15 min to get my key out. I got the car in January 02-2014 and it has been going on and off for the last month.Sorry this is after I have put the car in park Thomas
  13. My Subaru impreza outback has started taking around ten-15 trys to start, i turn the key and nothing happens i can hear a click and the dash light come on but the car doesnt turn over. Sometimes it starts after just 1 try and sometimes it starts after 2-more, it happens everytime i go to start it even after its been runing and is warmed up. i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem; i am pretty sure it isnt the starter or battary since both are new.
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