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    worked for Subaru for roughly 9 years, had an overstock collection but weeded out all the massive projects, keeping the only really good ones
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    1982 Leone 4WD wagon , 79 Brat
  1. Thank you for the assist; the regulator is new so it is fully electronic. I will go through and check all the grounds I can find, I didn't see any letters for the terminals on the plug of the regulator though but I will break out the test light yet once more! At least now I have somewhere to start, and I know what to look for!
  2. My fiance has a '79 Brat that was left to her, and it's having a fueling issue. That is, it was running fine then sat for several years. I put a new battery in it and nothing. If I hot wire the fuel pump it comes on. All I have been able to find is something stating that the alternator sends signal to the voltage regulator which then tells the pump to kick on. I cannot find an actual wiring diagram. It had a new alternator and regulator just before storage; it has another new regulator and the alternator was tested as being good. Tested twice, actually. Nobody can tell me if there is a relay or something, and as I said, I cannot find a wiring diagram anywhere. Does anybody out there have one? Or have any ideas? It would be most appreciated as she is most vocal about this being running ASAP. I should also note that I have power at the fuse. Thank you!
  3. Need help locating these keys, if anybody may have one or all squirreled away some where Part numbers : 7574 22021 (master) 7574 22090 (sub-master) 7574 22100 (sub/valet) The master key is the short one with the large rectangular rubber head, sub master is short with small rectangular head, both "W" code blanks the sub/valet is long with a more trapezoidal shaped head, "F" code. I am *really* hoping to find these so if there are any left tucked away someplace and you wouldn't mind selling, please let me know. Also, I am aware I can easily get aftermarket keys; I'm only interested in originals that say "SUBARU" Thank you!