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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Folks. Previously my partner had the same year & model & though we're in Vermont where cars rust to bits, we got lucky enough to find another which came here from CA. & got well treated before rust could set in. We're very happy with it but for several things: 1 - The dome light doesn't come on at all; 2 - It throws an evap code every so often; 3 - It has the central locking system & the alarm stickers - but came with no remote(s). I'm guessing it uses the same ones as the other '98 did as it has no button near the OBD plug - and we have good remotes left over from when the other car went for parts. They are the Alps 88036ae060 & look like the pic here: image ?? But, when trying to get the car into programming mode it is 100% unresponsive - leading me to think that system was disconnected or is otherwise messed up. I tried the programming steps from the couple of different alarm types I found & none of it made any difference. Since the alarm must also use door switches I'm guessing these may be related somehow... In my searching I've read a bunch of stuff about fuses & different systems & I remain uncertain of how to proceed. I will appreciate any guidance in these matters very much !!
  2. The alarm will go off occasionally when not set on. Vibrations sometimes will do it --like on a ferry. Other times its sitting in my driveway at night. I replaced my car battery, as it was getting old --that didn't help. Any ideas? I'd prefer to fix myself. At minimum, I want the keyless remote to keep working. It would be nice to get the alarm reliable again, but I'd settle for disabling just the alarm system or the sound. I did find some data in my glove box. Security System Upgrade Legacy H7110AS600 and H7110AS400 Remote Keyless Entry System It does say that there is a shock sensor. If I can find it, maybe there is an adjustment. Next time it goes off, I'll see how many chirps so I can check what set it off. 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon Left it in valet mode last night. Alarm went off two or three times during the night. I'll see how easy it is to just disconnect the siren until I can fix the system.
  3. On long drives with my dogs I occasionally need to make a quick pit stop. Is there a way to lock them safely in the car for a minute or so without arming the alarm? (I don't want them to set it off accidentally). The "Valet" option seems like it might work, but I wondered if there is something simpler. 2016 Outback Limited with keyless access (no push button start). Thanks.
  4. I have a 2010 Forester. So even though you remove the key from the ignition the door chime constantly goes off with the door open. the head lights do not turn off and the doors will not lock with the power locks. outside the car the remote transmitter will not lock/unlock the car also the alarm will not arm. I'm guessing the car still thinks the key is in the ignition but why?
  5. Hey Everyone! I'm BACK!!!! :-) I have an interesting problem. I've searched this and other forums, and haven't found anything quite like the problem I have. The car is a used 2005 Forester S. Here is the issue. The original remote - I assume it's the original remote - does not lock or unlock the doors. However, the alarm does arm, and if I open the door, the alarm will sound. The lights flash the way they are supposed to. The lock button on the drivers side door functions fine. It locks and unlocks the doors. If I use the key on the drivers side door though, it will only lock or unlock that door, and will not affect the other door or rear hatch. Anyone have any advice on this one??? PS. Murphy, the 87 $500 Turbo Wagon, has a new home. He's with ferp420. Ferp is giving Murph the needed time and money investment that I could no longer give. I'm making more money now, but the first year teaching job leaves me absolutely no time to wrench on anything.
  6. Hello, I have a '92 Loyale FWD 3spd that I love to death. Since it's about to start getting cold (-11 degrees on the worst day) I decided I'd try installing a remote starter as I have direct line-of-site to my car from my living room window. Obligatory pic: The super simple starter box: http://www.compustar.com/product/cs800-s/ I've dealt with wiring quite a bit before, so I consider all of my connections to be solid and well insulated. The problem: The cs800 has 2 separate 12v+ constant wires, both connected directly to the battery. Each wire has a 30a inline fuse. One of these fuses always blows as soon as I attempt a remote start. I am assuming one 12v supplies power to the starter/ign and the other 12v supplies power to the accessories. Troubleshooting: -Cut the remote-start 12v to starter wire, still blows. -Took out EVERY fuse from the fuse panel (even spfi, fuel, etc). At this point all that is drawing power from the device on start is acc, and ignition. -Went back through all my connections and made sure they were good/correct. I'm starting to wonder if my cluster has a short in it because it was the only thing on when I had all the fuses out. My next test was going to be taking out the cluster and unplugging it to see if that helps. Now, not to muddy up the waters even more, but it does seem like my car has had an existing electrical issue since I bought it. It has 12.9v when off and a little over 14v when running which seems ok. HOWEVER if at a stoplight with my blinker on, I can audibly hear and see my dash lights dimming slightly when the blinker clicks on. Also, the heater blower will run faster if I turn off the headlights, etc. I don't think this should be happening with a healthy 14v cruising down the road. Let me know if you have any ideas or further troubleshooting that I can perform. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey everyone, so I just bought a 2000 Impreza Outback, standard, for only $500! Just needs brakes and two front struts! But I also needed a battery. After replacing the battery, I find my alarm comes on. But not the horn. Just the flashing lights, and you can hear the "click" sound as the lights flash from around the dash. I know there is supposed to be that emergency override button but I couldn't find one. Maybe removed for some reason? I don't know. But I don't have the fob for it. Anyone know how else to turn the alarm off without the fob or emergency override button? Or maybe where the button would be? I searched under the dash on the drivers side all around but couldn't locate it. Exact location perhaps? Might have been something in the way of where exactly it is. Anything could help. Thanks!
  8. I have been trying to figure out how to adjust the following features in my Impreza, without having to go to the dealer. The owner's manual says I must go to the dealer to change the following settings: Dome light timer: off/short/normal/long, alarm system start delay time after door closure: 0 Sec.-30Sec., dome light on/off while alarm activated, Defrost auto-off after 15Mins or continuous, on/off, Battery drainage protection, on/off, wiper deicer 15Mins. or continuous operation. If anybody has some insight or answers to this question please let me know. Thanks, Brett
  9. Got a 98 Outback that didn't have remote keys from previous owner. Every once in a while, the alarm system (it's original Subaru, not aftermarket) seems to take on a life of its own and you have to use the bypass button underneath while turning key with clutch in. Then, it seems to kill battery once in a blue moon on top of that, which is a bigger nuisance. We don't need this stupid alarm system at all! From reading other posts, it might be a trip to dealer to disconnect it properly, or, if I'm reading one post correctly, a matter of separating and re-soldering the ignition feed wire which is wired to the little black box up above the clutch. The alarm horn, btw, had a cut black wire, so I just cut the red wire as well and taped both up. Maybe that was causing a periodic short that was setting it off and killing the battery?
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