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  1. That makes sense. Between that and they're new struts. Do you think that adjusting the suspension geometry would make any difference?
  2. Hey all, I have my 1995 legacy L sedan that I lifted using a set of 1" Subtle Solution spacers on top of a set of 1997 outback struts. After putting my new tires and wheels on, it has a nice aggressive look. However, besides my 20yr old CVs finally giving out after the added stress, my main issue is with ride stiffness. I've assumed that's because the a-arms and trailing arms now sit at a more dramatic angle while at resting height. Besides lowering those mounts, I need some advice on if I should do. Any comments or ideas would be hugely helpful. Thanks
  3. Hey all, After doing a 3" suspension lift on my Legacy, naturally I'm running into CV joint clanking due to the newly dramatic angle. I could get the OEM axles and extend the boot towards the trans to save them from tearing... But I'm not sure how long that will last at this increased angle. So a more permanent solution, in my mind, would be to lower the engine and trans about 1-1.5" to bring it closer to stock angle. Then get new OEM axles. Thoughts? Ideas on how to accomplish this? I've been searching for awhile to find a forum that discusses this at any length. To no avail. Thank you for reading!
  4. Wow! Thank you for the rundown. I really appreciate it. I'm very confident it's the rear output shaft seal. Easy fix. Then I will follow exactly the steps you mentioned. Thank you so much
  5. thank you everyone. It didn't blow out while on the road. It's just leaking horribly. Seems like a pretty easy fix, how complicated is it to seat the new seal in there properly? Could I find a different thread, or any tricks somewhere??
  6. Hey everyone. Ok, so I get off work one day, and figured I should stop and get engine oil and filter before I head home to do my standard maintinence on my 1995 legacy L. While I'm stopped in the parking lot, I'm noticing a large amount of smoke coming out of my engine bay. I turn off the vehicle and get out to look underneath. I find a very large amount of ATF leaking onto my cat. I immediately call for a tow truck so I can diagnose the issue at home. I've searched a huge amount of forums regarding the 4eat, leaks, problems, and so forth. I can't find much. Other than, by where the fluid is draining out, it's most likely my rear driveshaft seal. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this type of experience, or knows if it's even worth fixing. Thank you!
  7. Got it, I'll try and locate that post on nasioc. I read on another post that with a 2" lift, the front should be at around +.5 camber. And the rears at 2" lift should remain stock camber. Could you provide insight on that?
  8. Makes sense, I think that's what I'm going to need. Let's hope someone chimes in on where to find said bolts haha
  9. Hey everyone, I posted about my 1995 Legacy L sedan a few weeks back, but here's a refresher. My 95 legacy was in an accident that damaged the front bumper. So I decided to turn it into my project/winter car. So after searching online awhile about how to lift it, I decided to slap some struts from a 1997 OB and got a set of 1" Subtle Solution spacers that attach to the upper strut mount. After doing the front, everything fit perfectly. And I was happy with the results. Only one minor thing, I have quite a bit of positive camber on my fronts. I tried adjusting the camber bolts to even it back out. But to no avail. I know I need to take it to a tire shop and have the alignment done professionally. It's lifted about 2.5-3" now, and I'm just humbly wondering if anyone has run into this, or knows how to fix it. Before taking to a shop. Thanks everyone for your time!
  10. It seems like the struts are being bound up, and not freely spinning as I turn. Think I could need a new upper strut mount?
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