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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, I posted about my 1995 Legacy L sedan a few weeks back, but here's a refresher. My 95 legacy was in an accident that damaged the front bumper. So I decided to turn it into my project/winter car. So after searching online awhile about how to lift it, I decided to slap some struts from a 1997 OB and got a set of 1" Subtle Solution spacers that attach to the upper strut mount. After doing the front, everything fit perfectly. And I was happy with the results. Only one minor thing, I have quite a bit of positive camber on my fronts. I tried adjusting the camber bolts to even it back out. But to no avail. I know I need to take it to a tire shop and have the alignment done professionally. It's lifted about 2.5-3" now, and I'm just humbly wondering if anyone has run into this, or knows how to fix it. Before taking to a shop. Thanks everyone for your time!
  2. in an effort to avoid getting sand up in everything while using a single lane access road that is deeply rutted out by the other larger vehicles that use it to get out to the beach from the main road, i ordered a 2" lift kit from Mike at WarMachine Lifts and Accessories http://subarugllifte...ts/show/2020636 but i only got the blocks for the front and the adjustable cylinders that can be set for a 2, 4 or 6 inch lift in the back. he's sending the two crossmember blocks that weren't in the first package in a few days. put in the kit and think the 2 front blocks went in the wrong way (\\ //) so changed it (// \\) and still had really bad wheel angles/super bad camber, tires were riding on the outside edge and handling was really squirley. also went and pulled some 15" pug alloys from a junkyard in Pennsylvania thanks to a tip on here (thanks @rrgrr!) and ordered and received a set of lugs made by @4X4brat (thanks Dan, got um in 2 days). thought the increased wheel height would straighten out the axles. they helped a little, but didn't nearly solve it. if i knew, at all, what i was doing, i'd know what how to take care of this, but i'm an admitted novice, amongst some real experts here on the USMB. so once again, i'm trying to figure out what i can do to solve this situation. if i need to take out the lift and just keep the pugs on (already got rid of the front mud flaps and cut some stuff outta the way so i don't get any rubbing), that's what i'll do, especially since 9 months outta the year, i'm almost strictly on the street, not doing any wheeling. sept-dec., i have a permit to drive on one particular beach to access my favorite fishing spot, which is why i got my Loyale in the first place....didn't want no SUV and got turned on to subies thanks mainly to the USMB. i know i'll have better handling and gas milage if i go back to my stock set-up, but already went to a lot of trouble to gain some height, so i'm not giving up yet. thanks for all advice and explanations...i know a lot more now thanks to everyone's generosity of info, but still an utter newbie. thanks again, Glen here's a bunch of pics of the progress: http://s406.photobucket.com/user/GlenSzabo/library/2%20inch%20Lift%20kit%20and%2015%20inch%20Pugs
  3. So I have decided rather than putting strut lift blocks on my 1990 legacy to get a cheap 2in lift, I would rather switch out struts from an outback or Forrester. How much lift am I looking for each? What about camber issues?
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