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Found 7 results

  1. I am about to attempt an engine rebuild on my 87 3Door and realized how grossly unprepared I am. It would of course be much cheaper and easier if I could find and already built engine or even a short block to buy, but I am having zero luck with that search. My questions for you guys are... Do you know anywhere I can either buy another engine already rebuilt or a short block to help with cost and labor? Are there any tips you have for a first time engine fiddler? I have had my car for several years and have done loads of work on her, but after blowing the head gaskets this last time, and getting blow-by in the engine, I decided it was finally time for an overhaul. Any help is mega appreciated!
  2. Hey all, New user here but been searching the forums for a few weeks and getting lots of good knowledge. I am from Ft Worth, Tx and this is my daughters car. 95 impreza l sedan 225k. I have already done the IACV cleaning, cleaned the TB off the car WELL. plugs (NGK G-Power), wires (NGK 7mm) O2 sensor (bosch universal). Car runs great over 1000rpm. At idle it will drop to 300 to 400 rpm shake like crazy for about 15 to 20 sec then jump to 1500rpm. after it's really warmed up and ran for a while in will stay at the idle speed longer (3 to 400) but still shakes like crazy. I have went though every vacuum line I can find and I found 1 with a leak but nothing changed.. Also found this part (see pic). Looks like someone RTV'ed the hell out of it. any idea what that is?? I can find anything on it or talking about it.. It has an electrical connector and 2 vacuum lines 1 to intake by the TB and the other to the Air intake just after the MAF. Any help at all would be great! Thanks
  3. I have a 95 Impreza with a 1.8L. For quite a while it's started hard when it's warmed up just short of operating temp. Cold starts are fine and, if it comes up to temp and I shut it off for a very short while no trouble. If it warms up part way or if it begins to cool down it 'sometimes' won't fire. Lately it's even not wanting to start on hot days (90+F). It turns over great but won't fire. I can ALWAYS pop start the car and it runs fine once started. Sometimes opening the air filter cover helps it fire up. Since this began I've replaced the air filter, plugs, wires, coolant temp sensor, MAF sensor, PCV valve, a fuel injector and fuel injection pressure regulator. Where should I look next? I really need this car running. At 150K it should have lots of miles left but I'm running out of money and ideas.
  4. Hey guys, so I've posted on here a lot about my old 95 Subaru Legacy L which recently broke down. Couldn't figure out what was wrong with it and had to get it towed 38 miles. It ended up being jumped timing. I reset the timing belt and she ran great again. I sold it for 1200$ (it had 270,000 miles on it) and bought this 95 Impreza L 1.8 liter. It only has 130,000 miles and has a clean body/interior and runs pretty good. I was tired of being worried about my legacy breaking down all the time. Anyways, so I'm wondering what I can do to squeeze a little more power out of this 1.8 liter. I know it's a smaller motor and makes less torque. But it's what I got now. Anyways, it's got a bit of a rough idle, not too bad, just bobs around at 5-600 RPMs or so, not perfect smooth like my 2.2 liter Legacy. I've been told it can be the IACV? and to clean it? Tried googling that to no avail. I've already done the normal stuff, new NGK spark plugs, fuel filter, wires, injector cleaner, cleaned MAF and throttle body, What else? I also transferred my custom catback exhaust and wheels, and just ordered a UEL header for it. Anyone got any good ideas to gain just a few HP and throttle response? What about a 2.2 swap or some kind of frankenbuild? My 95 Legacy was OBD2, but this 95 Impreza is OBD1 so I'm assuming I can't swap that. Can I swap a 2.2 from a first gen Leggy? What are my options? Thanks in advance.
  5. I want to drop a fresh rebiuld into my Wagon befor winter kicks in. One way or another it will happen. But i was wondering if any of you guys have knowledge or experienced service from Enginehaus ?? Or Mark the guru?? A long block from enginehaus is 1695, and that is with shaved heads, bored cylynders, ect.. While Markthegurus long block is OEM spec and is 2000.. I want the motor to last as long as possible, of course a lot if that is up to me and maintainng it.. But my question is.. What would you do??
  6. Hey everyone, I'm new here. I decided to join because I am looking into getting a 88 GL Wagon from a man my dad works with. It's the 1.8 (TBI?) coupled to a 5 speed with dual range 4wd, AC, power windows and locks, and silver in color. I might be trading a snowmobile for it otherwise I more than likely will be selling my current car (94 Saturn SL1) and then buying the GL. Anyways, the man who owns it has put a lot of new things into it over the past few years main things being the clutch and motor itself. It has some bubbling paint around where the windshield meets the bodywork. There's also some rust around the rear wheel wells and behind the rear wheels, however the underside of the car looks pretty clean still. I took it for a test drive and it seems to drive okay, it fired right up and was smooth but the clutch pedal had little feel to it and was mushy. Everything else seems clean and functioning. The only things that need work mechanically (to my knowledge) is one side needs new wheel bearings and there is a fuel pressure regulator or something on the gas tank that leaks. With this information that I have provided what is your opinions on it? Is there any red flags or anything that I should be aware of when hopefully purchasing it? Thanks guys!
  7. I am working on a friends 1992 Subaru legacy and she was given a 1.8 motor from an impreza because her engine was blow, my question is can I just swap the engine harness and have everything be ok? will it run? will it run bad? will it pass Colorado State Emission Laws?
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