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  1. Hey all, New user here but been searching the forums for a few weeks and getting lots of good knowledge. I am from Ft Worth, Tx and this is my daughters car. 95 impreza l sedan 225k. I have already done the IACV cleaning, cleaned the TB off the car WELL. plugs (NGK G-Power), wires (NGK 7mm) O2 sensor (bosch universal). Car runs great over 1000rpm. At idle it will drop to 300 to 400 rpm shake like crazy for about 15 to 20 sec then jump to 1500rpm. after it's really warmed up and ran for a while in will stay at the idle speed longer (3 to 400) but still shakes like crazy. I have went though every vacuum line I can find and I found 1 with a leak but nothing changed.. Also found this part (see pic). Looks like someone RTV'ed the hell out of it. any idea what that is?? I can find anything on it or talking about it.. It has an electrical connector and 2 vacuum lines 1 to intake by the TB and the other to the Air intake just after the MAF. Any help at all would be great! Thanks