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Found 25 results

  1. Looking at SubaruParts dot com or the similar Subaru branded sites, they don't even show the "Loyale" as an option on their drop-down-lists. However using search engines and searching for example a Brat or Loyale part and then including "Subaru Parts" will bring up these older vehicles on their site. Did this for the Brat Tailgate... Trying to find the part number for the Counter-Sunk Phillips Cap Screw/Bolts that connect part number 10 (The support Stays) to both the Gate and the Body. They list all the other part numbers but the hardware I'm looking for... https://www.subaruparts.com/v-1984-subaru-brat--gl--1-8l-h4-gas/body--tailgate Ordered these through Subaru before back when building up my '85 Brat... Now having a hard time finding them. Have heard that someone at the Oregon Dealership has The Book with all the numbers. The nuts here at my local Subaru threw theirs away years ago. Also tried using the Search for this info... got about 5000 results... most of which had nothing to do with what I searched. Tried narrowing it down and the results went to 30,000. Narrowed it down further and went to zero results. Seems the Search prefers the latest posts and the older ones just fall into the clutter.
  2. Hello world! Way back in 2019, I purchased a beaut little 1989 brumby as my first project car. It has a 5-speed transmission, air-con (de-gassed), a new exhaust, an aluminium radiator, relatively fresh chunky tires, and barely any rust or under-body damage as far as I can see; so when I saw it on sale for $500, I knew had to snatch it up! This isn’t to say the car doesn’t have problems, it’s currently unregistered, has no interior, blows smoke like a 2-stroke, sustained many dents in use as a bush-basher, and I don’t appear to be the first amateur to attempt to restore it. I’ve documented the major problems below. The car was all the way down in Batemans Bay when I bought it, so my Uncle had to pick it up for me. The plan was to go get it after a couple of months, but of course, rampant bush-fires and global pandemics conspired to keep me away from my newest pride and joy, to the point that the first time I saw it in person was in August. As things worked out, I am now in Batemans Bay staying at my Uncle's, and I started on the bodywork in October. Unfortunately, as much as I love this car, I have a long history of unfinished projects, so I’ve started this build thread in order to both give myself some accountability, and draw on the knowledge of more experienced enthusiasts to help me finish. Here are some pictures of the project; (I am terrible at documenting things, so I don't have any pictures of the exterior from before I started) The car as it is now; The worst of the rust; The tailgate before, during, and after paint stripping and panel beating; A full centimeter of putty off the tailgate; A small sample of the wiring I will have to deal with; The Interior when I got the car; What I found when I removed the floor vinyl; (The newest newspaper was from Dec 2016) h As you can see, my brumby is currently in that dangerous stage all project cars seem to go through, where they sit un-worked for an indefinite amount of time, while the risk they go unfinished grows as parts slowly disappear. So hopefully this thread gives me that extra bit of motivation to keep going. Thanks for listening!
  3. Hi guys. I have a first generation brumby/brat running a EA71 engine that i am looking to replace. I am looking to replace it with an EJ18. Can anyone offer advice on if this is possible or potential problems I may run into. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I've been using this forum for the last month to try and figure out for to get my 1983 Brat GL running. I recently rebuilt the Ea81 it came with and swapped the hitachi carb for a Weber (new). There are some rust issues with the car but the engine is in great shape. I've got the engine back in the car and it'll fire up with starter fluid sprayed straight into the carb. Tuned the fuel mixture, set idle, timing, etc. Now the issue is, if I detach the fuel line going straight to the carb and run the fuel pump, fuel comes out of the line and flows nicely. However, when I attach the fuel line to the carb and run the pump, it's like there is no pressure at all. No fuel runs through the forward fuel/vapor filter. I hear the pump running but fuel doesn't fill the filter. Could it be an issue with the float? Or possibly the Weber filter underneath where you attach the fuel line? Or a pressure issue? Do these carbs need a return line? Would really appreciate everyone's ideas and replies in advance. I've worked with the carb on my motorcycle (dr650) but other than that I don't have too much experience with carbed Subarus.
  5. Hey Guys, I've been recommended to replace my ea81 distributor in my 1988 brumby to an electronic distributor (if I can find one) Symptoms: resistance while driving - jolting movement - intermittent miss. Has anybody else had this issue? Im looking for the exact part to replace but unsure where to find and what exactly to be looking for. can this play in the shaft cause the timing to be off? Thanks in advance. Drew
  6. Hi, I’ve got a Brumby (Brat) and I want to convert from FWD to RWD without losing 4x4. Is it possible?
  7. For all of those out there contemplating an EJ conversion, this is one of the reasons why buying a donor vehicle can be easier - especially for the first timer. But with that said, this is how I've gone about it twice now - building a conversion from parts of several cars - why? Mainly because I've been given parts from some good mates which only require me to get the main bits like the engine and some supporting pieces that are needed for all conversions. Space constraints of renting can be prohibitive to having a donor vehicle on the property too. So this is how I "bench" test my engine and cutdown loom (plus it's good fun). Loom was cut down last week and the test done this weekend gone. Everything wiring wise checks out. Engine wise I have a code 35 (purge control solenoid valve) and no knocking on start up Now it'll get some preventative maintenance such as head gaskets while it remains out of the vehicle. https://youtu.be/vBXrmIzWiZY I reckon @sparkyboy will wet his pants at this and I kind of hope a few more of you will too (and be inspired to do your own conversions!). I've since fitted a radiator and run it for a longer period of time. I'm hoping to do this again later in the week, not that I have to, but I would like to see the light for the fan trigger to come on... This will end up in my Brumby once both engine and vehicle are ready. Cheers Bennie
  8. Hi guys Have inherited a 1990 brumby from my grandfather who passed last november. I absolutely have fallen head over heals in love with it. The 'brumble beast' had done 305 000 kms and has bugger all rust in it. Engine has been tinkered with by subaru 'specialists'. Ive noticed all the hitachi carb haters out there and I must say I love them! I have no mechanical experience at all but am very mechanically minded. I am determined to keep the hitachi however doing away with all the emissions garb. You guys have great pics etc however I'm in Australia and everything is backwards lol. Anyhow I'll post some pics and your guidance would be fab! Zeb
  9. So I got myself a 1994 Subaru Brat (RHD) with an EA81 engine and in the process of swapping in a Legacy Twin Turbo.. :-) Would any of you fine people have a wiring diagram for the Brat (Is it the same as the 1800 gl?) Thanks in advance John
  10. Got my hands on a 92 brumby. And looking at converting the engine transmission drive train. Adding abs cruise control and power steering from a newer subaru (impreza liberty) I'm hoping I can just transfer it all over from the donor car straight into the brumby. A few questions brumbys are fed unless 4wd is engaged... right? If so how would I make it always awd during the transfer. Are there any modifications/adapters I'm gonna need ? Any information and knowledge is appreciated. And I will keep this updated with my progress. I know its doable.
  11. G'day from Singleton Australia ! Here's how I did my 80ch UHF radio install. Antenna mounted on rollbar. Close up Old console shot with cassette deck I ripped out to put the UHF in. Removed the whole console to work on it Cassette deck out, look what was underneath.. original radio stuff. The original am/fm hole was hogged out with a hacksaw to take the tape deck. Needed to remove 2 plastic ridges to mount the UHF bracket flush with the internal console housing Had some stainless bolts the right diameter in the shed. They're too long but I cut them down to size. Used a dremel to slot the upper plastic ledge. The plan is to inteference fit the bolt heads under it. Checking slots for bolt diameter clearance here. Bolts measured for cutting UHF radio mounting bracket measured and drilled The bolt heads are an interference fit. That means the heads are taller than the slot clearance. Old plastic is brittle unless you heat it first. Wifey's hairdryer is alot more forgiving than my heat gun so I used that instead Bolts mounted and gently tapped home with a flat blade screwdriver and the palm of my hand for a hammer 4wds are subject to heaps of vibration so spring washers are a must do item Bracket bolted into place UHF head unit bolted up to bracket Here's what the console looks like from the front. I will manufacture a face plate later to make it look pretty Mounting position for the handpiece is on the front of the ashtray And bolted up Looks like this from the front Fuse holder mounted Console installed back in the car. Thinking I'll use the old volume and tone control holes for power window switches later on All systems go ! Job done and works like a ripper ! Cheers, Knucklehead.
  12. Hi - just purchased an 1986 Brat and need to find a replacement fuel tank as the existing one is in pretty poor internal condition. I’ve trawled the internet looking for a replacement but come up short handed. Also wondering if the fuel tank of an 1986 Brumby (Australia) would be the same as the 1986 Brat (USA), as a last option. Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nick
  13. I am looking to purchase an 82 Brat. Here is the issue it has: the front wheels do not engage. The car therefore cannot be driven in normal AWD, but the back wheels will engage when locked into 4WD. The owner says that he thinks it is something with the axle being worn out and not fitting into the hub, and purchased an axle to replace the worn one, but never got around to doing so. My concern is that the axle is not the problem. One source told me that I should assume it will need a new transmission. Looking around, I thought that it could also maybe be the front diff, or the transfer case. Any feedback would be great before I pull the trigger. Thanks!
  14. Hi im a new owner of a 1988 ea81 subaru brumby that i have bought as a project car and there are a few things that i would like to ask about 1st- the plan was always to replace the engine with something better, i dont need ridiculous power however i am looking for at least 100kw N/A. so far the ej22(1or2series naturally aspirated) looks like the go because apparently you dont need to modify the chassis rails so i wont have legal issues, it slots easy and is carbureted, being carbureted without ecu is a good thing as i am a simple mechanic with a very tight budget and installing an installing ecu is apparently a very big hassle. im looking for something that wont be to difficult to swap. also i would like to know what issues there is going to be legally with changing it (im from queensland) 2nd- now this is actually my first build (how else do you learn) however i do have some ex mechanic friends helping me out with it. but i was wondering what is the go with the gearbox because i want to upgrade it to a 5spd instead of the standard 4spd but i dont know what to get/do (any help) 3rd- Wheels, now i have been looking around and have found out my 1988 brumby like all the other similar subie models has a really uncommon stud pattern and i cannot find anything on what to do to make it compatible with other patterns and i cannot find for the life of me find any 4x140 wheels that look half decent , i would like to get a nice looking set of 13-14 inch rims that wont empty a bank. 4th- cruise control, now apparently this is highly achievable with any vehicle, i just dont know how or what to get 5th- power steering, now i know this is a thing but i dont know what to do in the situation of an engine swap, does anything change or do you just use the old leone steering like i have seen some people do. please know i am new to this!! i will probably be wrong about allot of things but dont comment just to say "go home" i have a long time to work on this and have help from lots of people (even an old subaru mechanic), if you could help me out and give me some "helpful" advise i would really appreciate it, i may ask further questions. thanks in advance -Lewis
  15. Hello fellow Subaru fans, Backdrop: So a few years ago when I still lived in Indiana, I saw a 1982 Subaru BRAT on craigslist for $2700. I had never seen a Subaru BRAT before. A truck with T-Tops and seats in the back? That's pretty 80's! I looked around for how many there were for sale in the area on craigslist: 0. Surrounding area: 0. United States using searchtempest: only about 20 at the time and most were beaten up or rusted. This one had spent most its life in San Diego and then a garage, had no rust, 4 year old paint job and still ran (not well, but ran). I bought it that night. I realized pretty quickly after driving it that it was a dog... 73hp from the factory and after sitting for as long as this one had, I bet it wasn't topping 50hp. With the rebuild path requiring a decent amount of work only to get back to 73hp, I figured an engine swap was the better choice. I've been shopping for EJ22's for months now when I came across a deal on a wrecked 2002 WRX that I couldn't pass up: so it looks like I'm going to be building a Subaru BRAT WRX :-) The Build: Death and Taxes: I did some research after buying it and learned that the jump seats were installed to prevent a 25% tax on imported trucks from Japan (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_BRAT), which I thought was pretty clever. The import tax for passengar cars (which is legally what the BRAT was thanks to these seats) was only 2.5%. Maybe this makes me a bad citizen, but I love it when I find a way to pay less taxes! Once I had the BRAT in my garage I sat in the jump seats of the BRAT and realized that if this thing were to roll over, you are most certainly dead. I'm 5'11" and my entire head sits higher than the top of the cab. This reminded me of a quote from Benjamin Franklin in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy in 1789 (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_and_taxes_(idiom)) "Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." My goal is to lift the BRAT ~6" in the front and ~4" in the back (this should level it) and use the full drivetrain from the impreza: from the engine to the wheels (eventually upgrade wheels and tires), including suspension and brakes. I'll be designing brackets to mount everything and attempting to fabricate them myself. I'm a mechanical engineer so I'm not too worried about designing the brackets, more so my fabrication skills :-/ Worst case I'll outsource the fabrication. The fab shop I use at work is full of car guys so hopefully they'll give me a good price when they hear what I'm doing... I've never blogged or posted to a forum before, but I'll try to keep this updated as I go. I've already read a lot of the threads on here for similar builds but if anyone has any specific advice feel free to post it!
  16. I have recently got my self a 91 Brumby, it has some issues that I am working through. I have replaced the fuel filter under the bonnet but I have found a second one under the car near the fuel tank. I am having trouble finding a listing for it at any of the parts retailers here in Australia. I am going to take it out and get one to match but my question is why do they have 2 filters. The one under the bonnet has three lines going to it and the one under the car has two. Just curious as to why there are two filters.
  17. I want to upgrade the brakes on my brumby to wrx brake for two reasons, to get the much better performing brakes, and to change to a more common stud pattern. I know in Australia we used to have the crossbred kit, but these aren't made anymore so i'm just wondering if globally there are any other kits or if someone has a simple solution. Thanks.
  18. i have a 1988 subaru brumby running an ea81 engine, well... running would not be the right word to use, so i need to get a new engine for it and i have always wanted to put an ej22 (carbi version) in it. i know the swap can be done and i am able to do the swap i just need to know the QLD P plate laws for it. (is it legal to drive on p's). NSW CITIZENS, SHUSH. allot of you complain about other peoples swaps in qld and other states not realizing your swap laws are very different to ours i also don't need to be told (its to hard, easier to keep ea81) because i have many friends that are mechanically certified that have done much more extreme conversion than an ea81 to ej22 thanks in advance
  19. Hi all, I've had my brumby for a few years and kept it as is, but I'm feeling confident (silly) enough to start adding some creature comforts and hopefully get her running a bit better. No real clue what I'm doing, but happy to see so much info on here! Here she is at the moment, just starting a central locking and stereo install. Thanks!
  20. Hi, I'm wanting to put power steering in my Brumby. It will have an EJ with EJ P/S pump. My major question is does the Legacy rack have less travel (turning circle) than the EA82 rack? I know the EA82 racks are very much like the EA81 racks for allowing sharper turning circles but the 2000 model Outback rack is very limited with turning circle.. Thanks, Phiz
  21. Hi theres, I did I site search with no help coming up, so I thought id try here: I own a 91 brumby which has the ea81 and 4 speed in it, diff ratio is 3.7, I am wanting to swap that engine and box out and fit a rebuilt ea81 and a 5 speed my friend has a spare ea81 and 5 speed box he said came out an early 80's model brumby (all the info he had) my question is does anyone know what box this is attached to his engine as I cant find any info and want to match the ratios (on side of gearbox is stamped : FM-4 and written on a foil sticker : 805067 any help what car the box is out of or what ratios it has would be very helpful thanks
  22. Hi I'm after some help. I have a 1988 brumby gl 1800 and have had issues with the distributor. The first time it went I got it changed to a mechanical (that was the only option on short notice) and then it was fine again. Then about 2 months later it started stuttering and losing power and the mechanic who looked at it said it was the points and changed them and the condenser and gave it a tune. At the moment it starts and idles ok, not perfect, but when I drive her she starts to stutter and act like the other times just before the distributor failed. She seems to drive smoothest at higher rpm. At low rpm she really stutters and lurches along. Any advice would be appreciated.
  23. Hello, I got an 84 brat and it ran awesome, however within 2 days the fuel pump went "out" replace it and still nothing. So a kid my age had it before the owner I got it from and kind of messed with it all. I'd like to rewire is so I know the pump is betting proper voltage and everything. Does anyone live in Vegas or near that would possible help or just schematics for a good rewiring. Also any other help for a restore would be helpful. This will be my first restore. V/R
  24. I fell in love with a Subaru Brat a few years ago while at a stop light. Ever since then, I've been looking for one in decent shape. I found this "Brat lee" and now am now the proud owner. I don't have a ton of pics yet, but here I am getting ready for a test drive. Has the back seats and body in great shape. Interior needs some help so I'm hoping this forum will introduce me to some people in Portland,OR area who can help me down the right path.
  25. G'day all I've been lurking on here for a while & have picked up heaps of useful info from you all. I was thinking it was about time I at least posted a few pics of my Brumby on here for you guys to have a look at. I took a 12 hour return trip to tow it home on a trailer to my house. Since getting it I have mainly concentrated on getting it in good running order so I can use it to travel to and from work. I have also got hold of 2 different sets of wheels in 13 & 14 inch & fitted gen 1 Legacy seats. The cover was gone off the back so I got a new one of those too. My most recent addition is an Addco rear swaybar that I got Jegs to ship over for me. Okay enough outta me, here's the photos: Hope you all like it Cheers Jake
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