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  1. Phizinza

    Accelerator pump on new Weber

    Increase secondaries idle jet size.
  2. I am constantly surprised at how passionate humans can get over trivial things. My advice? Stop talking s#!¥, do what you want, don't complain if you don't get the answers to the questions you're asking (a free to use forum, with freely given advise), and again stop talking s#/+. I've asked many questions and gotten the "wrong" answers. I've even become aggressive, as you have, to those people trying to help. It helped no one and got me no where. I've learnt; now I just do what I want and let everyone puzzle over why I made the choices I have. Go take a breath and get back to wrenching.
  3. Found the cause of the noise but still unsure how that damage on the rockers was caused. The two short bolts in the intake rocker shaft came out and were loose in the cam tower. There is no damage to either the rocker cover or the bolts them selves.
  4. It's not an exhaust gasket issue as I've felt around the gasket and there are no leaks and I'm certain the noise is not coming from that area but up around the cover. It's not can timing as I've just put the belt back on and all is set perfectly. The idle is good. Thanks for the other hints, I'll investigate when I can get back in the garage.
  5. But if a weird one. When revving up and coming off the power I get what sounds like back firing coming from under the right side rocker cover along with rattly mechanical noises. It's an EJ25 SOHC 2001 engine. I have pulled the cam out in the past. Could it be possible the valves are sticking open allowing burning gases either way, and the tappets became out of adjustment? Just asking for some pointers on what a possible cause could be and if there is anything you suggest to look for when I start stripping it down. It doesn't always do it and pouring upper cylinder head lubricant down the throat seem to help a little. The sound isn't coming out the exhaust (only have the y pipe is on the engine at the moment) and it isn't coming out the throat either. Sound only seems to come from the rocker cover...
  6. Phizinza

    Weber carburettor trouble

    I'm on a tight budget and can't get a 3236. Plus they are reasonably undersized for a 2.5l ej25. I've seen one of these 3434s on a ea82 and it ran good but was fuel thirsty.
  7. Phizinza

    Weber carburettor trouble

    It has 130/140 mains. 160/180 air correctors. Emulsion tubes are F66 and F93 but I have no idea how to select them plus these two are the only ones i have. I had 70/70 in the idles but tried a 50 in the primary with no change.
  8. Hi everyone. It's been awhile since i posted here. I'm having trouble with the Weber I've put on my EJ. The fuel is pouring out the primary venturi. This is happening at idle and the car won't run unless the choke is held on (assuming the air flow is pulling even more fuel out the venturi). It's not fuel pressure as i hooked up a small bottle with gravity feed only. It's not float level as I've triple checked it. I've checked that all the jets are in place. Can't figure out why it's dribbling/pouring so much fuel in. I just pulled the carb off and thoroughly cleaned it out, made sure none of the idle circuit was blocked, all jets clean, etc. No change. I'm running this on gravity feed at the moment just to make sure it's not over pressure from the fuel pump. It's also important to note I rebuilt this carb about 2 years ago, put a full kit through it. Please see the video posted on Facebook below. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154351067985910&id=64334920909 Thank you for any positive advice you may have.
  9. I'm trying to keep parts replaceable off the shelf with this conversion so I'm going to stupid lengths to not modify consumable parts such as radiators.
  10. Hi, I need 15mm more room for the bottom hose in my Brumby with a SOHC EJ25. Has anyone every forced the bottom radiator crossmember forward for a little extra clearance? Can it be done?
  11. For those that are interested the 5sp D/R box has its low range switch on the top with a large round opaque plug, at the gearbox to car plug on the gearbox loom is the blue and black wires. The reverse is the T shaped spade plug which is brown at the bottom of the box, at the loom end its green/yellow and green/white. The other switch which I presume is the 4wd light or neutral switch is the white round plug and has green and green/white at the loom.
  12. Awesome, that's what I thought. Any idea which switch on the 5sp is the low range light?
  13. You've both misunderstood my question, I know where the switch is, but which light does that switch illuminate?
  14. Is the switch on the 4WD lever in the cab for the 4WD light or the low range light? Thanks
  15. Phizinza

    Hood bowed from stiff hinges

    The hinges are fine on the car but the hood has a bend in it suggesting at some point it was bent from not wanting to close. I've painted it already so I'd like to straighten it without welding but that can be a last resort. It seems fine across the centre, and along the front. It's just up by the mounts that it bows down. Thanks for the ideas