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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there folks! Got CEL codes 42 and 33 pulling on my good old 1993 legacy. In reference to the 33, the speedometer stopped functioning. I have pulled the transmission side of the cable and the tab is present and appears to spin well. Wondering if there is any other troubleshooting I should do before pulling the gauge cluster out of the dash to see if that side still spins. If the cable is not the issue do I need to replace the cluster or is there a way to repair the speedo itself? The salvage yards around me are pretty sparse for the older models. If it is the cable it appears that replacements are no longer avaliable. What would yall advise I do at that point? In reference to code 42 the engine started to idle significantly higher then usual recently. Then started throwing 42. The odd part is when I run the car in test mode (green connectors under the dash attached) it only shows the codes as running codes and not in memory and the car idles perfectly in that mode. I suspect the IAC has gone bad, and I do have a replacement that I can put in there that i know is good. But I wanted to see if there was any specific troubleshooting steps I should take before swapping it out? For reference I installed purchased and installed a rebuild just over 800 miles ago and the car has been running very well up until the last 2 days. It did, however, really struggle to pass colorado emissions standards. Ended up adding an additional cat to get it to pass. At that point the high idle was not present, neither was code 42 or 33 and the speedo was functioning just fine. Please forgive me in advance as I am limited thus far in my knowledge and want to learn more. I love my subarus and I love working on them. I've got a fair bit of knowledge, but I would not consider myself an expert by any means. Thanks in advance for your guidance.
  2. Hey everyone, just bought my first Subaru. Didnt really know a lot about them before i bought it. Found out a couple days after i bought it that the FWD fuse was in so i took it out after seeing it in a hanyes manual, immeddiately noticed torque bind/shuddering at low speed turns. Me not knowing alot about subarus thought it could be timing belt/ power steering issues. looked online for info found a well renowned shop near seattle, took it there and had them take a look at it. Was told its was the transfer clutch and the duty solenoid that were causing the problems. My question is, Is there any one that can recommend a place to get the parts, i dont have 800 bucks that shop wanted for doing it, im pretty sure i could do it myself if any one could point me in the right direction that would be great. As in what i would need and general guidance on the procedure. Thanks
  3. Okay folks, I wanted to get peoples opinion on a unique project I've been planning. I have a 92 subaru legacy wagon AWD with only 100k on the engine. No issues other than a messed up body from my brother and I doing dumb stuff. We're both mountain bikers and want a shuttle vehicle that can hold as many people and bikes as possible. (A shuttle vehicle is driven up and down a beat up road, bringing riders from the bottom of the trail to the top, loaded down with expensive bikes and people). Here's what we're thinking: Lift the car 5-8 inches for increased clearance, mount a hitch rack on the rear for a heavy duty bike rack, install rear-facing seats (a bench maybe?) in the back of the car by taking off the back door and cutting out the top rear section for head-clearance, and put bigger wheels on it with off-road tires. We also want to put on new suspension, something that can handle big potholes and a ridiculous amount of weight loaded at the back of the car (6-tray bike rack with DH bikes hanging off it). We want to be able to fit 8 people with their bikes. Now if you can tell from this post, I don't know a damn thing about cars. I'm a bike mechanic but that's a far cry from autos. So my question to you smarter folks is, what would you do to make all this happen, and how feasible is it for someone like myself to pull it off? Keep in mind, I don't care if the car drives on the highway and city like garbage. It's gonna look offensive, and I'll install speakers to blast Slayer inside and out. Maybe take the muffler off just because, and add a huge "Pop country sucks" sticker on the back. That kinda car. We want it too look as punk rock as possible. Thanks for the help, and have fun helping me ruin a perfectly good vehicle.
  4. I am new here. I've owned several Subarus, including an '84 Brat, '85 GL, '06 and '07 Impreza sedans. I gave the '07 to my 18 year old son and miss it already. I currently own a 2017 Legacy and just picked up this amazingly clean '89 XT6. Mechanically it is great, with 161k miles on the sweet sounding 2.7L H6.
  5. G'day everybody, First I'd just like to say , Great site, I have visited a couple of times over the past few weeks and found some really good info and advice from members helping others throughout these posts. Ok, so how did I get here. Well about a month ago I raced to an advertised 1998 Outback wagon, the pics showed quite a tidy car at about 1/3 to 1/4 of potential market value but the ad read that the owner thought it may have a blocked radiator. As soon as I arrive he comes out with the keys and then says he'd just come out to start it before I got there but it wouldn't start, he didn't know why and I sensed he was starting to play Possum and saying maybe because he'd reversed it onto the lawn where it was parked, slight incline nose down and wasn't sure where the fuel pickup was located as a possible reason for not starting. As I looked over the rest of the car he said it was running earlier that day, as he was flushing radiator and added fresh coolant, and apparently drove it to its current position. Supposedly it had overheated about a week prior but monitored since then and only just temp higher than normal but not critical. So one mans trash comes a Pir8s Treasure even though I knew he was playing possum and new more about it than he was making out, I was confident that I will be able to get it running still well under market value and end up with a good vehicle. Now I will continue in another forum and let you know where its at and put the feelers out for some of that good advice I mentioned earlier
  6. Hello, At work right now so my full research will start when I get home, but figured it would be nice to have some pointers of where to look in the forum ( keywords, etc) and maybe where to look on my car to better assist my research phase. **my 1998 subaru Outback 2.5l auto with about 130k miles popped check engine light. -Drove it about 12 miles, checked fluids ( oil, Brake fluid, trans , coolant ) all looked good. - pulled battery Cable to try and reset light in case it was a one time thing. -Reconnected battery, Started car , idled until temp guage started reading, still check engine light. -Turned off car fluid check again . . . oil was way low, looked under car, 0.5 + quarts dumped right under the car. seemed to be coming from Driver side left of engine above the lower Radiator hose connection behind the plastic cover that is behind the belts. Wondering if it ends up being a big issue if swapping from the 2.5 to the 2.2 is a common thing ? The research and Adventure now begins! Any thoughts, questions or pointers would be awesome. ( will be doing a photo bucket account or the like to get plenty of photos flowing :0)
  7. Hello everyone. I hope to learn a lot from you Subaru vets.
  8. New to this forum, but not to Subaru. We are on our 4th Subaru, with 3 still in the family. Currently have a 97 Legacy Outback, a 02 Impreza TS, and an 11 Tribeca. (recently sold an 07 Legacy Outback)
  9. I'm a teenager who recently bough a '98 Impreza L with 262xxx miles after getting rear-ended and totaling my '97 Camry. I'm just looking for tips and advice from wiser and more experienced Subaru owners. Anything from a new air intake to a different muffler tip or new exhaust all together. It's a low powered engine and I want to have the kick my old turbo charged Camry had again. I've already replaced my radio and done some cosmetic work. Any input would be great. I just need help dudes.
  10. Hey Folks, I'm new to the Subaru brand. I just started a job as a sales consultant for Subaru and I've been quickly swept off my feet with the company, the product, and the Subaru community! I love it already and can't wait until I can purchase my first Subaru. I'm trying to learn as much as I can from the people who drive these wonderful machines every day. I like my information straight from the source. Any advice/suggestions/constructive criticism is welcomed! Questions are OK, too. I don't promise all the answers, but I'll do my best to get them!
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Alex, I’m new to this forum so thank you in advance for taking your time to read this. Me and my friends are building an application to better connect and share among car enthusiasts like yourselves online, and would like your input so we can develop a product that’s relevant and one that can serve you better. Please take a minute to fill out this short survey (link below), your opinions and time will be greatly appreciated. This is not a marketing gimmick and we are not trying to sell you anything. This survey is 100% anonymous. Again, thank you very much for your time and help. Contact us at spec.app.for.cars@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you want updates on our product development. Survey -> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3DLSX66 Sincerely, Alex
  12. Im new to the site I just found it today,but I liked what I saw. We have a 1999 Legacy Outback Limited. We are very happy with and hope to hang on to it for as many years as it will let us. I work for a Cadillac dealer in Maryland. As it should come as no surprize no of us drive Cadillacs. Most of them are Gm buyers. I wanted something small and great in the snow so we bought a Subaru. We purchased it at a auction about a year ago for $1500. Very happy with our purchase. I joined here for more knowledge of the vehicle. I like to do my our repairs. Thank you in advace for all the future help.
  13. Hello all! So i am new to Subaru, and not quite yet an owner.. However i have heard that subarus are reliable and easy to fix.. This is exactly what i need (plus awd).. automatic is what i want (yes i know its a sin). So what should i look for, what to avoid. I have heard that the engines can easily be pulled out without a lift and almost every part is easily replaceable without busting your knuckles and cursing at someone. Not looking to do any racing just looking for reliability and awd (son on the way)...
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