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  1. mcbrat

    The old USRM

    updated the link
  2. mcbrat

    '82 Brat: Solid Axle Build *** DONE! :) ***

    Jeez. haven't even been on the board since February! have even been contemplating selling the Brat.... I just need to find more hours in the day......
  3. mcbrat

    '82 Brat: Solid Axle Build *** DONE! :) ***

    most are still here... http://www.indysworld.com/vehicles/1982-brat-red/82redbrat.html
  4. what should the 2 fittings in the green circle connect to?
  5. what all pieces and vac lines are needed for the HVAC door controls? I think I may have left something unhooked 5 years ago when the engine swap was done to EA81...
  6. mcbrat

    '82 Brat: Solid Axle Build *** DONE! :) ***

    roof leak was a rust hole where the t-top "hinges". it no longer leaks through there, but I dented the roof right at the edge of the windshield (right before shattering the t-top) so now it's leaking in a different spot it's put away for the winter now, but I have my little 31's on it now in case I want to drive it. holes in floor are all "repaired" so it will not be freezing cold inside. really needs a clutch now.
  7. mcbrat

    Poor Heater

    well, I take that back, it does have the Hot to cold lever, but it's got pushbuttons for heat/defrost/ac ....
  8. mcbrat

    Poor Heater

    probably a mouse nest blocking it
  9. mcbrat

    Poor Heater

    I have no levers. 88 DL wagon
  10. mcbrat

    Poor Heater

    are the blend doors vacuum actuated? I get some heat blowing out on the drivers side, but not the passenger side. wifey not happy.....
  11. For those who've been looking for stuff... The Subarus of the 80s site has returned. freshly re-organized, and still with some of the wrong spec info, but it's back! http://www.indysworld.com/subaru/index.html
  12. thanks JesZek. Looks like the "stock" sender was a single wire, but I was able to get my ea81 2 wire to work fine. I hooked it up to the wrong wires 5 years ago
  13. the 88DL was originally SPFI. I still need to get the FSM so I can look at the wiring diagram....
  14. mcbrat

    My '83 GL: The Ski Wagon

    I thought the front trans seal required the case to be split?
  15. Okay, got a 88 DL wagon with an EA81 in it. I think I have the right spots on the ea82 harness for the temp guage, but I'm not sure if the 2 blade gauge on the ea81 will work with the ea82 harness? thoughts?