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    Found it by looking for technical advice on radiator replacements for an 89 GL
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    Just bought my first Soob in 2020 and I'm loving it. New headgaskets, Rust repair, and interior and all of a sudden it's a great daily driver! Just rolled over 318000 and it's not breaking a sweat!
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  1. You know, that's a good question. Last time I tried to take the rear wheels off they were rusted on to well, so I've just let them lie for a while. I'll check it out tonight and let you know what I find though! Turns out they're rear drums. too bad, but They'll do the job.
  2. and some more project Pictures
  3. Here's some of the Project Pictures
  4. Hello Everyone! I'm pretty new here. Just bought an 89 GL in Idaho last year and it has quickly clawed it's way up the list of favorite vehicles. It's a 5 speed manual 4wd version and I love it. It's previous owner wasn't willing to put much into it, but with a little work it's turning into quite the strong runner. Thus far I've done head gaskets on it, valve cover gaskets, New thermostat, replaced the radiator, and the hoses, new windshield, and some rust repair around the windshield, as well as replaced the flooring on the interior with a heavy duty vinyl (Which was far too thick, Next time, I'm going to look for a much more flexible option.). Up next are the brakes! They started squealing today and one of the rotors is warped, so I figured I might as well redo all 4 corners. I also have some significant rust repair to do on the rear quarters. But all in all, it's coming along quite nicely!
  5. We'll, For everyone wondering what was wrong, I've solved the mystery. The plug wires were pulled too far back on the distributor side and not making contact. I need a new distributor cap now... I melted one of the terminals a bit from electricity arcing every once in a while I guess, but it runs now! Thank you for all your help!
  6. I'm afraid I haven't got a compression gauge, but I have tested by removing the spark plugs and turning it over without them, and then adding them back in and turning it over again. The latter is a lot stiffer, but that's not much use. The installation process I followed was the video miles fox posted to youtube with the rotation halfway through. I did remove and replace the spark plugs wiring, I installed them in a 1324 pattern going around the distributor counter clockwise, though I'll double check that again when I get off work. After that I'll be double checking the cam positions. As far as repairs go, I've done head, exhaust, intake, and valve cover gaskets. Those o rings in the cam towers, flushed the engine, new thermostat, new radiator, new radiator hoses, new spark plugs, and of course an oil and filter change. It was running before I began work, just vomiting oil and coolant, and overheating pretty bad.
  7. Ok, So I just finished doing head gaskets, and replacing practically my entire cooling system on my 89 subaru loyale. It's a 4wd 5 speed manual SPFI EA82. upon trying to start it again it will crank and occasionally putter to life if I press the gas pedal to the floor, but it never truly fires up. When it tries there is occasionally a large kick and it dies immediately after. My thoughts are that I have my distributor and camshafts operating exactly opposite from one another but I'm not sure. Has anyone experienced this before or have any tips as to what it might be?
  8. DV-523

    Intake Manifold Bolts

    No worries! It's been a minute since I've got to work on it, but I've finally got them out and found nearly identical replacement bolts at Tacoma screw. I'm excited to get the Cylinder heads back on the car and get it going again! Thanks for all the advice! The quarter turn forward and back worked best for me. I did not use penetrating oil, but not because I didn't think it'd help. Just don't have any!
  9. Hey! I'm a newbie here, I bought a 89 Subaru GL wagon a couple weeks ago and have been working on the head gaskets. When pulling the intake manifold off I broke one of the bolts. I know the two long ones on the other side are going to break as well, they have not been cooperative. I can get the studs out, but where do I get the new manifold bolts? I can't find them anywhere.