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It's Coming Apart! Will It Go Back Together Again?


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I've been bit. I love these little wagons. Rust killed my first one, so I bought another broken Loyale, and I'm trying to Frankenstein together the best little Loyale I can get. I was too excited to take pictures of the wagon when I first got it home, so the best I've got is this little video My wife made after I pulled it into the driveway. You can see my son and I are already at work dissasembling it...


The car had been wrecked, but the front end on my old one is still in pretty good shape so I figured I'd just swap the body panels over and call it good, But I guess I can't do things the easy way. and now I'm cutting, welding, sanding, and repainting every spot of rust I can find on the thing.

Here are some photos of the damage to the fender support and core support. Not terrible, but I will be replacing it. The battery tray has rotten away, so that's coming out as well.



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I was really impressed with the condition of the radiator. Only slightly overinflated. I guess a couple cylinders may have taken on part time jobs as compressors since the head gaskets have taken a vacation. Pretty sick balloon anyway.


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And here we are as it sits tonight. Wiring harness, AC Lines, Cables, Coolant overflow lines, everything has been evacuated from the front drivers side corner. Hope to start cutting tomorrow!



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Rain delay today. I'll have to try again tomorrow.


Thanks azdave! There is precious little rust on the car which I'm pretty excited about.

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Got to work on it again this weekend. I've finished removing the rust and damaged areas of the car. ready to weld a new corner on.

I'll be using the drivers side corner from my previous Loyale since it is miraculously in good enough shape. Here are the photos!



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And here are the photos of the donor. My old Loyale. Nearly ready to make cuts on it. Just need to remove the hood latch cable and the bumper, wiring harness, and the horn.

Also, despite the horrendous frame rust on my old loyale, the body panels are in excellent shape. so as I get a bit farther with the new Loyale, and know what I'm not going to need. I'll likely start parting out what I can. I'd rather see it used than scrapped. At the moment, I'm thinking of hanging on to the engine and trans (I like the idea of having spares), but I don't have a lot of storage space, so we'll see what I wind up doing.



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