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  1. I have a code reader, I can pull engine codes. Idk about the tcu
  2. Thanks for your reply idosubaru. Idk what happened. It went away. But it was flashing steady. Scared me.
  3. Need a lil help. I'm on side of the road. At temp light is flashing steady. Should I continue my trip,? 45 more min.? Is there anything I can do to help thing? It's a 2000 outback wagon.
  4. Ok I think I found it,, on top of the intake , after the butterfly and air box.. on top of the square middle of the air intake (cast aluminum) I ordered a cheap one. I can let ya all know if it works out ok. Its quite a bit cheaper than most places.
  5. Roger that on the 442. The 0113 ? Is that the maf sensor or a separate one.
  6. Thanks Texan. I have reset it and this is the second time the p0113 has come up. The p0442 is new.
  7. Hi guys , resurrecting this topic. 2000 outback wagon, 2.5 automatic. 123 k miles CEL is on, pulled codes , got a P0442, and a P0113 From reading, my understanding is 0442 means I have a leak in my Filler tube? P0113, I have an idle air temp sensor bad? The car seems to idle fine. I have noticed loss of power and my fuel mileage seems worse. Any input is appreciated. If you have seen this enough to know exactly what the problem is,, Just spell it out what I should do. Thank you!!
  8. I have heard very good things about this stuff https://www.walmart.com/ip/303-30320-Aerospace-UV-Protectant-for-Plastic-Vinyl-Rubber-and-more-128-fl-oz/45626478?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227037595685&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=80431957009&wl4=pla-163774361821&wl5=1028333&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=45626478&wl13=&veh=sem&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIucvmjZD33QIVEL7ACh1QtAAkEAQYBCABEgKvKPD_BwE
  9. Bennie, Its that diff ,, that scares me. I can change a wheel bearing , I think I can change a u joint, And I know I can change a cv axle. But a differential is another animal. There is different noises. Ill try to take it for a ride and get an idea. But there is definitely a whine..
  10. 96 legacy wagon. 2.2, EAT. (the one is my picture) 215 k miles. I don't really need the car anymore.. but I hate letting it go. Engine is really good. Head gasket timing belt done, new brakes,, etc. So then I start getting noises. I cant tell where its all coming from,, front or back or both. Whines that increase with speed. and a vibration I can feel. Front bearings were done. Not the rear. Also I rebuilt my cv axles when I did the head,, but I think I got some grease that leaked out of the boots because of not knowing what I was doing with the wire clamps. So the rear has original bearings and cv axles. I was thinking maybe its the u joint that's staked in there. IDK. I kinda need a procedure to diagnose it all. Help is appreciated. (when im driving I cant be certain where all the noise is coming from.)
  11. repair shop got the bolt out without drilling, chased the threads, took it home and a few hours later all reassembled. (the hardest part was that steering rack boot.. ak;k ;kald&^^%%&* Took it to get aligned today. driving home 65 mph. Steering wheel still shaking. Starting to think its the tires. Drives super straight and doesn't pull.
  12. 2 pickle forks did the trick in about 4 minutes of effort and having buddy hold the knuckle straight . so relieved. Now off to the machine shop and hope they can drill this out.
  13. I feel like the fork is bottoming out, before it separates. I'm borrowing a second fork from a friend today and use 2 of em. If that don't work I'll do what mssmithmmx said. I got a couple bfh. Thanks so much for input guys. I second guess what I'm doing a lot.
  14. I may. But I gotta get this stinking control arm off the bottom of the ball joint. My only thought to do next is a big hand sledge and wack the control arm down. everything is disconnected or nearly so. I really cant get a swing at the ball joint spindle from under neath. The pickle fork just goes so far in and doesn't move separate it.