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  1. specifically the joint by the rotor in the first picture. Just above the caliper.. Looks like it should move or slide left to right.. But that thing isn't going anywhere.
  2. Regardless ng breaking power. I was rotating my wheels. I took some pics. Calipers look pretty rusted. Given its a 18 yr old car I figure I'll probably just get new rotors pads and calipers. I'm kinda concerned about the suspension parts and how they're rusted. Let me know your thoughts
  3. ok, thanks. The noise I hear goes totally away when I let off the gas. It doesn't decelerate.
  4. "always the front diff or cv axle inner joint that’s dry. " this is the same thing?
  5. im afraid I don't understand. I know the cv axles and the boots seemed fine,, I can check them again. The Differential has fluid in it.
  6. Rumble - I have yet to have a friend stand by the engine. It does it mainly on start up. for a second or so,, just when It turns over, then goes away. Yesterday I was on the highway and going about 72-74 using cruise control. As it went down the hill and the acceleration was off, I felt a rumbly bump by my feet. under the floor. You may be right about some mount or other. IDK. I had the engine out and the bottom engine mounts seemed ok. Knock/Tick - I definitely notice this on acceleration . If I let off I don't hear it. I was driving next to the jersey barrier with the window down and could hear it pretty plainly. I found knock sensors on ebay for like $8.25 shipped!! wow.
  7. Well the Trans fluid is up to the right level, and I had just done a empty and fill / cheapo flush with 5 qt jug. I have no transmission issues while driving , no slippage. Ill be sure and bleed the brakes well, and check the movement of the calipers etc. I just wasn't sure if maybe there was a disfuctional valve that might be causing problems to the rear.
  8. Had the engine out , did the heads and timing belt , et all. about 2 months ago. Runs fine, Has a tick to it when im going up a hill , acceleratinig,, then it dies down. Tick meaning I think its valve tick. BUt I had sent my heads to a shop for machining and I think he went over valves too. So Idk what that's about. 2. On start up, It has a rumble to it. About 25 % of the time I hear an actual thud. like something hitting the floorboard. But it starts and runs fine. 3. Especially if its been sitting, after I start it, and put it in reverse,, I back up. Then it takes about 5 secs before it actually engages in drive. I don't hit the gas during this time,, I just wait the weird lenth of time before I feel it engage after I shift into drive. 4. Breaking. It stops. But I feel like the front brakes are doing Everything. Just feels like I don't have enough braking power going on. Any suggestions of things I should look at or solutions to common issues ,, IS APPRECIATED! Thanks. John Marietta, OH
  9. it also makes us really appreciate south and western used cars...
  10. well I dug in to the side of the salvage car and found the butt connector, by the wheel well area took the hose from there along with the connector. After I hung the hatch I didn't want to dig into the side of my car, so I cut existing hose up near where it goes thru the grommet and into the upper hatch... I joined the two hoses with the connector I got. It should really be working,, I cant believe the holes could be plugged in my new hatch.... idk,, ill play with it.
  11. lol,, well yes and no... Most works fine. The rear cargo light isn't coming on,, but I'm not sure the bulb isn't burnt out. I gotta figure out how to get that weird bulb out. The rear washer isn't coming out. I been laying on the button,, thinking maybe it just takes time,, but not sure why its not working lights and latch work fine. The wiper motor works,, but is a little noisier than the old one...
  12. Update. I went to salvage yrd. I got the same exact color ,,and in nice shape. (whole hatch) for $85 plus tax. Guy took it out and I watched him. went home Put it on today took me about a half hour or so in total. there abouts.. The wire I was worried about was no worry at all. The hatch harness plugs in at the bottom of the rear interior pillar, accessible by a plastic plug door. The 1996 legacy was very different from this. 2000 model. Its wiring is much tighter.. that's why I was worried. Anyway, I have an extra hatch now.. with out a glass window. Salvage yrd wanted $50 for a new head light.. I passed, sounds high to me.