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  1. Bennie, Its that diff ,, that scares me. I can change a wheel bearing , I think I can change a u joint, And I know I can change a cv axle. But a differential is another animal. There is different noises. Ill try to take it for a ride and get an idea. But there is definitely a whine..
  2. 96 legacy wagon. 2.2, EAT. (the one is my picture) 215 k miles. I don't really need the car anymore.. but I hate letting it go. Engine is really good. Head gasket timing belt done, new brakes,, etc. So then I start getting noises. I cant tell where its all coming from,, front or back or both. Whines that increase with speed. and a vibration I can feel. Front bearings were done. Not the rear. Also I rebuilt my cv axles when I did the head,, but I think I got some grease that leaked out of the boots because of not knowing what I was doing with the wire clamps. So the rear has original bearings and cv axles. I was thinking maybe its the u joint that's staked in there. IDK. I kinda need a procedure to diagnose it all. Help is appreciated. (when im driving I cant be certain where all the noise is coming from.)
  3. repair shop got the bolt out without drilling, chased the threads, took it home and a few hours later all reassembled. (the hardest part was that steering rack boot.. ak;k ;kald&^^%%&* Took it to get aligned today. driving home 65 mph. Steering wheel still shaking. Starting to think its the tires. Drives super straight and doesn't pull.
  4. 2 pickle forks did the trick in about 4 minutes of effort and having buddy hold the knuckle straight . so relieved. Now off to the machine shop and hope they can drill this out.
  5. I feel like the fork is bottoming out, before it separates. I'm borrowing a second fork from a friend today and use 2 of em. If that don't work I'll do what mssmithmmx said. I got a couple bfh. Thanks so much for input guys. I second guess what I'm doing a lot.
  6. I may. But I gotta get this stinking control arm off the bottom of the ball joint. My only thought to do next is a big hand sledge and wack the control arm down. everything is disconnected or nearly so. I really cant get a swing at the ball joint spindle from under neath. The pickle fork just goes so far in and doesn't move separate it.
  7. thanks for the input. Im at a point where I have everything disconnected from the knuckle. except I cant get the ball joint up out of the control arm. I have a pickle fork and I pound it in there.. and it seems to bottom out without removing the control arm from the ball joint stem. This thing has fought me every step of the way. Maybe if I were a real mechanic it wouldn't be so bad. Im just a guy with a lot of tools and little money so I try to fix my own stuff. I goofed and cut the tie rod in half, so I could feel like I accomplished something. now the knuckle flops around. doh! I rented a tool from auto zone its a inner tie rod end remover its about 2 1/2" diameter the flat spots on the inner rod are situated as such that I cant turn the tool due to ears on the tool. Space isn't big enough. SO ill take it back and see if I can find another solution. in the mean time there is this ball joint to contend with..
  8. broke it. F it. now trying to get ball joint out with a pickle fork, wacking it. not sure how im getting the BJ out when its not on the car. I think im taking this to a machine shop to drill it out.
  9. taking knuckle off. got everything ready to go but cant get the abs sensor out... any suggestions? I took out the bolt and got a razor blade and then a thin scraper under 70 % of it. Afraid to ruin it. im grabbing with a small channel lock and wiggling, and not budging. *** dang I just check the prices of the sensors on rockauto.. they are minimum $92. holy crap. I don't have 92 to be throwing at a wheel sensor. Anybody have a suggestion? I guess I can unplug it from wherever that wire runs to and then remove the knuckle....? rather take it out now though. DILLY DILLY!!
  10. I rounded the head off trying to use an impact. PUlling the knuckle and drilling out tomorrow.
  11. Ive done two of them. My advice is to find a subie mechanic there. Bite the bullet and pay that man his money. you have no garage, no driveway, and im assuming limited tools along with no hoist or engine stand. There are some really smart people in this forum. Hopefully someone is from there and can recommend a guy. **forgot to mention its like 115 degrees outside.
  12. 2000 outback . Doing the front driver ball joint and tie rod . Pinch bolt isn't moving. Im afraid to snap it off.. So im going to use this method that uniberp stated. I think im also going to heat up that end of the knuckle (the thread side) with a propane torch and get it hot. Suggestions appreciated. Bolt seems really stuck and I want to do this right so I don't run into a rounded head or snapped bolt