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  1. i might be wrong but i thought you set the choke when the vehicle was fully warmed up and tuned properly in the fully open position?
  2. it is a very obvious squirt of gasoline being injected into the carb too, you having to crank a lot sounds like the choke isn't calibrated correctly, i go rid of my electric auto choke and went with a mechanical manual cable driven choke cable that runs under the steering wheel, i've never looked back since.
  3. once you get it apart, don't loose those small clips, 4 of them per side, you can't find them anywhere, you will need to go visit a parts car to get more. also, the brake pads can be installed backwards, don't make the same mistake I did years ago lol.
  4. has the "dealer A/C", i had it on my 79 wagon and it took like 20hp from the poor motor, when i got my blue brat, the compressor was locked up, so i gladly deleted it, now that i have this one though, im not sure if i want to put it back on the blue brat, the compressor spins freely on the parts brat, so i'm still trying to figure that one out. im just confused about the lack of A/C controls inside the cab, i thought the A/C controls were below the radio but above the shifter, but they seem to be non existant on this parts brat, regardless, i still have mine in the blue one.
  5. spent 10+ years is salted roads, and 25+ years in Texas heat, so it's the worst of both worlds, honestly i'm glad it's in this bad of shape so i don't feel bad pulling parts from it. my baby which is the blue one has been in Texas it's whole life, and the only rust it has is where the drain plug is under the driver seat, but it's pretty much insignificant since the hole is only about 20% larger than what the original rubber plug was from factory. having them side by side really puts into perspective what salt does to cars, the part that stuns me the most is the tailgate that has a hole and a massive gash across the side like a monster's claw gashed across it, the taillights look like they were replaced right before they abandoned the brat all together. the passenger front wheel has actually disconnected from the control arm due to the rust, i think it's where the control arm connects to the "frame" of the vehicle, i actually pushed it back into place so it doesn't look so sad. haven't messed with the brat yet since i got it, gonna wait till weather cools down because it's hitting 105F here daily.
  6. i always appreciate your input, you're always so knowledgeable on these older Subaru's. i was the one that bought that taillight from you on ebay like 6months ago or so.
  7. yeah lots of it, the main things i was after were the tail lights, windshield, rotors, and the driver seatbelt, my current one was hanging on by like 6 threads, glad whoever owned this never buckled up lol.
  8. here's the rest of the pictures, i'll be slowly taking it all apart and eventually just be left with the body, I noticed yesterday afternoon oil cap is missing, so that ain't good for internal components, probably has had the cap off for over 20+ years, oh well.
  9. Unfortunately this Brat will not have a good ending, this vehicle is barely holding itself together, nonetheless I bought it for $300 (double scrap value) I offered the guy so it wouldn't go to the junk yard like he was intending to. I was planning on having 2 Brats running, but it looks like this one will just feed me parts for many years to come, more pictures to come tomorrow. ---backstory on the vehicle--- bought in 1980 as a 1979 model, the original owner would come down from Colorado to visit his family, in the 1990's it broke down in south Texas in a little town called Pleasanton TX (50 min from where I live). not sure how he went back home without it but never came back for it, was left outside for 20+years on the farm. farm sold to new owners 4 years ago, guy posts on facebook, I see the post and go get the vehicle before it ends up at the junkyard.
  10. Subasaurus

    Back up to 3 Subarus

    I noticed the red badge, what was the reason for the red on the badge? top of the line trim level?
  11. Subasaurus

    Back up to 3 Subarus

    that's one hell of an amazing first car for your kid to show off at school! I love Zero, more pictures of that one please!
  12. look for rust, on those first gen wagons, they like rusting inside the fender above the wheel from the inside, you'll need to look straight upwards from inside. look where the spare tire sits, remove the spare tire and check the platform, if there's rust there, there's rust inside the cab. (water leaks inside) look at the front rocker panel behind the pinch welds. same goes for the front of the floor boards. are the front calipers seized up? 1978 was i think the first year for rotors in the front only, as compared to drums. those calipers are extremely hard to find, and if you do find them, they usually go for $250 a piece. check for rust around the shock tower and where the shock tower connects to the rest of the body of the vehicle. those should be all the common rust places for these cars.
  13. i've also thought the same about this if i ever find rails for mine, drilling is really the only way to mount them securely without loosing them or someone holding onto one while it's parked and it falling off unfortunately. i mean, the mirrors are also brutally just screwed onto the door from new, so you can look at it that way so it doesn't hurt so much making a hole into the sheet metal.
  14. Subasaurus

    Back up light switch

    thanks for this info! i haven't bothered with mine because i figured it was first gen specific, i can definitely find a third gen at a junkyard and get the back up switch out to put on mine. thank you!
  15. Subasaurus

    radiator replacement?

    my 1st gen radiator started leaking, I got it repaired twice just for it to get new pinhole leaks once again due to age, i replaced mine with a 3rd gen radiator, it's not an exact fit, but so far no issues, just be sure the inlet/outlet from the EA-82 fits your current radiator hose on your EA-71. also, the plastic on metal models seem to have smaller diameter holes as compared to the metal/copper? radiators. They all vary a bit on the size of the inlet/outlets, it's been a few years, i don't remember all the exact specs. here's mine currently, hope it helps. first and third gen fans on a third gen radiator. i also added a reservoir from a 3rd gen.