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  1. Subasaurus

    Brat windshield options or mods

    yup, some funds for the other 2 that im sure are in desperate need, or sacrifice the worst condition one to feed extra parts and options the others don't have, in my own opinion, it's silly to have 3 and trying to restore all 3, it was too much for me when i had 2, i was always tempted to steal a part from one and bring it to the other, thats why i sold my 79 wagon and kept the brat lol.
  2. here's the left side for your brat, being sold by one of the forum members here named "Moosens". EA71 parts are really hard to find, just be aware of that. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-Brat-Brumby-1977-81-Left-Tail-Light/123478246204?hash=item1cbfe0833c:g:2L4AAOSwULVb5I4G:rk:10:pf:0
  3. i just replaced the seats in my 1980 brat last night actually, used some from an EA82 since i have 3 parts vehicles of those in my backyard, you gotta weld a plate 2 inches over on one side (meaning do it for both of one side) since the EA82 seats are 2 inches wider than the EA71 seats, they are very nice though, and fills in that gap between the seat and door you currently have, now for that last rear inner bolt hole, i didn't weld a plate in since i got lazy, and plus it doesn't really need it, i feel no wobble or anything, but that's completely up to you, it's easy, just gotta weld a flat plate in the right place with the right measurements and drill a big enough hole. oh almost forgot, there's this bracket plate thing that sticks down lower than the rails, you'll need to remove this plate to achieve a flat surface area, you need to drill out all of Subaru's spot welds on it from underneath, i think there's 5 on the longer piece, and 2 on the short one.
  4. Subasaurus

    Ea71 torque specs

    lucky day for you! Moosens happens to have one posted pretty cheap! here it is! so you don't have to search for it, how convenient! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-Factory-Servce-Manual-MSA-108-Revised-January-1978-1600/123466299079?hash=item1cbf2a36c7:g:GZUAAOSwVW9bo7dF:rk:39:pf:0
  5. it always happens to me with the ground spade terminal plug, this is the only vehicle i have that has that extra plug, always forget when i take it apart to get to something else...
  6. probably damaged it when installing it, happened to me once 2 years ago, when it's installed, put your pinky finger in there and turn it and feel for any bumps, gosh that sounded weird, anyways it should be perfectly smooth with no imperfections, they're very delicate, try tapping it in next time only by the outside ring of the bearing.
  7. Subasaurus

    89 Loyale afterlife

    i don't understand why everyone says mice will infest and eat through wires if a car is left sitting say in a backyard, is this like an up north thing? i've never encountered this problem after many years of cars sitting in different places, my own backyard, parents backyards, when i buy a car that's been sitting in a field for 10years+, only issue i've ever come across was Wasps, yellow and red types, still not sure if im allergic to them....
  8. checking on you on a daily basis to see what new pops up on your listings, and i do gotta say, those tailights for the FF-1 Wagon are just insane, especially in New Condition, really awesome stuff there Paul! still waiting for the mudflaps to pop up hope the harsh cold doesn't get there before most things are out of storage!
  9. don't think so. dealer added foglights had the switch on the left of the dash on the bottom (next to where the choke lever would be) factory added foglights had it on the top next to the defroster switch, so in other words, it's impossible to have every hole filled in and actually be properly functional, the factory thought about dealer added items and factory added items, 2 possible places for them on your dash just incase.
  10. same with mine, not sure why every EA71 i've come across never has power to the wire where it's suppose to feed to the fuel pump, i just tap in where the ignition coil gets it's power from. that charge light is actually fairly accurate, trust it, if it's on, something isn't right.
  11. Subasaurus

    Alternator bracket mounting

    it is a subaru part, i have that same bracket with the dealer added A/C. only EA82's that had no A/C but paid extra to have the A/C added to a specific EA82 that you liked got this bracket.
  12. finding every individual different piece that's "suppose" to belong there will be harder than finding a 1954 P1 Subaru, just remembered, one of those bottom ones was for activating the air suspension that some GL-10's came with, and it was an expensive option that rarely anyone got, finding a GL-10 is already really rare by itself, let alone the digi dash and air suspension. why don't you just find a bunch of any of the 5 switches and fill in the blanks that way? ofcourse except for the defroster because that one has the different styling to it that can only correspond there, that will pretty much be the only way to fill them all in.
  13. heres the middle one for you so you can finish your collection lol i used to remember the bottom left one, i'll have to come back to you.
  14. Subasaurus

    Parts books or lookup help

    flying saucers? with a center bolt?