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  1. Subasaurus

    1988 XT6 FOR SALE

    crazy how the only way to keep a Subaru older than 1989ish alive and on the roads today is to have 1 or 2 parts cars in your own back yard to keep that one alive. i hate the beginnings of dismantling a what will become a parts car, it hurts so much at first, super careful with things promising to return the part back to the car one day when i find another... after about a month im using a hammer and prying tools to get to my part, funny.
  2. so i went and found one Brat, junkyard is just wayyy too big to be wandering around when the place was only open for 3 hours on saturday, but i found everything i needed from that one brat! the list of things i found include: 2 tail lights, 2 front corner lights, both types of grilles (2 headlights and 4 headlights type, there was an extra grille sitting inside in perfect shape for some reason) all 4 mudflaps in great shape, extra front disks and brake hardware, shift knob and 4WD shift knob, driver glass ofcourse! grabbed an extra antenna, all 4 marker lights, a whole tailgate, bed chrome trim, interior seat belts, dash clock, all dash vents, 2 interior door panels, 2 out of 4 metal center wheel caps, both mirrors, and i can't remember the rest, an extra wheel i grabbed, but didn't need it since the Peugeot i picked up while i was in Oklahoma (Not at the junkyard, just a private individual while i was up there) already had 4 Subaru wheels on it.. i still need to go through everything else in the bucket, i was pulling parts off like a madman while i was there, got a bunch of old Subaru Emblems too from other nearby old Subaru's from the 70's and 80's, i can't remember everything off the top of my head. no bed seatbelts though! sad about that, there was one in the back but someone cut the belt part off for some reason, plus it was jammed up so i abandoned it. i also got a few XT-6 parts since there were a few things there that were just too cool to not get as souvenirs. Some scary looking Spider the size of my hand that i almost didn't see, no idea what it was though. i also brought back home from oklahoma a $100 Peugeot 504, unrelated to Subaru's except for the bolt pattern on the wheel, but the same trip to make it worthwhile.
  3. Subasaurus

    Weber Backfire on Shutoff

    sometimes timing isn't where it's suppose to be, the flywheel isn't perfectly accurate, my 79 Wagon liked being at 9 1/2 degrees while my 80 Brat likes being at 7 degrees, just go by feel and sound, and keep an eye on that temperature gauge! your jets may be too large or you need to close off that fuel mixture more, check with a vacuum gauge as you're tuning it down some, you want stable 17-18 inches of Mercury (or more! if possible). you're dumping an excessive amount of fuel so it flash ignites in the exhaust and BAM! 12 gauge shotgun. check your wires that wire up to the ignition coil, you may have a wire on the wrong polarity on your ignition coil, this happened to me once and caused this shot gun like sound when shutting the car off, there's multiple ways to make the vehicle pop like this. i had so much fun doing this on purpose in my 79 GL Wagon, i would floor it as the vehicle shut off to dump more fuel to make the pop even louder when i would arrive at work back when i worked at a shop, and once in a while police would arrive due to the report of gunshots fired, which weren't. i miss that wagon. i know this because i would do it to my friends when they were following behind me at night, big flame blast comes out the rear and ofcourse a gun shot like sound, IT IS LOUD.
  4. well, change of plans, im driving tomorrow morning 7 hours one way to a junkyard that has a few of these first gen brats in Oklahoma, thanks for the help though Moosens! ill post what i find here in a few days
  5. thank you! let me know please currently the brat is just sitting in the backyard with a bag taped on the window teleporting into the future as the days go by now undriven.
  6. Horray! I was cutting the grass, a rock flew and hit the glass on the brat! Could have hit the odyssey, or the civic, or the Jetta, nope, had to hit the vehicle that’s the hardest to find parts. anyone have a drivers side window for a first gen brat? Unsure if second gen brats fit it. Thanks!
  7. correct, if there's not enough refrigerant, it wont engage, or if there's too much, but i doubt that's the case here.
  8. "warmed up"? is the A/C running perfectly fine up until this point when the vehicle warms up?
  9. Lol! I posted this when I was in a rush, the sleeve came with no chapstick when I got it, that’s my own, I’m not that barbaric now... the sleeve was found outside of target parking lot, that’s all I know. not like it matters much at this point anymore, my gf took it from me and put it on her keychain, so now I really need to find more!!!
  10. does anyone know where to find these? one of my coworkers had one on their keychain, i asked her about it, she said she found it on the street a few weeks ago, doesn't care much for it so she gave it to me just like that, but this one will eventually wear out in a few months, does anyone know where this even came from and where i could buy like 10 more as spares? i've looked on Ebay for a few days now and theres nothing that even looks like this sleeve to start with, let alone Subaru across it
  11. i damaged my first set by installing one of the brake pads backwards, im such an idiot, metal on metal, i was tired and it was late at night when i did it, put me back $250, but found some new old stock disk brakes on ebay a few weeks later, haven't seen another set come up new since 2015, still keeping an eye out!
  12. Subasaurus


    before i first started driving i used to go to the junkyard with my dads friends around 2005-2008, i remember seeing a few first gen subarus, a few more second gens and a whole bunch of 3rd gens.. like 4-6 at one time. now only about one 3rd gen comes in every 2 years. pretty sad...
  13. Subasaurus

    Junkyard bits..

    those look like pre 1987ish logo mats, right? never seen such old ones before with logos on them.
  14. Subasaurus

    Tire size for Loyale

    although i no longer have a third gen, my first gen is currently running 155/60 R13 with white walls, i had such a hard time finding anything 13inch local that i just ordered them online, some strange branded tires i've never heard of before, but they've been fine for the last year, so im happy with that since the fastest i've ever been able to push the brat was 82mph on a downhill, sooo yeah anything pretty much works for it.