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  1. Subasaurus

    Ea82T Vacuum line troubles.

    A. not sure but it was probably something emission related which i removed on mine, B. looks like the vacuum hose that controls some of your HVAC stuff, C. on mine it went to the vacuum reservoir since mine was equipped with Cruise Control and the reservoir was located on the passenger side. D. looks like its just the Vacuum Reservoir your vehicle is equipped with, i wouldn't stress out about it and just plug up both, and see what doesn't function fully. E. that looks like a ground for a manifold bolt. F. that looks like the Vacuum Port for the Brake Booster.
  2. Subasaurus

    87 rx a/c parts

    thought so! lol, thanks Skishop69!
  3. Subasaurus

    EA82 oil pressure wire color

    should be the Yellow that connects to the giant oil pressure sending unit on the oil pump, wrap it around the oil dipstick so that the crank doesn't snatch it or rub the wire. just be aware that most of those have all broken by now, a replacement of one is a hefty $50, not sure why. but if yours still works, great!
  4. Subasaurus

    87 rx a/c parts

    something people tell me but i've never had it happen to me before, they say R134a is a smaller molecule than R12, therefore when slapping a different refrigerant through the same hoses, it'll leak out very slowly, like a whole year before it needs a refill, im at 5 years on a 93 impreza, 3 years on a 89GL, and a year and a half on a 79GL, i haven't had leaks, maybe the hoses are of better quality on a Subaru, don't know...
  5. love the 2000 impreza! very cool!
  6. Subasaurus

    87 rx a/c parts

    the law says that 1994 Vehicles and up began using R134a, but i've only seen it on 1995 and up Subaru's. but i don't understand what the big scare is, go to batozone, get yourself the 2 fitting adaptors that go over the R12 Fittings, wala! but i know you gotta get rid of the remaining R12 in there, "gotta recover it somehow since you're in California or they'll burn you at the stake". then try to calculate how much oil you just drained from the compressor, i think it's somewhere between 2-4 ounces of compressor oil, seal it up, vacuum it out, and add R134a Refrigerant. or just go to Mexico and get R12 like i do, although didn't know they sold it on ebay though like Dave T said, after looking at it myself, it's about double to triple the price of what R134a costs... Much cheaper in Mexico but considering you're in the middle of California, it may not be worth it for you.
  7. first stage Subaru's are pretty rare now a days, i definetly don't mind, love the grille, and i'd much better see 100 pictures of an early Subie than another common picture of some BRZ, or WRX. also did you paint it yourself?
  8. i think Stanley made the headlights on the third gen GL/Loyales in the late 80's and early 90's, perhaps the same in the mid 90's? although they say Subaru across the front, it's alittle harder to find the actual maker of the headlights on the OEM headlights, if you find an example of them at a junkyard.
  9. Subasaurus

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    that i couldn't agree more with, i've thought about it, but being 23, im early to the party regardless, perhaps when im done paying for the house when im around 35 i'll move to another state like montana, or oregon, who knows. thanks for the advice though!
  10. Subasaurus

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    well... since you know San Antonio some, im not on the bad part of town, im in Alamo Ranch (houses of 250K and up) seems that crime is higher in this city in nicer neighborhoods than ghetto neighborhoods. (and i just bought this house 13 months ago! lol, moved away from my dads place in medical center, which is pretty ghetto, every week or so another vehicle would be with no wheels)
  11. Subasaurus

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    Problem with that is i have 15 cameras all around my house on the outside, (i live next to a creek so no backyard neighbors, yay), someone broke into my gf's 2015 civic with somekind of universal keyfob identifier, they didn't even touch the car and it unlocked for them, i did some research and apparently there has to be 2 people, which there were, one searches for the key sending out a faint wireless signals hanging on the wall on the inside the house, and amplifies it for the other person standing next to the car to communicate with the vehicle. San Antonio Cops could have cared less, i told them i had video evidence of two guys, which i wount disclose their ethnicity but you guys can guess that one im sure, and they just transfer me to a cop on the phone to complete the report not wanting evidence or wanting to come out and take a look. long story short, keys are now hanging in the kitchen away from the front door so that they can't find the faint signal from the key fobs, they didn't steal much, an ipod touch 1st gen which is pretty much worthless today and an ipad 2 8GB, which is also pretty worthless. cameras wount help in my city apparently.
  12. Subasaurus

    GL-10 Quiz Question

    a week ago a guy knocked on my door and asked me how much for my brat, kept insisting and didn't want to leave my property, after a while eventually left, but these last 6 days i've been having to park the brat in the backyard in fear of it dissapearing the next morning out of my driveway.
  13. Subasaurus

    1st Gen Wishlist

    that is extremely useful info, thanks for sharing that one!
  14. 15561B and it's by Walker. it came with a needle but no float, so you might want that when rebuilding the carb.