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  1. are you making the best of all 3 into 1? i think you came out ontop due to the abundance of parts! as long as you can make atleast 1 brat out of everything that is fairly complete and running good. you'll be able to drive the brat for many years to come thanks to the extra parts from the others if 1 brat is all you're going after (which i highly recommend) ***if you have an extra set of mudflaps i'll be interested in buying them from you?
  2. what is the rubber even for on some crankpulleys anyways? i don't think the EA71 has them but the EJ's do, my Impreza split in half one day, luckly i found a replacement before just welding it on. what's it for? vibrations? even though the belt is made of rubber?
  3. Subasaurus

    Subaru brats by state

    1 in Texas, i can confirm.
  4. Subasaurus


    last time i saw a Justy was at the junkyard 7 years ago, when i didn't know much about Subarus, wish i would have appreciated it more...
  5. Subasaurus

    Baja vs. Brat

    my friends are constantly riding in the back of mine, i've only ridden in them once since im usually the driver, it was actually quite enjoyable and relaxing going 65mph down the highway, it does get awkward staring at someone at a redlight though. in Texas you're allowed to ride in the bed of a pickup as long as it's below 40mph, so pretty much not the highway, i've had 3 different police vehicles trail behind me when i have my friends in the back, they stare hard, follow for a few minutes, then break away, not sure really why, twice on the highway and once on surface streets... the brat is a "pickup truck" in other countries but not a "pickup truck" in the U.S. due to the title saying passenger vehicle thanks to the extra 2 seats. and yes, they have lap belts in the back, mine have been jammed since the day i got it, so they're just decoration, but you're probably suppose to be buckled in due to the fact that it's considered passenger vehicle and the vehicle came with belts originally, it's a 2door car with 2 seats in the back, with a wall inbetween, with the seats facing the wrong way like a 60's Volvo, and then there's no roof, even though thats the least of my worries.... the headrest is more of a backrest, the rollbar is a nice comfortable headrest for breaking your skull open, and relaxing your head to the side introduces you to some healthy slamming onto your skull. im sure one day i'll get pulled over and i'll have to explain to the judge that this is how the car left the dealership.
  6. Subasaurus

    Baja vs. Brat

    definitely not offtopic! thank you for the info i had no idea about
  7. Subasaurus


    same overhere in Texas, NEVER seen any Subaru older than 1991, i've seen 1 Loyale in the wild before, but had Colorado Plates so still unsure if that counted. only 2 1970's Subaru i've ever seen with my own eyeballs and those are the ones i currently own. same for 1980's Subaru's, ever only seen 4 in my life, and i also happen to own all 4 of those. perhaps it's me that keeps picking all of them up... oops.
  8. Subasaurus

    Baja vs. Brat

    oh interesting, never knew that! then i have no idea why it's 4 doors then, unless they took the Outback and chopped it like they did the GL Wagon and made a Brat? if that's not the case, then it was dumb to not provide a 2 door variant with a longer bed.
  9. Subasaurus

    Baja vs. Brat

    Chicken Tax, that's why the Baja has 4 doors, still in effect today btw. most pickups are 4 doors out there or atleast extended cabs with seats in the back, even if they face sideways (that practice is now illegal because in a front collision, seatbelts won't do anything, so auto manufacturers need to find another loophole), auto makers don't like selling 2 door pickups, too much tax to pay if they're not built in the USA, which most aren't.
  10. Subasaurus

    Homemade Roof Rack 91 Loyale

    oops... very cool rack for being homemade! i love it! i've seen alot of homemade roof racks, but this one looks amazing! never would have thought those combinations would make it look nice.
  11. Subasaurus


    hope you don't mind if i add on to this post with a question of mine. anyone know where to get those rubber bushings for the brackets that hold up the steering rack? my brat has alittle play from it being used as a ranch truck from 1984-1997 where it stayed parked till 2017.
  12. Subasaurus


    car sold for $2,600 already this morning, above asking price. i tried. he said his phone and email has been going off like crazy since.
  13. Subasaurus


    oh wow, that is an awesome price!
  14. ha! whoops lol, not sure how i even missed that, thanks!
  15. how large are these? alittle hard to tell from the pictures, trying to look at shadows or the back fence to get a perspective, but i still can't tell.