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  1. Subasaurus

    Uno - My First

    im afraid of heights! but this is soooo cooool!!!!!!!
  2. oh wow, never seen a stage 1 Subaru Dealer added A/C. what's it doing up in Canada? is that why it was never used?
  3. Subasaurus

    Gen 1 Brat Short Lift

    perhaps, it's just alittle frightening to me looking down at the rpm's and seeing them so high lol.
  4. Subasaurus

    Gen 1 Brat Short Lift

    always thought these EA71 4 speed transmission gears were always too small, in my own personal opinion, running at 4,000rpm at 60mph is more damaging than going alittle bigger from 155/70 R13 to 155/90 R13. engine wont be at 4,000rpm till about 68-70mph. been working fine for me for the last 2 years.
  5. Subasaurus

    Gen 1 Brat Short Lift

    have you thought about taller tires? 155/90 R13 are what im currently running on mine. i originally wanted to lift mine about 2 inches, but considering how difficult it would be finding replacement parts because of the extra strain the drivetrain needs to endure, plus custom manufacturing of some sort of bracket and spacers... plus having taller tires helps to keep up with traffic better keeping RPM's alittle lower on the highway so that you're not "that guy" going 55mph in a 70mph.
  6. you know something that bothers me more than not having my wagon anymore? someone else getting the fame for doing absolutely nothing to the car, im the one that busted my butt for 9 months and after many cuts and bruises and a drill bit going all the way through my thumb after the cheap drill bit broke, a Wagon was reborn from the dead, then I sold it because the rust was just too much lol. atleast the car still exists. https://barnfinds.com/3700-obo-1979-subaru-4wd-wagon/
  7. A Coupe door will definetly not fit a 4dr, those Coupe doors are way longer than the 4dr ones.
  8. have you metered the fuse that corresponds to the radio yet? fuse box is located on the drivers side on the left, very uncomfortable to get to, but it has to be done.
  9. would you know what's under the dash on a first gen by any chance? been curious to replace the speaker that has never worked on any first gen i've ever come across.
  10. Subasaurus

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    this is why i don't ever look at BaT unless its for curiosity i can relate to (like this brat that just sold). i just cruise on craigslist looking at weird, quirky, or obscure cars that i may be able to buy, i don't think i'll ever spend more than 5,000 on a car ever in my entire life since i can fix them. but that's just me.
  11. Subasaurus

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    love the tailgates on those things! DATSUN across the back.
  12. Subasaurus

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    have you ever considered putting White Walls on the tires? i think it will help the look of the car, very clean though.
  13. Subasaurus

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    B.S. or not, doesn't it benefit us owners more than harm?
  14. Subasaurus

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    that's alot for a sedan, my brat has 67K miles at the moment, that definitely gets my attention.
  15. Subasaurus

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    Keep them as original as possible? oops..... lack of parts, ya know?