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  1. 1GenBrat

    ea71 tranny questions

    Yeah I understand, I wish I could be able to make a trip up north and go through some junk yards to look for myself. I've have been thinking I could swap the one from the driver side to the passenger side, as a temporary solution. Considering since that side is the one that spins at the moment. This probably a stupid question, but is there a way that maybe a machine/metal shop could fix my stripped disk hub?
  2. 1GenBrat

    ea71 tranny questions

    Finally was able to scan a picture of the disk hubs i was talking about from a manual. If any of y'all have 2 spare ones, that you would be willing to sell and ship, I'd appreciate it!
  3. 1GenBrat

    ea71 tranny questions

    Good to know! That makes searching easier! Would trying to replace the shifter bushings be a difficult task?
  4. 1GenBrat

    ea71 tranny questions

    Thanks for the replies! yeah its been a while, i have been lurking around to make sure the questions haven't been answered before. ill try to see if i can get the driver side to spin. Also yes i mean the the splined hub, where the shaft slides into, speaking of which ill have to get a new shaft as well, but i can those from rock auto. But its good to know i can get those rotors new as well. For the neutral problem, when i start the brat up, the passenger side shaft spins constantly, which i assume that its in gear, ill shift into second,third and forth and it seems to stay in gear. however when i try to but it in neutral the shaft still spins, and will continue until i put the clutch in. Is this cause by the linkage being loose? or a transmission problem? Also when i put it in 4-wheel drive the back wheels will turn, and stop when i put it in neutral, but the front passenger still spins. I am starting to realize that there isn't any junk yards with subaru's down here.
  5. Hey guys, so i recently bought a 79 brat from a friend and got it running. By doing so, of course, i ran into some problems. Mainly i realized that that the front disk hubs that connect to the front half shafts are completely shaved down, So ill need to find some of those hubs. Also i tried going through the gears and when its in gear the stick wobbles around a lot, and also i can't get it to stay in neutral. Oh and the driver side half shaft doesn't turn. So my questions are, can i find new disk hubs? and can i rebuild the tranny? or is it better to get a used one? Also finding a tranny seems difficult as well, i found a website that says they have one, but it'll cost around 500. any advice is much appreciated.
  6. 1GenBrat

    subaru brat 1985 restoration

    hey man looks great! im working on a 79 BRAT, you wouldn't happen to have a late 70's tail gate or left tail light laying around would ya?
  7. 1GenBrat

    new owner of a 79 brat!

    hmm ok thanks for the help, i do enjoy the rust, gives it a lot of character! all i need to do it get it wired correctly. Apparently the owner broke the key in the ignition, bought a new side ignition and spliced it in. Now the voltage reg over heats and is melting the wires.
  8. 1GenBrat

    new owner of a 79 brat!

    thanks, im looking for a new tailgate, the one it has is all rusted out, a passenger side mirror, driver tail light. I'm sure there are other parts, but those are the most critical right now. I've been looking online and cant find anything. Is there a good place to find parts for these things?
  9. 1GenBrat

    new owner of a 79 brat!

    hi all, I'm new here and just got my hands on my friends brat. He found it in Oklahoma but joined the air force. So i decided to buy it from him and try to get it running! I've been looking for parts for about 3 months now, and realized just how difficult it is to find them. So any help from the forums would be greatly appreciated