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  1. 83subaruGLchick

    EA-EJ rear brake adapter ring at WCSS10

    Hoping these are something that is still available...I will be wanting to do this to my car
  2. 83subaruGLchick

    brat/gen 2 dash removal.

    I am about to do the EJ and 5 speed swap and thought I had to take this dash off to cleanly do wiring. Also trying to get to the speaker on the driver side.
  3. 83subaruGLchick

    brat/gen 2 dash removal.

    Do you have this write up? Could you send it to me I’m taking mine apart now and I think I’m on the wrong track after reading this I have the glove box out and surround all around gauges and the vents out. 83 gl wagon
  4. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Did a YouTube might start regularly posting to it if it gets enough attention and people enjoy it!
  5. Who is jerry and how do I contact him for this kit?
  6. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

  7. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Well the time has finally come!!! I have commenced the EJ222 swap I have been wanting to do for years! This last I pulled the engine and detailed and painted the engine bay. Today(Monday) I have cleaned and starting putting things back into the engine bay as well as cleaning up old wiring and putting new tape loom zip ties etc on the harness. I’m hoping to get the EJ at least in sooner than later and then do every other little thing I want to do to it. I’ll upload some pictures of the progress and other things I’ve done.
  8. 83subaruGLchick

    Sjr vs ADF Lift Kits for GL/Loyale

    I have a build thread on here if you're interested.
  9. 83subaruGLchick

    Sjr vs ADF Lift Kits for GL/Loyale

    SJR is a lot better in my opinion, plus you're really supporting a guy that is a big part of this community and has helped make a lot of these mods possible. I have a 1983 that I put the 4 inch SJR lift on, I had to install longer brake lines up front, and extend the pitch stop and steering shaft. Did not have to do anything with the Speedo cable but no one else besides me it seems had to extend brake lines so it seems everyone's is a little different. It does not come with instructions though but if you spend a little time its fairly easy to find out what goes where. Good luck with the lift I love mine! Next up is the EJ swap.
  10. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Last picture for today, took the thing on a trail run and she didn't skip a beat no overheating or axles breaking, worst thing that happened was I myself may have broke my exhaust getting too cocky. Thanks for following all!
  11. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Also installed these hood louvers! Let me tell you between these and my electric fan and shroud this thing doesn't heat up nearly as easily as it used to!
  12. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    I finished installing the extended pitch stop mount, the NEW CV axles, new transmission mounts, and the new battery, cables and tray and the car is in the best place it has ever been! No longer going through axles no longer having electrical issues. I am starting my engine swap to the EJ222 here in the next few weeks, I am just finishing up buying the rest of the stuff I do not have for it. I am also going to post other pictures of my progress.
  13. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Good afternoon everyone! I know it has been a long time since I have been on here and worked on my car to be totally honest. I lived in a place for a short period that did not allow me to work on my car and it was not in a driveable state but I have since moved somewhere where I can and it is already torn apart in the garage! Here's what I am doing/ have done now: Transmission mounts (the old ones fell out in 2 pieces) Finally extending the pitch stop mount New battery and battery goodies (I will post a picture once it is said and done don't want to give anything away just yet ) New CV axles, I spent the money on brand new CV axles, no more remans and I am HOPING they are better quality and last longer Also going to just do some little things here and there as they come up, I will be posting pictures of my progress on the car once again obviously. So happy to be able to work on this car again and get it on the road. Hope all of you following keep up with it!
  14. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Wow! You did a ton more than I did, I used this a wire wheel brush head on my grinder, grinded it all down then cleaned it then let the spray paint get good and warm in the sun and shook it and sprayed, did 3-5 coats then 2 coats of clear on top, its holding up well so far I had some brake fluid leaking and that bubbled it a tiny bit in one small area but besides that it has been great, everything I wanted it to be.
  15. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    I used Krylon Rust Tough Enamel in black, that is what I painted the entire underbody, fender wells, and the suspension pieces with and its been on for about 6 months and I have off roaded the car and daily driven it and none of it is peeling or coming off yet. I did a lot of prep work though with sanding and cleaning. I will continue to use the same stuff as I see fit on this car.