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  1. 83subaruGLchick

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    You don’t extend your steering rack you extend the shaft and all you have to do is cut it and weld in a piece of metal go the length you need it so you add about 3 inches. Very simple!
  2. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Started the work on tearing down the donor motor and replacing seals and cleaning it up and it is an engine out of an automatic 1992 Subaru Legacy it’s the EJ222 I always thought if I just take the torque converter off my clutch and all that will just bolt right up. Is this true for these years? Can’t find much info online. Sorry if it’s a dumb questions.
  3. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

  4. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Yes eventually I am not right at first just because I am on a budget but once the 4 speed fails(which I'm sure it will eventually) I will be doing that swap.
  5. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    My sti just needs little things. Nothing major. I would personally never put an sti engine in my GL because I’m keeping the dual range in it so it’s a capable off road machine and those trannies can’t handle all that power. I have almost everything for the swap all I really have left is to send the harness to SJR for him to trim it for me. But thanks for the offer. Its a 6 lug conversion not a 5 by the way I wanted more off-road style wheels and those are easier to come by in 6x5.5. I bought the roof rack off eBay I did not make it and yes I plan to make a front bumper but not a brush guard style that’s not really the look I’m going for.
  6. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Thank you I appreciate it
  7. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    He has one of the 2 door wagon/hatches but I'm going to stick with mine because of exactly that from a realistic standpoint I have a dog and my boyfriend has a dog and they're both big plus camping gear plus I like making the bed in the back of the GL I need all the space I can get which is also why it now has an even bigger roof basket
  8. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    The guy I was going to get the 2 door from ended up just scraping it because he didn't tell me that it was missing a bunch of stuff that is irreplaceable in a way, But I wish Sam wasn't doing that!
  9. 83subaruGLchick

    Nookie: The Ruined BRAT

    I love that you're doing something no one has really done....following this project for sure!
  10. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Didn’t stay clean for long had to fully test it out and take it to one of the lakes where I live. It did great everything seems to be working how it’s supposed to but dang I need to do the engine swap this thing is gutless with the lift even more so than before. Just gotta tough it out and fix the sti first don’t ever own 2 money pits it’s rough lol
  11. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Pulled her out of the driveway and after the test drive I fully detailed it. She was so dirty from just sitting. Sure does clean up good
  12. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    It’s WORKING!!! I have to iron out some small bugs but overall she’s on the road. Feels so weird driving this thing this high in the air. I get some crazy looks and one guy already yelled at me about how sick it was!!! Pictures to follow
  13. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    I have a friend who has a 2 door GL wagon and hes taking the front end and the drive train for his wrecked brat then he said I can have it so ive been tossing around that idea because it would be a 2 door which is my favorite and it has a little bit less rust and I can just gut mine out into that one
  14. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Here she sits. She will be sitting on the street for a while here in a little bit too because my roommate needs the garage for his Toyota crawler he’s gotta do some stuff. Would’ve been done if this car didn’t fight me every step of the way.
  15. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    So car is all back together reverse works! 4 hi and low work! Went to pull it out of the garage and it made it to the end of my driveway and the front driver side axle which is brand new broke into 2 pieces. I don’t know why this happened because the lift doesn’t change the angles I think it was just a defective axle or something. Anyways I’m going to have to take that whole side apart again and replace that axle but I’m honestly so frustrated with the car it’ll probably be a while before I do that. Also the transmission is leaking pretty quickly and it wasn’t doing that before either, not sure what’s going on there.