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  1. Look for the punch / serial number. There’s one right above the crank and one on the back on the engine bellhousing. Should be able to track from there.
  2. Sounds to me like the timing is too retarted for the engine to crank over if everything else is perfect. Make sure you put the cam gears back on right and pulleys and I’d just take the timing belt out and fully redo it to make sure it’s dead on. Subarus are finicky
  3. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    It’s starting this is the before pic before it gets all new and pretty
  4. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    And another from that weekend.
  5. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Here’s a picture from the adventure weekend that I broke my exhaust and officially tired my suspension out. It was an amazing weekend we will be going back to these hot springs.
  6. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Here’s the new roof rack. And her new spot in the garage for the next little bit while I install and fix some more things!! I’ve been toying with the idea of a snorkel so if any of you guys have more knowledge on ones that work the best or what have you I’d love to hear it.
  7. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Evening everyone following the build. I have a few updates!! Alrighty so I have officially ordered all new suspension and that should be arriving any day now so that’ll all be fixed a friend of mine also recently wrx swapped his 93 legacy so he had an OBD1 2.2 sitting there with motor mounts, an air box and a complete wiring harness with ecu. That being said I got an amazing deal on it all and I’m officially going to start the swap process (insert super happy screaming and girly jumping up and down here). I’m no wiring guru so I’m having SJR trim my harness for me. I also bought other little things for my car too that I’ll be installing. I’m so in love with this car I can’t wait!!!
  8. 83subaruGLchick

    1980 GL Wagon "My quest for something different"

    I love your build, so happy I got to meet you in person keep up the good work. Can’t wait till mine is cool like yours
  9. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    SIDE NOTE: My exhaust also broke off on the passenger side at the heads, the studs actually broke off of the head altogether...not quite sure how I'm going to fix that yet
  10. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Alright guys, I'll upload a few pictures here in a little bit of the trip as well but this last weekend I took the ol GL on quite a journey on this pretty hard trail to these very remote hot springs here in Nevada called the E Carson River Hot Springs I believe. REGARDLESS while the GL did fantastic now she needs some help before shes safely road worthy again. The following now needs immediate replacement: Tie rods, Ball Joints, Rack and Pinion Boots, CV Axles(front), and all the shocks aren't as important but they have been going out so I think I'm just going to do them now, while I have the rest of the suspension apart. That being said I'm going to do some research as well but should I just go OEM replacements with the shocks and struts? I plan to install a lift kit here soon and I have no desire to change my hubs to 5 lug so I mean that will fit OE because I like my drilled out original hubs to the 6X5.5 pattern Any advice you guys have will be greatly appreciated, like I said after this entry I'm going to do some digging of my own as well. Thank you!
  11. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    This was the other day I drove it up a mountain we have here called Peavine. I flexed her out a little sadly the tire got so stuck in the front fender. I have big plans for this car I should be buying some goodies for it here soon and I’ll keep y’all updated!!!
  12. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    About a week after I bought her back I drove it to Subiefest in Los Angeles from Reno, it did amazing it just overheated a little on the long hills but if you know these cars you know that’s a normal thing. I also had trimmed my fenders and I like the style that we decided to do it because you can’t tell really
  13. 83subaruGLchick

    1983 GL Wagon build thread

    Here she sits with the new shoes on!!! Okay so the guy that bought it from me then sold it back did these upgrades: center console\dash upgrade to install a voltmeter that works and a stereo fan shroud(I had installed an electric fan but never made a shroud) block heater(this thing HATES cold mornings and it gets cold here) 6 lug conversion fixed some miscellaneous broken interior trim replaced front seats LED headlights working gas struts on rear hatch