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1989 Loyale 5 speed into 1986 Brat - 4WD, 4WD LO indicator wiring?

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Hi all, just completed putting a 1989 Loyale transmission into my 1986 Brat (behind an EJ22E out of a 1992 Legacy) and I'm having difficulty getting the wiring for the reverse switch and instrument cluster indicators for 4WD and 4WD LO correct. I figured the Loyale's transmission would be a simple contact for the reverse light and some kind of similar arrangement for the 4WD and 4WD LO but a simple continuity check doesn't make it seem like that's correct. The Brat was originally 4 wires, the Loyale is 6, but neither of my wiring diagrams reflect what's what. 

Anybody have any ideas or any pinouts for these they could send my way? 


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Google is your friend in this instance. I’m 99% sure a mate of mine originally made this image ;) 

I think when it refers to 4wd wiring it means the low range as the 4wd light switch is on the back of the 4wd lever.



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