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  1. My opinion is paint it black for sure and trim the bumper cover. Add lights to the bumper or inset. What's left of my bumper cover stays attached to my car much better than when it was whole and it looks damn sano. I left a small gap between the bumper and the cover, about 1/8". Well done on the tubing mixed with the sheet metal: I've modified mine twice and plan on doing it again to make the center punch much stronger. K
  2. Not much brat left but an incredible build! K
  3. Sounds logical. Especially considering they are cheap and readily available. Nice work! Those subframe/trailing arm bracket fixes should do the trick. Stitching the fatigue torn sheet metal together I imagine won't hold forever, but what can you do? If you decide to swap to a rust-free body, probably worth applying what you have learned and do a full brace and seam weld to all the weak points before transferring anything? I know that's a lot of work but it sure would be nice to have a solid, well built car from the start instead of constant patching to hold it all together after rust and fatigue have taken their toll. Slammo, thanks for sharing on the TDRA race. K
  4. I hear ya', I have 3 project/driver's and can only really afford to do one right. Congrats to 2nd, look forward to any footage. I think CV angle and what you can get away with (or not) is much more useful than 2" safe max lift or whatever, since every car is a different, especially when you add bumpers, etc. Based on what you sent me previously, plus I added my info now with your control arms (ride height, unloaded): '99 Black Outback: 9* front, 6* rear '01 Blue Forester: 15* front, 11* rear '02 White Outback: 11* front, 4* rear '07 WRX: 10* front, 5* rear No idea what stock height CV angle is? Worth noting my 20k mile front '600hp' CV exploded after driving around town, soon after installing the new control arms (which are slightly forward and wider vs. stock), so that might go to show I am on the very edge of what they can handle up front (stock rear seems totally unstressed). K
  5. Critters and carnage! Any video or pics of the race? Seems the cotter pins held. I put anti-seize on the 'frame' bolts when I installed my Frana control arms, but you might need loctite? Heck, maybe I should have used some? Bigger tires, better sidewalls, and more travel would go a long way for racing, but what you have is already perfect for trail riding. Those LP9 lights are $500/e, I hope they're good for that price. Based on where the center of B's wheel is in relation to the rocker, I'd say he has an additional 2" suspension lift over my 2.5" lifted Impreza. That's a whole lot of lift without a drive train drop. K
  6. Nice looking wagon. I don't think you will be able to find a 14" tire at stock height that isn't a passenger snow tire. What size depends on offset and availability, but either way there is not much room in those wheel wells. K
  7. travelvw

    1978 1st Gen Brat Build!

    Nice sealing wax red beige grey deluxe. Yeah my sister had one by her down in Texas, same paint job... K
  8. Yes, this ^ is totally unacceptable ...hopefully there was no golf cart on patrol. Awesome!!! Excellent trip report, pics, and insane whoops. My WRX is that beer can since the previous trip, but I've nearly polished that turd... more soon! Cheers, K
  9. Nice to see a solid attempt at tackling this major structural issue on your car, looks great!! K
  10. Well, I had an absolute blast hanging out with the long travel guys from IL, and more short travel from TX! We did a little bit of everything from hiking, to jumps, to water crossings, to rowdy trail riding. Although us short travel folks kept up just fine on everything but the jumps, the long travel simply ate up the boulder-strewn water crossings and rock shelves. Ground clearance plus articulation can't be beat. My rockers definitely took a beating plus two bent trailing arms and a slashed tire! Looking forward to the next round... Short travel teetering down the ledge: Long travel bombs it: K
  11. I don't know much beyond the 02-07 Impreza and that brace, which I never gave much thought to before...so here is an aftermarket full skid i had on my '02 and now my '07: K