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  1. Lot to digest on this topic! Fast, have that covered! Reliable, yep. Good off-road? Eh, its OK. Real off road trails is where I would like to improve, even tho it will negatively affect drive-ability everywhere else. This car started as a daily d a few years ago, then back up camper more often than not. Spent a lot of time on gravel plus trails, then more intense, high clearance trails. I've come to accept the fact that I absolutely love this car! Its pretty good at everything. Blast to drive, particularly at high speeds in gravel/dirt, even with the camping gear. Traction is excellent, if I can keep most of the tires on the ground and/or adequate momentum. Manual, limited slip rear, Torsion center. STI 6 speed in the future, so that means LSD front, too. And yes, I have a real 4WD with transfer case, but I can't stop taking the Subaru... I've been working on approach angles lately, but it could use more articulation and certainly better rocker/floor pan clearance. Currently AGX struts, King springs, 1" spacers, so 2.5" plus heavy bumpers, gear, so it sits lower than below. I keep hearing from all of the "pro's" at Primitive, ADF, etc, that 2.5" is maxed out before you start blowing CV's. I haven't heard any clicking on mine, no issues 25k miles of abuse later. Also had a bugeye, similar setup: 30k miles on that street beater turned rally camper, no issues. Not sure what combo of sub-frame drop and full length skids is next? Cut out the rockers for real steal sliders? 'High maintenance' coil overs? Not sure what is next... K
  2. Wow, that's a lot of on-going effort on a rusty IL salt rust car... let me know when you all head back down to the Ozarks. K
  3. travelvw


    I've built and had/have quite a few different rigs over the years, trying to find the "ultimate" for me. Mostly I use my rigs to explore public land to find killer, unknown camp spots all over the west and around here, the Ozarks. I was caught up in vintage, and beat expensive early split buses with nothing but rear engine, rear wheel drive, open diff, and a steering brake. By the time I gave those up in favor of exploring 4WD options a few years back, having $15-$20k in one was average (10 years ago I could build one for $5-$10k). I also built a full-bodied baja bug on 30's w/proper gearing and a big engine. It was pretty capable, but couldn't haul much gear. One of my all time favorites is my 84 Toyota extra cab, which I have owned for many years, now. It seems those are mentioned on here quite a bit. It gets me everywhere I need to go, is relatively cheap, and reliable... much like Sube. I've always wanted a capable 4WD wagon for solo trips, but didn't realize they really even existed until about a year ago. I bought Kyle's rig b/c it was mostly set up how I wanted, and for less than I could build one for, let alone the time involved. The only complaint I have about EA82's is the lack of gearing options, which it seems folks are getting around with transfer cases and such... but how much Sube is left? Why not a short bed Toyota truck w/camper shell and rack? I agree, you can't beat the ride of a strut suspension vs. straight axle, which makes the Sube more comfortable to drive than the Yota. Stock gearing and 30's w/2.2? I don't know how ya'll do it. I dropped to 215's w/a 2.5, which puts some fun back in to driving a small trail rig, despite still being massively over-geared. Its unfortunate they came with donut spares from the factory and no aftermarket support... also part of the challenge and satisfaction in building such rigs as I see on here. The only option I know of with lockers and gearing that nobody has mentioned in that price range, is a VW Syncro Vanagon. I have a 5.83 geared, front/rear locking project, 30" tires (could run up to 32's, but I like having some power), which other than the cost, will be one helluva rig. Unfortunately, it takes every bit of $20k to build one, even if you are smart in acquiring parts. I am currently debating selling it or the Sube, both of which have their good/bad... so far just have the Syncro for sale. K
  4. Appreciate the clarification... deleted posts with no explanation leads to newbie confusion. I guess I missed that this is a gallery and still don't see where it says so specifically, considering there is a gallery section and this is the forum section?? I understand the need to stay on topic, but topic based conversation keeps a forum functioning. Nice! Looks like ya'll are having a helluva good time in the Mt.Vernon/B-ham area. I've spent quite a bit of time out there, but there ain't nothing like that going on around here. Look forward to getting back up to the PNW! K [/url]
  5. ] Testing the snorkel... works ! It is indeed the Jackson wagon, and still getting plenty of mods/upgrades by me... soon to be in Oregon, where there looks to be quite a following for these up thatta way. The avatar pic is what I use to spend a lot of my time doing... had a ton of fun building bajas for over a decade, both buses and bugs, drove them all over the West, but have since moved on to 4WD for obvious reasons. We like the wagon for its quirkiness, much like an old VW going places it wasn't meant to be. K
  6. Thanks. I have been out to the MTNF thata' way in the past, but its been a while. Pics are large, but if you attach them through the forums, they're small thumbnails you have to click on to enlarge. I'm not sure how to post them bigger without posting elsewhere and linking it? Kind of a pain in the rump roast. Thanks for the info on the stereo. I'm working on bike mounts for the rack and did the final cleaning in the rockers and rear panels in prep for welding them up. Also ordered a set of Hella 90's for the front. Hope to get that all done before the camp trip next weekend, right? K
  7. So, the SOCAL wheeler built by Kyle Jackson, is now in SW Missouri, just outside the rust belt for those who are concerned for its fate : http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/106448-so-california-ea82-wheeler/ Beyond the rear hogged wheel wells up into the body cavities, I'm extremely happy with the car. Kyle did a fantastic job on the build! On top of that, him and Marra were a great first introduction to Subaru folks; thanks again, you two! I'm starting a new thread, as I'm taking it in a slightly milder, multi-functional direction. I already have a real wheeler , a 1984 Toyota Xtra cab, so this car is to be my daily driver, part-time camper, and mountain bike hauler... not to say I won't be hitting the trails! Took it cold weather camping for the first time last weekend: Not sure how to post full-sized pics on a post without posting them elsewhere? So far I've dropped the tire size so its more fun to drive, with some KM2's on IFS Toyota steelies which have proper offset for the car. Interior is currently gutted for a rear camping/hauling setup I have yet to build, to be able to wash out the rockers and rear well cavities until I get the chance to weld 'em up, and for the now removable, shortened roof rack w/zero wind noise (the deer antlers were quite loud). A smaller spare tire will be mounted out back, so I can utilize the space up on the rack, including some bike mounts. Got plans for plate bumpers and DOT custom headlights when the time comes. That's about it for now. Cheers, K