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  1. travelvw


    I sent you a private message, thanks. K
  2. I still have the bumpers. Everything else is pending sale. Bumpers are in good shape for being 40+ years old, but they are not perfect. Couple very small dings, nicks in the end caps, and a some pitting on the rear bumper brackets. The chrome could be cleaned up with 000 steel wool and some chrome wax/polish. I added more pics. Shipping to WA will not be cheap. K
  3. Yeah, good times! Thanks for showing me around S IL. Like the Ozarks, but smaller in scale. Any pay campground is a compromise :), but Trail of Tears SF turned out to be a great spot. The power line tracks had the steepest grades I have ever climbed. Once again, I am really impressed with the long travel Subarus and especially B's with the low range; that car is almost unstoppable. The hill you had to winch/tow up, B just drove around you, half on the trail, half on the side of the hill, no problem. Rock stacking for D probably could have been avoided with a slightly different line? Wonder how the 6 will do with low range in comparison, even with the lack of low-end torque plus the weight of the caging? I have had stacks of used starters do the same thing: work on the bench, but not reliably in a car. K
  4. ...I'm still looking for windshields, Paul ;). Keeping the body, lots of rust repair and merging it with my WRX chassis. The remaining parts are up for grabs. I drove this car to work for about a month before I took it apart. K
  5. 1978-1981 4x4 Subaru Brat/Wagon first gen parts pulled from a recently driving car... located in Springfield, MO. I am willing to ship. Parts came off of a 1980 Brat. bumpers (pair): Pending sale. Everything is sold except the bumpers.
  6. Damn! This car is really coming along. I love the idea of those front CV's also in the rear with HD wheel bearings and it looks like custom knuckles (to be built)? K
  7. That's hard work around all the tight spots, seam seal, etc. Not necessarily pretty, but functional; should buy you some significant time. Good luck on the V2R this year! K
  8. Hey scalman, have fun doing what you do and others may do so differently. Yes, anyone can have fun with whatever they have. To each his/her own; PT is not trying to prove anything here but no doubt there is a difference... if you can't see that from Lithuania, that is your problem, not 'ol todd's. The difference between stock or AGX and long travel is night and day. The AGX will hold up, I have them, they work great; much better than stock for aggressive driving, in my opinion. Long travel is a blast and a totally different beast. I like the clips at speed with all the whoops, vid car driving on the road next to the long travel and you can clearly see the wheel travel... what a blast that must be! My car would buck me to death and rattle itself apart at that speed. Also, nice that you finally tackled those rear strut towers. About time. K
  9. Get it done pontoonJ! I promise to finally sort out my fuel issue with a non-aftermarket pump and maybe do my timing/water etc. and all the other lift and bash related stuff, too! So much to do. Saw these folks on launch control, a Subaru powered buggy 2nd in class V2R. Way ahead in its class until a different sort of fuel issue arose (vapor lock). I've been driving around without utilizing boost for months, which is pure torture. K
  10. Well, it seems they are currently on a long trip out West! In the mean time, I have not posted my version of the AR trip from last March...
  11. Odd that B's CV angle hasn't changed much with the softer springs, maybe they will settle in, or possibly still not soft enough? Some 'real' bumpers would help, even if its just tubing... Still looks like a lot of metal missing from those rear strut towers to head out on a long trip as is... I would consider paying up for some rally wheels... haven't bent any of mine and they have taken some hard hits. OEM is clearly not made for the abuse you throw at it. K
  12. My opinion is paint it black for sure and trim the bumper cover. Add lights to the bumper or inset. What's left of my bumper cover stays attached to my car much better than when it was whole and it looks damn sano. I left a small gap between the bumper and the cover, about 1/8". Well done on the tubing mixed with the sheet metal: I've modified mine twice and plan on doing it again to make the center punch much stronger. K
  13. Not much brat left but an incredible build! K