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    Like a good friend, you miss the USMB when it's down.
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    Dear friends, I am infinitely grateful for your interest in me, which I appreciate deeply. I've been in "offline mode" due to several reasons, but internet access is not exactly one of them, because despite living now in a rural area, in the high mountains of Honduras, there is plenty access to the web from different ways. I have been active on the internet since the late 1990s, and I have published my photographs that accompany my writings on repairs, since I started uploading them to Photobucket in 2003, I accumulated there, many photos (appropriately sorted in albums), which illustrated my write ups; so, the biggest demotivation in my life happened with the Photobucket fiasco, as I explained here: Also, after working for fourteen years in the same company, I lost my job (for being honest and do the right things), but also I was losing my health due to that job, which sent me to the hospital three times, so it was good, somehow, to leave that job forever... That situation finally lead us (my family and I) to move to a rural and quiet area of Honduras, far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. I gave up my profession and now I manage a business where I have to distribute different construction materials and hardware, in trucks, from warehouses; where I have to take inventories, etc ... and I am extremely busy, with very little free time, since the job is practically non stop, except Sunday afternoons... Also, I travel often, I have had to drive through the seven countries of Central America, bringing parts and machinery, and carrying people too ... mainly in trucks, but sometimes in the car of my boss, and a couple of times in my Subaru "BumbleBeast" when the load is small. By the way, my Subie hasn't failed nor needed any repair since we came to live here, but timin' belts are about to reach a decade, under some sort of long-term experiment I've been doing with it... The quality of life is much better in the small towns of the high mountains of Honduras; people are more friendly and the downtown feels like being inside a big shopping mall, since there are restaurants, banks, pharmacies, clothes' stores, barber shops, electronics´stores, toy stores, etc, one after another, surrounding the different parks, and everything is so close that it is better to go and come on foot, than to use a car; but here you have green and blue mountains as background landscapes... My family has taken the move very well, but my wife, who is also a lawyer, gets bored sometimes and is thinking of restarting her career in this small town. Now we have a new member in the family, since my daughter adopted a golden Cocker Spaniel, which is very, very special... Mr. Honey Speaking of my daughter, I wrote the previous letter on Facebook, which was rightly reproduced here by "86BRATMAN", as an explanation to my absence from the social networks, because besides the demotivation from the photobucket fiasco, and the abounding senselessness from social media, now I have very little free time left daily, which I want to spend most of it with my daughter and my wife. I have many stories to tell and share with you and many new photographs that accompany them, which I don't know how to securely share 'em here... I am trying with "imgur.com" in this post. Photobucket was responsible for spoiling my writings from many years, all I could do with my past writings, was to create "offline" versions of my main writings on the most interesting and useful modifications that I have made to my beloved Subaru; same that are available for download, here: So, what limited my interaction here was the lack of time, plus the demotivation explained above; however, I hope I'll find out how to share the new photos I have taken, securely, here with you; and thus be able to write new stories... also I want to answer all your questions in the best way I could, (so please excuse me for any delay in answering); I hope I could find enough free time to visit here more often. I wish the best for you, receive a warm hug from Honduras, Kind Regards, greetings and Blessings. JesZeK.
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    And here's some dodgy photos of the tool I made, looks rough but certainly gets the job done: Cheers Bennie
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    I was able to drive it out with a 3/16 punch and a 3 pound hammer. Thanks guys
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    Too good to not share! Looked all over the forums and could not find where to buy a ring nut tool or easily make one. The tool straight out of oreilly's : Part number is W1271, probably sold at most oreilly's : All you have to do is cut two of the tabs off like so : Now you have a ring nut tool you can use with an impact! There are 4 notches in the ring nut. Put the two prongs from the tool into the two smaller notches. I was a bit scared that the two tabs would shear off. But after hitting it 3 minutes straight with an impact it held up fine. Sure beats using a chisel and a BFH to knock the ring nut out! Best part is that it was only $20 from my local oreilly's. My friend Sam told me about this, his username on this forum is xxHighOctanexx, so don't thank me thank him!
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    Likewise, I made my own tool for the job. All tool steel, 2 pieces welded together. Big wrench handle to apply a BFH to when needed.
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    Hi everyone! i'm a locksmith in NY and an older Subaru enthusiast, i've had 2 Loyales, a 91 and 92, in the past and a 98 Impreza (unfortunately none now, but i'll be back!). anyway, enough about me...i'm seeing if anyone needs keys made for their locks? or needs their locks rekeyed to match ignition or whatever...i know a lot of you probably have different keys for door/ignition/trunk/glovebox etc. after replacing broken parts. if you're sick of that, let me know. if you mail me a lock, i can rekey it to a specific key. you can send either door or ignition locks and a key that you want to work in that lock, and i will set it up for you and send it back. probably for about $35 including shipping. if it requires more, i will let you know ahead of time and give you the option to just send it back without working on it for free. i can also do the same for most other locks, not just Subaru. Glovebox locks will require another lock if you want them to match. the glovebox only has 4 tumblers in it. the other locks have 8 or 10, depending on year and model, so i can't make a working key for your other locks based on the glovebox. you can also send a lock that you don't have keys for, and i will make you a key and send it back. that will probably run about $25-35. turnaround is usually within 1 day after i receive it. just get in touch and we'll figure it out. i'll let you know what you need to send. Paypal, Money orders, Zelle, even checks are ok (but you will have to wait until the check clears) ADMINS: if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move it or whatever needs doing
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    Hey Gents. Picked up this sweet little hatchback out of Roseburg last month. Working through some of the issues since it has been sitting on the same farm for a decade and only driven a dozen times. Right now I’m having problems with it not idling after warm up. Sometimes when driving, the car will die at a stop. Or if I take too long in between gears, the rpms just dive. Thinking fuel pump, any thoughts? I also need help find a few things, like a new mirror for the driver door. New window handle for passenger door. Maybe a new parking brake handle. Thanks for everything. I’ll be back on with future plans to this car, just trying to make it a good daily driver for now.
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    Amen to the EJ22 swap. They should’ve been recalled in the 90’s for a mandatory EJ22 swap Skip the Weber and save for the EJ! Cheers Bennie
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    I would replace the connectors in the plug or get new pigtails. Usually this is the cause of short lived bulbs in the headlights.
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    ive seen roughly 84,194,342 carbs with issues. i'd start with the carb too.
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    HIDs are not designed for any particular style lamp. The geometry of the lamp's reflectors and lenses are what dictate what is compatible. For example the 04-05 WRX has halogen headlamps while the same body style STI uses HIDs. Put both lamps side-by-side and look at the geometry of the guts inside the lamp. Similar, but different, because of the way each different style of bulb (Halogen/LED/HID) produces light.
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    Sweet find mate! A very rare sight over this way! Try blowing compressed air back through the fuel lines. Then if you have time, pull the fuel tank out and give it a good flush. It could be a good idea to service the carb and blow out any crap that would most likely be in there after all those years of allowing the fuel bowl to go dry multiple times. Also replace all rubber fuel lines Cheers Bennie
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    But Jono is definitely stuck in this era so he’s not inclined to even visit the EJ or BRZ era sub forums let alone post in one Cheers Bennie
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    I made my own tool and it utilises all four slots in that nut device. I use a large adjustable shifter on it without any issues. Thereare pics of it floating around the interwebs. Too hard basket to find one on my phone atm. Cheers Bennie
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    Also check the voltage with the engine running above idle. I've had the regulator fail full on. This could shorten bulb life, among other things.
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    Bad connection at the headlight connector? Moisture inside the housing? Just a couple of thoughts.
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    There is high resistance in the circuit.Probably at the plug. Contrary to what you might think,this can make the current thru the bulb higher than normal. This happens because the resistance of the bulb itself changes w/temperature. Initially,the bulb is cold/low resistance but quickly heats to a higher resistance. When there is unwanted resistance in the wiring,the bulb heats less(more slowly too)and has less than normal R. The overall effect is less circuit resistance and too much current thru the bulb. I would change the plug.
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    Checked several times each day ! Glad its back !
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    Dude that car got all new in '14: New Koyo Front wheel bearings + seals - both sides New Koyo Rear wheel bearings+ seals - both sides New Front struts - KYB New Rear struts - KYB New brakes 4 corners (surfaced rotors, ceramic pads, new shoes?) pretty sure it's disc swapped from the 88 turbo, maybe not. New OE balljoints front, both New OE inner and outer tie-rods, both sides New trans input seal(OE) New trans Side output seals (OE) New trans rear output seal (OE) New O2 sensor GL-10 Adjustable height seats from 88 turbo New clutch Trailer hitch I built....pretty sure on that car. We did the works on that car.
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    Hey that's my SWAP! I did that swap for my Ex-girlfriend back in '14 or so. She sold it back in late '15. They gal who bought it called me once (from Lebanon, OR) So the story has gotten mixed up, cause I built it for my GF and then she sold it presumably to the gal you got it from. It's an EJ18 from an 93 Impreza. I did do a custom low line for the AC. Someones screwed with my wiring a bit. but all in all the A/C worked fine. The large bundle across the engine is Headlamp relay setup. No need for conduit. It's been that way for 5 years, it's fine. It has the Stock 5spd 4wd S/R, but it's in EJ cases so no adapter plate. If you need a clutch use a clutch for an Impreza
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    My 93 loyale came with that stripped down version instrument cluster. Oil light, not gauge. No volts? I have fsm from 86 and 90, compared everything. Swapped a few bits around, changed out the switch for the sender, and I now have a full GL instrument cluster in my 93. The oil switch vs sensor used the same wire, same location. The volt meter just taps existing wiring.
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    Could also be failed engine mounts.
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    I've done quite a few of each. Stripped probably a dozen or more of each style and personally installed or worked on at least half of those. I can strip either harness while watching TV and drinking beer OBD-II all the way for me. The Fuel temp sensor and Fuel pressure sensor aren't a problem for 95 and 96 (except CA cars) as they don't have them. Actually I recently had the pleasure of stripping a '95 OBD-II 5 speed harness and of all the ones I've ever done I liked it the best. Finding the diagrams for it wasn't hard (have them in digital form if anyone needs them) and it had a much less messy harness. I would love to find more of these :-p. GD