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  1. Plenty of times. Bad pump/filter sock. The pressure will drop off under high load going up a hill. Pump will not pass a flow test. Might pass a stationary pressure test(no load)
  2. naru

    High Idle - EA82T

    No they don`t. Both turbo engines use the same AAV(auxilary air valve) for high idle on a cold engine. No CTS involved.
  3. naru

    High Idle - EA82T

    The CTS is not ypur high idle culprit. The ECU in turbo cars does not control idle speed according to coolant temperature like a SPFI car does. Have you:tried adjusting idle speed via the large brass idle speed adjustment screw in the throttle body?
  4. I did install a new AC pump so I'd think that should had fixed that issue? You tell us. Look down the carb w/rngine off.Does it squirt fuel w/the throttle is opened?
  5. High cold idle is probably a misadjusted fast idle screw. No hot idle could be a lot of things. Bad or unpowered anti diesel solenoid Flooding(how is the level in the sight glass?) Misadjusted idle mixture or speed screws Blocked idle passages Vacuum leak etc......
  6. naru

    Diagnosis Help

    I took off my air intake manifold from on top of the engine to bypass the oxygen It is not goimg to run w/o the airflow meter
  7. naru

    Idle issues

    It is not misadjustment of the throttle stop. What happens if you attempt to increase idle speed w/the idle speed screw?(w/isc DISCONNECTED) What is the ECU LED doing? What is the O2 sensor voltage? I`d feed it some propane to see if it smooths out.
  8. naru

    Idle issues

    Vacuum leaks don`t just come only from vacuum lines. Might be an unmetered air leak between the MAF and throttle body instead. Would be the same symptoms. Check the big intake hose and everything attached to it for leaks. That hissing DOES sound like a vacuum leak though.
  9. Crankshaft o ring-413967100 Looks like they are NLA I`d use a genaric subsitute.
  10. Of course not,it is a turbo,but on the plus side,there is no carb. More reliable than an ea82 turbo though. Yes you can swap in a manual trans.
  11. I drive mine every day. The turbo is not pointless. It is all about the area under the torque curve,not horsepower. The ea81t has plenty. My automatic works fine. The torque multiplication combined w/the small turbo makes for an excellent around town car. Mine spun the wheels at a wet stoplight this morning. Not sure which parts you consider so problematic. I just put a $20 Chinese fuel pressure regulator on mine. I have to agree though,if you modify it,you will probably wreck it. The heads get too hot at much higher than stock boost.
  12. You sure about being 180 out? Engine would not run if the timing was 180 out. Sounds more like an OVER fueling problem-carb flooding -bad injector or MAF etc.
  13. naru

    1982 brat won’t start.

    It has a wire,right? I think that is "Solenoid valve #1" It controls the air suction valve.
  14. naru

    1982 brat won’t start.

    Check the fusible links in the box near the battery.
  15. naru

    Dizzy stuff

    Yes,as long as it is 85/6. You need to remove one of the mounting tabs and swap in the ea81 gear.