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  1. TheGageinator

    Idle issues

    No check engine lights, is there another ECU LED I should know about? I can check the 02 sensor voltage soon. I think I also have another sensor somewhere I can try. OK, that makes sense about the throttle stop screw. I did remove and inspect the TPS to make sure it was OK. It checked out, and I reset it properly I think. How would I give nut propane, through a vacuum line?
  2. TheGageinator

    Idle issues

    My throttle stop screw settings
  3. TheGageinator

    Idle issues

    I was thinking maybe o2 or temp sensor also. I may try replacing them both. I have capped off every vacuum. Including the PCV system. I've sprayed all over the intake gaskets and throttle body to see if they are leaking. Can any of you with SPFI take a picture of you throttle stop screw for me? I'dike to make sure mine hasn't been messed with. I noticed that someone ran a new Tan wire for the IACV at some point. Maybe they thought that was the issue. I can see the IACV moving when I remove the rubber hose. I'll get another video or 2. Under WOT the engine has plenty of power. It's actually the strongest ea82 I've had
  4. TheGageinator

    Idle issues

    Yessir, I have used the clamp method on EVERY vacuum line Haha
  5. TheGageinator

    Idle issues

  6. TheGageinator

    Idle issues

    I have been trying to fix my idle issue for a very long time. The engine was rebuilt before I bought the car and it's still pretty fresh. Can anyone take a picture of their throttle plate stop screw? I am worried that someone has adjusted mine. I am also wondering if the TPS is set correctly. I messed with the today. Didn't seem to help anything I have checked all the vacuum lines a million times
  7. That is normal to me. The mounting location of the can makes a big impact on internal condensation.
  8. TheGageinator

    Water pump sticks out too far?

    That's great to hear that someone has done this. Thanks Jono! I'll will update back when I can. I have been really busy
  9. TheGageinator

    Water pump sticks out too far?

    I will check the pulley tomorrow. I've been meaning to swap the fan for an electronic one anyway... Most likely I will take full dimensions of the pulley with calipers so we can put that info on the forum for others who have this issue. I definitely need to upgrade my Alternator! I just replaced it with a new one, and it's still not cutting it for what I want to do.
  10. TheGageinator

    Water pump sticks out too far?

    Wow thanks for the info! I knew it be something weird liked that. My car has AC, so I bet I have the longer pump with a pulley from a non AC car... its gonna be fun trying to find this pulley... ha or could i have a non AC engine in my AC car? oh my
  11. I was thinking maybe the bearing in my idler/tensioner pulley was going bad because its noisy, and I noticed that my water pump seems to be sticking out too far.... Look at the pictures. You can see what I am talking about. Maybe this is causing stress on the pulley making the bearings go bad. The engine as rebuilt last year before I purchased the cat
  12. Updated picture with the new tires and wheels. 2 Inch lift in front. No lift in rear. Some trimming done. Waiting for my 4inch lift before I trim anymore
  13. TheGageinator

    Silicone cv boots

    Thanks for the reply ferp! I'm going to order them. At least enough to do all the inner boots. I should have enough money saved up soon to order my 4inch full lift and the boots shouldn't be an issue anymore once the crosmember and axle are properly dropped
  14. Has anyone used the universal silicone cv axle boots? If they Fit, they should be way better. Here is a link to them Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/122248680417