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  1. Numbchux

    91 Loyale RS LED Upgrades

    I couldn't have said it better myself. LEDs have a smaller output point than a halogen filament, whereas HID is a larger point. Completely different challenges, and the findings with one source are irrelevant to the other. Thanks for backing me up.
  2. Numbchux

    91 Loyale RS LED Upgrades

    Fantastic article about HIDs. Pretty "awesome" how it's full of assumption that LEDs are exactly the same, even though they aren't. Kind of discredits the entire article..... We've done this before, and I'm not going to get into it again. I'm anal about headlights, and have used LED retrofits with fantastic results. They can work wonderfully. I will concede that if the bulb isn't made correctly, it won't work right, and because it is a bit different, it's possible that results will vary with different lenses.
  3. I didn't really see that when I worked in Subaru parts (I left last summer). Certainly not the normal wear items. Yes, occasionally someone would be looking for something odd that wasn't available anymore... But yea, OEMs don't generally have much available after about 20-25 years (I can't believe how much Toyota has for my '91 and '87, and Ford can't even look up my '94).
  4. Numbchux

    adding fuel injection to Ea71 1978 Brat

    Yea, an engine uses the smallest amount of fuel at idle. So if your 440 uses 2-4 lb/hr, the EA71 probably uses about .2 lb/hr. BUT, if they say it can handle it, than I wouldn't worry about it. No, I don't know of your valve question. I have zero hands-on experience with stuff older than EA81s (and even that, just barely). Yea, the fuel system is relatively simple. I don't know those kits at all, but converting it to a high pressure system is relatively straight forward. Just make sure everything's rated for high pressure, and you have an adequate return.... Thanks for following up after calling them. It's good info. Assuming you end up making the conversion, start a new thread with some information on your setup and I'll link it in the FAQ
  5. Numbchux

    adding fuel injection to Ea71 1978 Brat

    Yes, that's how fuel injection works. The ECU opens the injectors for varying amounts of time (the flow rate of the injector and pressure behind it determines the volume of fuel that passes through in that time) depending how much fuel the engine needs for that revolution. A programmable ECU can further be adjusted to accommodate different engine sizes and other variables (like forced induction). The question is if the ECU and Injectors are capable of accurately opening for a short enough time to supply a small enough amount of fuel to run that efficiently. I wouldn't bet either way, but it's enough of a question that I'd want an answer before I plopped down over a grand. On the top of the page, is this text "ASK OUR EXPERTS: 1-866-464-6553". I bet a person could call that, and ask if the Sniper EFI 2300 can control a 1.6l 4-cyl making about 75hp. And they'd have a real quick answer for you.
  6. Yes, Subaru mechanics lift from the pinch welds. So you're lifting with a scissors jack on the pinch weld, and setting on a stand? Yuck, that sounds miserable. I've been using one of those ~$75 aluminum jacks for 15 years. They're SO much easier to work with, and really not difficult to move around and/or store. On the newer multilink cars (yours is one of those), I straddle the 2 bolts for the subframe brace (the 2 bolts pictured, not the one holding the plastic on) with the saddle of the stand.
  7. Mechanically, easy. Electronically.....well, as they say, "if you have to ask." AFAIK, all the 5EAT cars had immobilizers, which means the TCU is looking for a CAN signal from other modules, which will be virtually impossible to make happy outside the car for which it was designed. Probably would require a standalone auto trans controller (which I've never seen done on a Subaru transmission, those controllers generally are not designed to control AWD as well). And quite a bit of custom programming. 4EAT is a decent trans. I don't like the standard AWD system, but there are models with the VTD on the 4EAT.
  8. This Coolant flows through the IAC and Throttle body to prevent icing. Almost every manufacturer does this (some through the EGR valve, as well), yet in real world situations, they very rarely ice up (here in Northern MN, we see some of the coldest temperatures that a car might have to deal with, and I've bypassed this system many times).
  9. Numbchux

    Broken 4WD Button

    This, SPDT. I used a pushbutton shifter from a PT4WD Loyale to control the center diff lock on an RX FT4WD transmission, and it's a very simple circuit. SPDT switch provides power to one of 2 solenoids by the LH strut tower.
  10. Numbchux

    adding fuel injection to Ea71 1978 Brat

    It's certainly possible. It all comes down to how fast the injector actuation is, and how quick the ECU processor is. That pump and injectors are certainly considerable overkill, but that doesn't mean it can't work on a smaller engine. But that probably is the only big hurdle. Might be able to shoot a quick message to Holley and see if they think that hardware would work on an engine this small or if they can supply smaller injectors. Probably a quick answer for someone that knows.
  11. Numbchux

    adding fuel injection to Ea71 1978 Brat

    That will regulate the fuel pressure going to the injectors. The problem comes with the fact that it has 2 100lb/hr injectors, when you turn down the duty cycle on those enough for a 1.6l engine, they will not have very much resolution (how much is dependent on the processing power of that little ECU). https://fuelinjectorclinic.com/flow-calculator Punching some quick numbers (entering 2 cylinders, as it seems to be calculating it based on one injector per cylinder), assuming you make about 75hp at the crank, You should be running about 20lb/hr injectors, but that kit comes with 100lb/hr units. If the Injectors can be replaced with smaller ones, it would probably work very well.
  12. Numbchux

    Retrofitting FAQ

    Very good question, and sounds like a great project. I've seen one of those Holley kits used on a domestic V8 and it seems like a really cool option. I have not seen one used on a Subaru. As such, I'd recommend starting a new thread in this section, it'll get more visibility there. EDIT: just noticed that you already did, I got a notification of a new post here and got ahead of myself. Carry on.
  13. Then you'll have to get a 2 port one and a pair of splitters. Same function, but much easier to find.
  14. Numbchux

    Installing a transfer case into an EA82

    The control arms and steering rack have to go down with the diff, so it's generally easier to use the stock crossmember there, and then build pads for the motor mounts above that. IIRC, I don't think 4" is enough to safely clear the front diff under the transmission.
  15. They are the same displacement engine, and the same basic engine layout. But different in almost every detail. Turbo is DOHC, non turbo is SOHC. Turbo has a semi-closed deck block and lower compression. Non-turbo is open deck. Yes, hood scoop feeds an intercooler. Transmission is similar, but different. Gearing and AWD differences. Suspension is similar, but stiffer, etc.