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    Installed a 97 Hatch on my 2000 today. Worked great, all the electrical plugs joined right up. I found the rear wiper hose cracked on my 2000 and the 97 about 2" from the body to hatch connection. Easy fix with the extra tube. I do have a door Light. I'll have to look to see if the wiring changed. Have a good one! Subaru, plug and play, for the most part. Sweet!
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    Update: Made a junkyard front 5 lug brake setup from 4 different cars. So I should be knocking out the front setup shortly. Hubs/ spindles-91 legacy no abs Calipers & rotors off early 2000’s forester
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    Love this old girl, 383k and still kicking. She isn’t much on looks but doesn’t quit either. Weberized and 6 lug swap since I got her, changed the motor mounts the other day and all 4 fell out in two pieces. For all I know they were original!
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