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Newbie from Ohio

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Hi, I just joined your forum.  I owned a couple of Subarus back in the 80s.. a GL10, and a GL10 Turbo.  


But I hadn't owned another one until this week, when I bought a '96 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon.  It's forest green, 5 speed, and has 233K miles on the body and about 141K on the engine.  I bought it as a commuter vehicle, but I always fix them up some way or another.


The only major issue I've found is a hole in the exhaust.  By the sound, I'm guessing it's in the Y pipe, but I haven't looked yet.


I'm not digging the lifted look, so I will probably try to lower this car eventually and put some lower profile tires on it.


I'm looking forward to reading what's here.





Lebanon, Ohio (near Cincy)



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There are 2 cats in the exhaust header, perhaps a gasket is blown out. Check the donut wheel.


Being an outback model, there are spacers between the fram and the body. You can remove these. You can also go with a lower suspension from an impreza. Struts fit, you may have to mix and match tophats.


The car is literally a set of legos, so you will find that a 15 year stretch of subarus will swap parts around.

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