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Hey all,


I've recently taken on the post of Business/Customer Service Manager for CCR (www.ccrengines.com).


I've also recently become a Subaru owner.  As a new resident of Colorado, I decided it would be in my best interest to find myself a vehicle that could handle winter well.  While browsing the Denver craigslist, I come across an '06 Tribeca that seemed to be a pretty decent deal.  I asked Rick (the Subaru wizard/owner of CCR) if he had a few minutes to take a ride.  3 hours later (most of which involved Rick inspecting the B9...then giving me the thumbs up), I was signing papers to own it.


There were/are a few issues with the car (SUV), but nothing that can't be easily repaired.  The front passenger fender has some damage, along with just minor wear and tear maintenance needed.


I can't say I've ever taken to a car so quickly.  I absolutely love it! 


At any rate, glad to have found the forums here. 







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