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Guest MoEJ22twagon

Anyone in Colorado?

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Guest Zoombaru

Wow, I guess I'm a little late, but that's what I get for never checking the boards. There are a ton of meets coming up, mostly geared toward Imprezas, but if we had a bunch of older Subarus show up, that would be AWESOME! I hope these links work without making you guys register:



That one is in Boulder at Mamacita's, this coming Sunday, the 20th. I believe thesuckerking is in Boulder, I'm not sure about the rest of you. The restaurant is owned by a cool Suby driver, and there will be free chips and salsa. It's more of an import meet than a Subaru meet, but there will probably be a ton of Subies there.



That one is at Mike Shaw Subaru. Free food and inspections/estimates along with a car show. Should be pretty cool.


I think we oughta have a meet for just us USMB people sometime eventually as well though. I really need to start checking here more often so we can get something organized. This might work out better if we gather up e-mail addresses and start doing it by some sort of group e-mail. It'd be a lot harder to miss an e-mail than a post. My e-mail is NasumGirl@aol.com.



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Guest offroadsubaruguy

im all for a good meet somewheres.....i here that the playground up at left hand might be kinda fun........i might be headed that direction with my bro this sunday, go shootin some rifles.......

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