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I am back after 8 years

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I haven't owned a Subaru since I traded in my 15 FXT back in 2017.  I have owned 9 Subaru's going back to 1989 when I bought an 81 GL 4x4 in high school.  I recently traded in my 20 Tundra for a 21 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring. I love this car but it is too new to use for hauling the dogs and misc projects around the house. I have been looking for a 3rd vehicle for awhile now.  I was browsing the local classifieds and found a pretty sweet 91 Legacy wagon.  I went back and forth with the owner and finally after much debate decided to look at it.  180k, auto, everything works, no rust, one owner for 27 years, pulled a car fax and it has records back from when it was new. T/belt, water pump, plugs, wire etc recently done. A/c blows cold. Passed emissions.  Perfect interior. Took it for a short spin and bought it a few minutes later. 

I drove it home and then took the wife and the dogs for a short drive.  Runs good, looks like a lazy TPS, not too worried about it, I'll deal with it after I get it registered. We have some good independent Subaru shops around here so I'll drop it off and see what they think about it.  At any rate, it will be a fun old car to have around.  I guess I like self inflicted torture. The last time I was in this forum, I was in the process of restoring an 86 Brat that ended up getting the best of me. It consumed way too much of my time and I did not have the patience to continually tinker with it. It found a good home in rural Idaho where emissions were not needed.  

If I can figure out to downsize the pictures I took with my I phone( I know, I am a dinosaur), I will post some pictures.  At any rate, I am really glad this forum exists, the old Subaru's getting rare but I still enjoy having one in front of the house.  

Take care!


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