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Hatchback rear brake conversion

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Howdy- I have most of the parts ( I think) for the drum-to-disc conversion on my EA-81 Hatch. My big question to you folks that have done it before: Is it necessary to change out the brake proportioning valve? Where the heck IS that valve located? I looked all over my hatch & couldn't find one, nor could I find any reference to one in either the "How to keep your Subie alive for the compleat idiot" nor in the Haynes manual covering 80>88's. I found reference to the proportioning valve in the Hayne's covering 80>94 stuff, but it was nebulous on the specific location of the alleged valve. I got my parts out of a 87 turbo wagon with manual trans. Does the master cylinder/hill holder system need to be changed out as well? I would greatly appreciate some experienced advice here.

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Hey Fullmoon This is Jerry, no you don't need to change that valve. I am the first person that done this swap over that i know of. It is very simple mod to do. Just unbolt the rear brakes and bolt the rear disc on and blead the brakes your done. Thanks Jerry

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