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wheeling above hood river sunday july 9th

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stock rig welcome cause thats what I got... thinking about exploring some trails above green point resevoir bout 20 minutes out of hood river, I found some awesome rockcrawling type stuff that a stock rig could do... just gotta be careful not to pop tires cause i popped 2 the first time I went up the trail(was going a little faster than I should have and came down right on the sidewall/rim, big dent, completelydemolished sidewall).


I'm thinking about heading up during the day and then maybe taking a break at the lake later in the afternoon and then probably going for some more or taking off up to my farm.

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ok well I think I may spend more time at the lake n stuff not really doing much, was thinking about maybe taking a shot at badger lake too... if someone is in the area give me a call 503-880-7316 and I'm definately down to go exploring/wheeling whatever.

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