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81 replies to this topic

#51 Guest_aressa_*

  • Guests

Posted 04 February 2002 - 09:26 PM

SHAWN - Thank you "Tha Brotha haaas SEEN the light!"

Lewy - Something I forgot to mention, Re: Pizza. The Chrismas party was organized, and put on by quite a few iClubbers. Jamie and I really had nothing to do with it. I was on "Subaru Hiatus" at the time or I would have gotten note over here. To tell you the truth we had "too many people" for the party we had. We'll keep ya in mind for the next get-together.

Ugh. Anything over 20 people gets real hard, real fast...


#52 Guest_Subaru Bob_*

Guest_Subaru Bob_*
  • Guests

Posted 04 February 2002 - 09:55 PM

I'd like to actually defend everyone who has replied to or put a post on this thread. This started out as a thread to just find out when the next WCSS show is. No big deal, easy answer: either we know, or we don't.

This is not supposed to be a bitch-fest board. If we keep doing this sort of thing, then we're going to end up being like all those damn Honda boards where flames abound. I thougt we were trying to be above that? Personally, I don't think that I should really have to explain myself or my actions to anyone but myself and my family, and I feel the same way about every single one of you. I don't feel I should have to explain before hand why I want or don't want to lift a soob, or why I want to drive my legacy to the show. My reasons for doing something are mine alone, and if you ask, I might tell you why.

If you have a problem with someone, the board is not the place to bring it. E-mail the person. If they don't have their email listed, post an Attn: post, and tell them to email you. Don't use this board as your bitch-place. That's not what this place is for.

As for PNSWEC, if you have a problem relating to them, email them. If their website is down, fine, then it is. Stuff happens. Get over it. What are you? 6? Try talking to them. Does it really matter if you have a little card that says you're a member? I got a card in my wallet. Says Blockbuster. Does that make me special? not really. The card doesn't do it.

As for all the other shows, I'm all for everyone else having a show where they want. I was in on the idea for the Mid-America Subaru Show. Wanna know why? Cuz I think it's a good idea. People on the East Coast have nothing that they can go to. I'm also in on the ECSS show. Why, because I'm about the same amount of distance from either place. But, I think everyone should have a show. If we do have a show in Colorado, I hope that people from the PNW come down to it. That's the idea. For people from the other side of the country to be able to make it to the show. To have a big gathering of everyone from the board.

As for the nay-sayers as Andrew calls them. If you don't like the way things are run, there are only two things that you can do. Don't go or help. Help in any way possible. If you don't like the fee and what not, fine, don't come. It's not a mandatory thing that you have to go. If I could've come to the show, I would've helped as much as possible. This wasn't like a huge corporation doing the organizing or anything. These people do have lives, and they gave up their time for you to have a good time.

As for anyone who may be offended or hurt by this, tough. Get over it. You're not 6 years old and you didn't fall down and scrape your knee. You're an adult now, and it doesn't seem like you're handling this in a very adult manner. You're not forced to come to this board or go to the show. Make your own if you want to. Or help them have the show somewhere else. Or don't go.

I don't mean this as a personal attack on anyone, but I don't think this is the place for any of this.



#53 Guest_subeman90_*

  • Guests

Posted 04 February 2002 - 09:57 PM

Geezzzeee shawn...they gave you $hit for driving a legacy? WTF????? I don't think that is too cool. I've had/have a total of 5 legacy's. My god I would never consider going cross country in an EA-81. Hell I wouldn't even have driven to Iowa in my EA-81 (and didn't).

Guys it is like this....I love subaru's. Period. Don't we all? I'm only 26 and I've had 13 cars. (10 subaru's, 1 GM, and 2 VW) Isn't a subaru show about the subarus (the many aspects) not just EA-81's or for that matter only the outbacks. You know the lifted ones, the slammed ones, the rust buckets that go through the woods without worrying about paint, the sweet cherry looking brats, the rally toys (impreza and legacys), the daily drivers, the family haulers, the bean's, etc. I personally want to see all of them. Why? Because I love them all.

Like I said before...lets just make a date in the usual location and whoever makes it...makes it and also lets just hope for everyone to make it.

This isn't brain surgery....we love subarus and we all like to see other subarus ( you know you are looking when you are at the grocery store and when you are on the highway).

Ok now I am going to step off the soap box. Whose next?


#54 Guest_qman_*

  • Guests

Posted 04 February 2002 - 10:03 PM

Hey Andy, thanks for appearing and putting forth your POV.

I can appreciate the toils. Sometimes we older guys do feel a little left out. Not really anyones fault though. We just run our circles a little differently.

As far the contributing editor stuff. My offer still stands as it did last year. We(the Hatch Patrol) generally have good stories and tips to tell anyone who'll listen.

I must admit, I too share your "burn". It took me a while to respond.

I can understand people saying that they want it closer. I wish I wouldn't have had to drive there twice to get me stuff there. That's the problem with being too close. You figure that hey, it's only an hour, I can bring down three cars, a camp trailer and all my stuff.

It would be helpful to try and give us a shout once in a while to see if we are still breathing and to let us know that you are as well. And we could/should do the same

Shawn, those of us that gave you a hard time also knew what a pain it was for you to come all the way here. I hope I wasn't one of them. I knew what your "other" plans were and knew you were going to bring the Legacy.

I think there may be just a little too much inner competition going on. It's not about where, when, or who as much as why. We have one thing in common. There are other things as well but it doesn't matter in what I'm saying. Subaru's are what drive us and what we drive. I know many people who actually say well if you're going to drive I get to look better for those hidden Subes. (Now you all have done it). At least the guys into the EA61,71,81,82 body styles. Not too many Imprezzas being parked out behind the barn are there? I'll admit that I usually prefer to see "older" Subes but that is because there are so many more "Newer" ones around. That too is a good thing. But alot of the people who own newer ones don't really know about the old ones without going to Subaru only shows.

Way too many people making judgements that either should look in the mirror before hand or should just remember what your mother's all taught you. If you don't have something nice to say... don't say anything.

Thanks again for responding Andy and thank Jamie as well. I was wondering if she'd be able to answer the nay sayer's.


#55 Guest_SubaruJunkie_*

  • Guests

Posted 04 February 2002 - 10:28 PM

I dont want to be considered a Nay-Sayer. the WCSS was the most fun ive ever had in my whole entire life. And I want the 4th show to surpass the 3rd. I am going to this show no matter where it is held. Hold it in Hawaii... i'll find a way to drive there.

We need to stop bickering already, cause just the presence of this post is agrivating me. The thought that 3000+ subaru owners joined for the same reason cant come together and throw a massive year round show boggles my mind. I know it cant be easy, but i know we all can offer something to help and make this a party to remember.

Jamie & Andrew. You 2 are a godsent... without you last years show would not have been remotly possible, and i know there's not a doubt about that in anyones mind. I would love to help in any way possible, but its hard when I dont know what help you need. I know you dont get paid for the things you do, but i have a few suggestions that might help. If you need help at all, i am 100% willing.

1) See if there's a way to get a donation center going to pull money for next years show. A bank account, some form of online payment plan that people can donate for the cause of next years show. Sort of like our comunity chest here at EZboard, but funds would goto the creation of WCSS4

2) Make a list of all the things that need to get done before the show, and let us know what we can do to help. I havent been to the PNWSEC page in a while, but that would be the place I would look for info on the Show. Im not sure if you guys know or not, but i host 2 webpages (Shawn i feel your pain about paying for a domain and a webhost, plus countless hours of putting together a page that every subaru enthusiast will like... mulitply that by 2, and you have me) and im willing to help with the anything you guys need on PNWSEC's page.

those are my suggestions... I think we need to stop complaining and start brainstorming. The ORV park was a great place to host the show, and it will be a great place again.


#56 Guest_subyswamper_*

  • Guests

Posted 04 February 2002 - 10:40 PM

I dont know about the rest of you guys but I think I would be willing to pay more, and up front. To make sure this event continues. Also I wouldnt mind seeing the Hatch Patrol charge a small fee and organize a few more drive inns and meets more like a club type of thing. But I know these guys dont have much spare time and perfer to use there time to go off road.

But I do know a normal outing or camping trip cost me anywhere from $50 to $100 bucks for food and gas to go out and play with these guys. And I enjoy every minute of it. And I wouldnt trade it for anything. Point is small price for great freinds and unmatched intertainment.

#57 Guest_donald893_*

  • Guests

Posted 04 February 2002 - 10:41 PM

well here's one more comment from me thank you to all who worked so hard on the show if ya need any help at all with the next one lt me know i'm in olympia every 2 weeks to see my daughter so if ya need help let me know i want the show to be the best oh by the way i've never been to one yet.

#58 Guest_SubeWitSubs_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:07 AM

so can we all have a big group hug now?


#59 Guest_ShawnW_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:08 AM

For the record Qman was not a contributor to the "giving me ****" for driving my Legacy stuff.

I am certain that there were enough of my fellow "cult members" there that supported the Legacy showing up, the car took 1st in class in the early Legacy class. Its a shame that the few that did give me **** for it didnt know when to shut their mouth.

#60 Guest_SubaruJunkie_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:14 AM

You made up for it by parking on our side of the lot Shawn :)

I think the most **** was given to Andrew (hondasucks) for driving his parents Ford (mercury, whatever).


#61 Guest_NV Zeno_*

Guest_NV Zeno_*
  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:15 AM

What's the big deal about what vehicle he arrived in? Heck, if my rig isn't ready, I'm flying to Seattle, and renting an Outback...Hertz has them lined up and ready at the airports.

#62 Guest_aressa_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:31 AM

Nice thing about the rentals is that you get to let SOMEONE ELSE clean off the mud! :D


#63 Guest_donald893_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:33 AM

i'll more than likly be in a daewoo the 200 mile round trip will be to much for subbie. it leaks oil like the exon valdez and over heats if it's over 60 outside

#64 Guest_Hondasucks_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 02:28 AM

#1: I'm not complaining. I had a helluva good time at the show, even if I didn't have my 4x4 to play in. To finally get a chance to be around Subaru owners, not the usual people I hang around with down here who don't want to hear me ramble about my Subaur all the time.. Hell, in Auto Shop at LBCC half the people in there call me "Subaru".. I personally agree with what Brian said, about Jamie and Andrew being Godsends, without them it wouldn't have been possible. I also like his idea of getting the rest of us involved.. I'm only 190 miles from the park, which is no biggie for me.. Yeah it could be closer, but then again it could be in San Diego, or Boise, in which case it would be a LOT harder for me to make it.

#2 SO HELP ME GOD I WILL BE THERE IN A SUBARU THIS YEAR! I'm bringin' the GL-10, my buddy's prolly gonna drive the wagon, if my other buddy get's his license and the title he'll be bringing his 80 brat, and my buddy from school so help me God will be bringing his 76 DL 4x4 wagon if I get it fixed up for him.. But it doesn't really matter what we show up in, as long as were there right??

#65 Guest_Flowmastered87GL_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 02:28 AM

I loved the show and had no objection driving up there. Hell I find drives (such as Whistler to Portland) to be fun. Seeing as most people in the club are either in portland or seattle and a couple are in canada (yes I know some are in CA and southern oregon) but the majority IS closest to Thurston County. My only objection to the ORV park is that there wasnt a whole bunch of rally X room. Of course it worked in my favor since my car is pretty nimble and I took 3rd place. I say keep it where it is unless (as Jamie says) someone is willing to take upon the HUGE burden of organizing the event in South WA or Oregon somewhere.

As a note:

I have my PNWSEC card (possibly temporary, its made of papery cardboard, but hey its basically no worse than a social security card :lol: )

I would also be willing to contribute money up front to make this happen (say to put a deposit on the the location or something)

Also, in no way were we ever forced to get PNWSEC membership. I merely did it because I felt since I took so much from the event it was worth my few $$ (by the way I made off with 2 trophys, a 12 volt cooler, some stickers and 2 hats) So I made a profit going there, the price is fine!

#66 Guest_chef tim_*

Guest_chef tim_*
  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:15 PM

The beauty of our country, I saw things driving half way across America that just about brought tears to my eyes.

The hospitality of new friends, people willing to help in any way they could.

A wonderful night around a camp fire. Friends talking, Mr & Mrs. Edrach softly singing and struming a guitar.

The sparkle in my sons eyes once for a moment of young love, and another for being in a car that rolled.

The awesome thrill of driveing one of the coolest Hatches in the HP.

Being the first one to dive into a mud run and not worrying about getting stuck, 'cause someone would be there to help.

The faces of people we have grown close to over the years coming to life, becomeing real friends.

Thats what I remember, one of the best times of my life. Thanks again to all who made this a GREAT time. Tim

#67 Guest_Subie Gal_*

Guest_Subie Gal_*
  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:23 PM

well we cant use the ORV park again...
ORV park owners have crunched down their schedules and raised their fees... so we need to find a new location if this is indeed to happen...

and i will need help!!!

Andrew and his wife are expecting, they will have their hands full and likely not a lot of time to put into organizing this event....

should we have a pizza feed?
i may be able to get a sponsor to help front the $$ for the pizza and such....
should we meet in person and discuss ideas?
for the meet and the club in general?

if so where?
Bellevue? Round Table has a banquet room, i could try reserving it for a ???? saturday? sunday? weekday evening?

if you are willing to assist... and i understand some of you are... we can start a new thread... and begin planning, together...


#68 Guest_Hondasucks_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 12:59 PM

Hey Mudrat79, what was the name of that off-road park you had the map of in Eastern Oregon?? That would be a fun place to have the meet.. Someone on here lives over there, or has family over there, don't they? Maybe they could give them a jingle and see if we can have the show there???
That sux about the ORV park, I was looking forward to playing on those trails in my wagon but oh well.. That place in Bend looks a lot more fun ;-)

#69 Guest_Lewy80DL_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 02:16 PM

Jamie, with the exception of this Saturday night (wife has me scheduled to go see some Korean Folk Dancing in Seattle) I'm ready to sit down and talk (especially whne there is pizza involved :lol: ).

#70 Guest_qman_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 02:22 PM

I might be able to come and give/hear suggestions and EAT!

But, I too have a little thing planned this weekend. Next one would probably be good.


#71 Guest_wedge420_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 06:58 PM

All i want to know is were exectly it is,is it free,when is it,and what goes on there?
This is my first Subaru and i love it so much i want to take it to see its brothers and sisters lol.
is there a swap meet or flea market?
How about sooby venders, t-shirts, stickers, parts?
Will all my Subaru wet dreams come true?
:evil: 85 GL 4wd turbo wagon
4:20 24/7 :cool:
Also everybody keeps saying "slush bucket" on this site,whats it mean (automatic?) ?

#72 Guest_Lewy80DL_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 08:46 PM

I had a nice chat with Jamie this afternoon at her place, here's the deal, prior to my arrival, Jamie was it for getting the WCSS4 off the ground, now there are two, Jamie and myself. Jamie would like to meet with anyone interested in helping and/or suggestion to meet on Saturday the 23rd for a working pizza meeting. The place is TBD, but will probably be the Round Table in Bellevue, time has yet to be set. As Jamie said in an earlier post, it will NOT be at the Thurston County ORV Park, they have priced themslves out of our patronage. This year event will probably just be a show and get together somewhere in the Cascades of Washington. So, if you want to part of this year's event send Jamie at Jamie@subiegal.com, we'd like to know how many to order pizza for. Thanks in advance.

#73 Guest_edrach_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 09:04 PM

First volunteer. I should be able to make the meeting on the 23rd unless I'm in New Mexico that weekend (possible but not definite). However, you know where to find me. ---Ed---

#74 Guest_Mike W_*

Guest_Mike W_*
  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 10:25 PM

Planning meeting...I'll be there.
ORV Park is out...We WILL find a new place!
This show is gonna rock!

#75 Guest_subyswamper_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 February 2002 - 10:37 PM

Isnt there a orv park near vancover Washington some where? Or is this just some off road trails, I have seen some pretty muddy rigs coming out of this area. The portland guys would probably know? Going to miss the T/C orv park though. Great place.

Later, Ralph

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