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  1. Your post about the constant power to the horn is one thing I definitely needed to know!  The car I'm working on is an 83 DL wagon.  The horns are the last electrical part that needs a resolution.  Based on everything I've checked so far, I'm 90% sure that the horns are just frozen with rust and need to be replaced.  The are two sets of green horn wires with female connectors (one of the sets has two lines to each connector).  I'm guessing the pair of single lines goes to the center horn behind the grill and the pair of double lines goes to the horn behind the left headlight.  Is this correct?  Is there a positive/negative orientation for the horn pins - or does it not matter?  Last question - there is about a 12' distance from the wiring to the center horn (which I think is the low tone) - do I just make male to female extensions to connect these?  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!