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    Darby, Montana
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    Music, Instruments, Sewing, Quilting, Sewing machine repair/restoration, Wrenching, Tinkering, Bluegrass, Old Timey, Folk, Gospel
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    Sewing Machine Technician, Amateur Musician
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    Google/bing/ask, searched for 1977 Subaru info.
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    What would you like to know? I wound up with a 1977 front wheel drive DL Wagon, which needs help...so I came to you all, and the center of the Subaru Universe.
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    1977 DL Wagon, '86 GL10 Wag, '88 GL10 Wag

About Me

I play bass in a bluegrass band here in the bitterroot, (wow that was an alliterative statement) I also pick some mandolin and (when nobody's looking) 12 string guitar. I have been many places and done many things. most of which I'd do again without hesitation if given the opportunity. I mean hey, it didn't kill me then...why should it now?

I relocated here from Florida, and now for the life of me I cannot think why I ever liked that horrid, sweltering, bug infested hole, 20 years of my life wasted there, well, not wasted maybe. But ill spent. (mostly)


You can find me on stage with Mike and Tari Conroy, playing a very abused 1949 Kay Blonde double bass.

and sometimes at the RMBA (Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Association) stuff.

Add to that, trying to restore the 1977 Subaru Wagon...only I don't think I could ever play the Subaru on stage, at least not to any degree of satisfaction.

On the plus side, the Bass fits in the Wagon!

Minus side...only a very static laden AM radio...