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    Long time Subaru fan, but just got my first classic Subie- a '77 wagon.
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  1. Thanks JesZek, my dog Bacon and I are both thrilled with the new car! Just had it serviced and it's running beautifully- now even more fun to drive :-)
  2. Hey everyone, I've been admiring the pics of 1st gen Subarus on this forum and now I've bought one I’d better join the club :-) Found this little beauty on The Gumtree (Aussie equivalent of Craig's List) and just couldn't resist- I've got an '06 Forester XT but have always had a soft spot for older Subies. Seeing this made me realise how long is't been since I've actually seen one on the road, they seem to be a dying breed so I wanna do my bit to preserve one. Needs a bit of work but someone has obviously cared for him in the past- new rubbers, home respray, reconditioned EA71, and pretty good interior for it's age. First mission is to get him Roadworthy, so I'm fixing up a few things ready for the inspection. There have been a few customisations along the way (home-made go-faster stripes, '80s Leone grille, blacked out tail light surrounds, plastic "SUBARU" badges on the side), but I'm aiming to get him back to a more original 70's vibe. Plastic out, chrome in :-)