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  1. Hello, USMB. I found you because of this incredible day we've had. It's *hilarious*, so I thought I'd share. It's the last weak of a month of 60 mandatory hours. I am commuting from the country. Get up this morning, it's 3 degrees, battery's dead because the door didn't close. OK... lucky enough to borrow my BFF's car- 16 minutes late clocking in. No big deal. The plan was to jump it after work. I'm parked in such a way that I had to let it roll backwards down the hilly gravel driveway so the cables can reach from her car. Try to open the hood, aaaand the release lever, under the hood, snaps off. Dead battery, can't open the hood, driveway blocked. Might be able to squeeze the other car past to get... to work & other places. Yay! Happy Holidays, y'all.