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    Middle Aged multiple subaru owner, Sad to have to let my outback go after 315k.
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  1. Hey everyone, glad to be on the forum, I've been on several other forums specific to the models I've owned, but new to this general forum. I "inherited" a 2002 Subaru Outback H6 Sedan from my Father-in-law several years back and was an instant convert. That little car would literally plow through snow that my neighbors SUVs and pickups couldn't even handle. I took it to 315k and then finally had to pull the plug as it needed a water pump, timing belts, and head gaskets all done. I would have kept it and done the work myself if it hadn't been taking up much needed space in the driveway and I knew I probably wouldn't get to it for years. I currently drive a 2006 B9 Tribeca and I've been a little disappointed with it compared to the Outback. The wife wanted a minivan, I really wanted another Subaru, the Tribeca with 7 seats seemed an acceptable compromise, but neither of us has felt like we got what we wanted. She wants to be able to "walk around" in it to help the kids, and it doesn't handle as well as the Outback did, wish I had the towing package and RES. We've since bought an Odyssey, so she is happy, and I'd like to get a Baja. Looking forward to learning here.