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    78/79 ignition compatibility?

    Thanks for the help all, turns out everything was hooked up correctly (we took off all the transistor connections per naru2’s response) but there was a wiring issue in the harness. We jumped a wire from disty to coil and had immediate spark. Much work left to do, but she runs, charges, builds oil pressure and idles like a champ. Next task, find jump seats...
  2. 79Vantucky

    78/79 ignition compatibility?

    Distributor is mounted in the motor and the points break as they should- is there no way I can bypass the transistor ignition box? Seems like you could jump the distributor signal wire straight to coil (-), but I could be mistaken. Moosens, haven’t gotten as far as testing everything just yet- car (truck?) has been sitting for about 15 years. Power is getting to the coil from ign switch, but cranking yields no spark. We’ve cleaned up the contacts on cap/rotor/points for now but figuring something isn’t hooked up right. Thankfully we have spare charging system parts, so we’ll test those when we can get it to fire up. Went through the carb and it appears to be working correctly, but still need to test fuel pump. Thanks. -CK
  3. Hi all, just bought a ‘79 Brat GL that came with a ‘78 Wagon motor. After dropping it in and trying to get it running, I suspect the ignition equipment in the Brat (coil with Hitachi transistor box) and the disty in the ‘78 motor (older points style, I think Hitachi from what I’ve read) aren’t compatible. I found a harnes with blue and red coming from the transistor box next to coil- does this plug into a newer electronic disty? Would the ‘79 have come with electronic ign from the factory? I’m just trying to get it running for now, so not looking to swap to electronic just yet if I can help it- if the car is set up for electronic, is there anything I can bypass/rewire for now to get it to work with the points? Sorry if this has been beaten to death, i’ve been scouring and haven’t found answers quite yet...us young guys have been spoiled by coil on plug...