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  1. Hi all, Thanks for having me, here's my POS: a '15 Forester, lifted 2.5" on 29's. (2inch Sumo kit and standard height King Springs). Full skids, RTT, recovery gear + a bunch of other crap in the trunk, ham radio, etc. Not much stops the little thing except the CVT from time to time, (See video example here of a friends '17 XT: https://youtu.be/75caITaHrV0 ) and if there's a good taco or burger place on the way. I am doing research on a CVT Cooler, as I believe it would help my issue, but I'm not sure since I've decided to get rid of the car in the next year or two, no matter how upside down I go. I help admin a Facebook group called Offroading Subarus of Colorado, I try and take amateur photography sometimes, and like to help write FAQ's and learn more about things all the time. Been wheeling for about 8 years, came from a built Ranger (Dana 44 front, 9 inch rear, 5.13's, dual lockers, dual t-cases, custom exo cage/bumpers/sliders/fuel cell, 8k winch, etc), so the Subaru has been quite the learning curve (Especially with the CVT's behavior as shown above!) the last few years.