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  1. I am still figuring out how to upload pictures.
  2. Hi all. I am a 29y old Subaru enthusiast and live in Belgium. I work at Subaru for 5years now, but was virtually born in a Subaru. My dad and granddad had a Subaru workshop for 30yrs where i did grow up in. I own a few Subaru's but together with my dad and grandad we have quite a collection. -1x Impreza P1 -2x Legacy S1(Rallycar build and spare shell) 3x Hatch: - 1300 DL with 1600SRX swap (1985) - 1800 4x4 in need or restoration (1981) - 1800 4x4 rolling shell modified to take a EJ20 DOHC turbo. And amongst the family - 2x XT in great shape 1.8T, and a 8ish in different states - Leone II Sedan, Hardtop, Break and coupe 4x4 - 2x SVX - Minivan - Impreza rallycar 1995 Gr. N lastest addition is a 1400 '74 GSR Here to look for some info on maintaining/retrofitting/upgrading my cars.
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