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EJ25 swap

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Hi from New Zealand.

I have a 1996 250T Auto and have cooked my EJ25. Please advise what is my best option to re power. Should I just get another EJ25 or is there a better option that will bolt in without loom, computer, diff issues.

I am totally confused about this and would really appreciate help.

Kia Ora !


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your models vary from over here.


is it a turbo or non-turbo?


over here for non-turbo stuff the EJ25 is the biggest EJ motor they make that's a direct plug and play swap. don't think you got anything bigger, so EJ25 is the best you can get.


what do you mean by "cooked". if you're talking about a head gasket issue your best bet is just to repair it. much better to have a properly fixed engine then buy another EJ25 with known headgasket issues. or, plan on replacing the one you get.

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