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Hi everyone,


A couple of months ago, I purchased a 2000 Forrester w/ 60k miles and automatic transmission. In the morning after a cold night, I have a difficult time shifting out of "PARK." The best way I can describe it is if I tried to shift without pressing the brakes. It's just kinda stuck and won't go into REVERSE. I hear clicking like the shift lock is working (or maybe not working). After some "finnessing," I can get the the car out of park.


Once the shifter is not "frozen," I have no problems. I can shift in and out of park no problem. I can leave the car at work all day and if the temp is in the 30's or higher, I have no problems shifting when I start the car again. The problem only occurs after really cold nights (20's or less).


Has anyone heard of this, or have any idea what's going on?




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