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Amc 360 blowout

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Ok so I just bought my first jeep with what I was told was a slight lifter knock......uh huh. Any way after overheating and flooding it out I finally got it home where the lifter was now banging like a pot drum and then proceeded to blow thebottom of the piston arm through the oil pan. So I guess my question is can I replace just the one piston or do I have to do them all? Will have the head off anyway to do the gaskets but money is an issue so the less parts the better. Thanks for your time guys and I hope I can get asmuch good Jeep info as I do Subie stuff from you guys.

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I think you'd be further ahead to find a decent replacement engine from a local yard. or peruse your local craigslist for a rusted out donor car like matador, wagoneer etc. There are tons around here to be had on the cheap not sure about your neck of the woods.



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