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Evening all, well after 14 years of only needing routine maintenance and the odd replacement part the 96 Impreza EJ18 has finally thrown a hissy, I think after trawling this site I have pinpointed the cause - CTS. Also found various threads that were similar thoughts to what I thought might be the cause, leaking injectors, MAF sensor etc etc, Will need to get my hands on a replacement CTS and give that a go.


I think I have the only Impreza in the Falklands, there are a couple of Justy models here, there used to be a 1.6 Impreza but it succumbed to rust and was donated to the local fire department for training purposes.


Thanks for the pointers if replacing that doesn't fix the problem I will probably be back to ask soem questions.

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Welcome from far, far away, F419C! Hope the CTS does it for you--I know a new one made a world of difference in my '95 Legacy a few years back.


Let us know how it goes. And if possible send us a pic of your Impreza "on location" in your beautiful islands.


All the best to you!

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