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the paint marks on brakes ( out back )

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I had a left front brake line leaking fluid a few weeks back ,had the car seviced and this part repaired no charge .Just had the 12500 k service done .This time they seviced the car a work ,so when the wheels were off I had a look at the repairs that we done .The brake line had not be placed back in the correct spot there is two small pins that the line sits in ,this stops it moving when you tighten the line up .


As I then had this under my hat the phone rang it was the Subaru dealer who serviced the car and had done the repairs .Told him about what I had seen and he said you can not return the car to us we have lost our dealer ship .we are happy to service the car but we can not do waranty repairs ?????

Looks like all the Subaru dealers in Perth have lost there dealer ships . Not good Subaru on there own now ?:(


This caliper did not have the paint spot ( I gess when they tighten the banjo bolt they put a dob of paint on ) all the others had paint ,must of went to lunch !!!

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