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Hello and is there a Death Valley Run?

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I just joined this week. I'm a 4 time Subaru owner. I started with a 86 Hatchback and I loved it. After brutalizing my Subaru as a rural photojournalist I came to understand the following a Subaru could build. Floods, fires, rescues and all manner of stories were open to me because my Subaru would get me there.


Years later I bought a Forester - hated it. Then, thinking I needed a more professional car I bought a 2007 Wagon - hated it. Now, I'm back at it with an 89 wagon. I think the Subaru love is being rekindled...


So, we have a 79 Jeep Wagoneer to pull my wife's vintage trailers. Being loosely associated with the Full Size Jeep community, the talk of doing a Death Valley run is common.


My son thought it would be fun to do a Death Valley run but the mathematics of driving the Wag from the Salem, Oregon area to Death Valley is inescapable.


So, is there a Subaru Death Valley run of any kind? Does anyone want to do one in the spring? I'm not thinking of a full-on, hardcore 4x4 thrashfest, just a good old camping trip with my two sons and a little adventure.


Thanks in advance. And, thanks also for the warm welcome on my other (first) post. Owning an old Jeep, and old Datsun and an old Honda, I've come to really rely on the collective knowledge we hold in these forums. We're the keepers of institutional knowledge that has vanished from the shops and parts stores across this land.

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