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starting a full time business NEED your inputs and ideas

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Cat-less Y pipe or header that will hook up to the stock exhaust on the EA cars.. better flowing intake that is lower profile if that will even work. skid plate light bar assembly that is all one piece,, direct bolt on.

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simple intake manifold with a weber carb bolt pattern so we dont need run adapters and the carb stays low. eliminating the water passage to the carb would also be good. even a well designed weber adapter would likely sell well if you have enough other accessory products.


EGR block off plate (or an EGRless manifold version)


ASV delete plates for the heads


Adaptor to remove a hill holder


Air cleaner that fits a weber but uses the stock air filter so its slimer and has PCV and tank vent ports without all the other junk. bonus points for being sealed and having a snorkel fitting to add onto.


toolbox or storage bin (or other gadgetry) that mounts in the spare tire mount under the hood. many people run full size spares so that space is free.


EA82 timing covers. the plastic ones are easily broken and many people run without them so they can inspect their belts. Maybe a thin gauge metal one with viewing ports and pull aways to allow easy belt changing while still covering the gears and whatnot while driving.


All of the above are simple things. the block off plates are just a shape and 2 drilled holes, but they offer a good place to put a logo, would be cheap, and are comfort items. same with the air cleaner, great place for a big ol logo. Honestly I think a good flowing intake with a weber pattern would sell quite well if you could get the price down enough.



for the more extensive stuff...


extendable arms or longer ones for the rear so you can move the tire back away from the door when you lift them.


Swap stuff like EJ swap trans adapters, transmission mounts if its possible to get an adapter setup so its more bolt on, etc.


Roof racks with mounts


usual - headers (im really interested in one for my EA82 btw), bumpers and such. If your going to run with exhaust I would make a header and cat back that uses a flange style cat. that way it will convert the exhaust to either accept a bolt in cat, or you can make a delete pipe with a flange to fit it. Having a cat isnt a huge deal, and you can get cheap ones that do the job and just bolt in if you have the flange style.


if you can find a distributor then maybe carry some of the things that people who mod cars run. find a cost effective but decent manual oil pressure gauge, volt meter, fuel pressure reg, etc. even if its just making even on that stuff it adds bulk so people will buy from you since they know it will fit their car without having to ask questions. If you focus on quality you wont have to keep a huge stock, just go for cost effective and well made.


im sure theres a ton of stuff people want, im just trying to think of what you can sell multiple of with a single design, and what nobody else has.


With the flange cat system, you can have a cat back setup, or jsut leave the pipe longer and have a cat delete version. the only difference is 15 inches of pipe. Maybe work out a deal on a cat that works well and sell it as well. With some clean work even the "bling" like the air cleaner or timing cover should sell fairly well. Sell what they want, not what they need so to speak.


with items like the air cleaner. when we swap out carbs we need to buy one somewhere. make one that looks nice and has the proper fittings for a weber setup and why not buy yours instead of the normal one. all you have to do for a hitachi or carter is change the cutout in the bottom, now you have multiple options to sell. its just a couple of pieces of sheet metal with lips in the end.


anyways, throwing ideas at the wall. Im no buisnessman, but it seems like there has always been a ton of people waiting with money in hand for anything that will set their car apart. people will fabricate braided hoses for their stock whatever simply because they cant find ones that fit if they dont own a honda.

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