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  1. Mykeys Toy

    West Coast Subaru Show 18!

    Thats it. I spent most of the day talking and hanging out instead of really looking over the cars.
  2. Mykeys Toy

    West Coast Subaru Show 18!

    Here is what I got. no vids photobucket doesnt like them and I am too lazy right now to check into it.
  3. where is that? I haven't seen them listed anywhere and I have called many companies about seals as well as the trim. BTW I will be screwed when I finally need to replace the rear window seal in the sedan. no group buy discount. only one company said they would do it and quoted $20k whether I ordered 1 or 1000.
  4. Mykeys Toy

    wrx seats in a 2nd gen brat?

    I have to say I really like the seats from a 97 GT. I had to get the seat brackets modded a bit to compensate for the height adjustment which allowed me to put the seat further back and got much more leg room out of them. I cant reach the wheel or the shifter when it all the way back. they also have a permanent lean backwards which makes it more difficult to reach but also allows for more headroom.. take it all into consideration I am only 5' 10" and am thinking other imp/ forester based seats. Headroom and seats that sit more upright are what I think I really need.
  5. Mykeys Toy

    West Coast Subaru Show 18!

    I don't have to pack anything. That's i my back yard yay!
  6. Mykeys Toy


    Welcome back Del!
  7. Mykeys Toy

    The Blu Bomb

    Sorry to hear it Ben. I hope you can resolve this soon.
  8. Mykeys Toy

    My '83 GL Coupe - Hardtop SSS

    Your baby is coming along nicely! I too have swapped fuel tanks for future swap-ability. Fortunately I didn't have much rust at all so I hit it with a wire wheel and some some converter from Eastwood. Then undercoating. Now If only I could figure out whether I simply did not tune the Weber properly or if my foot is too heavy. I miss getting 35 mpg. I forgot to mention that rather than dealing with all the other radio stuff there is another option if you listen to music from your phone more than the radio. Fusion MS BT-100 is a 12 volt stand alone Bluetooth receiver with RCA outputs. You can figure out your own way to use it to trigger a small amp or whatever but when the local stations here suck it has been a life saver. That is what I would do if I didn't want to cut my dash. Mine was already cut so I managed to plug into my current aftermarket radio. ( it's 20 years old so nobody is going to steal it). Anyway I found it on amazon for $40 or something close to it. I used one in my garage for a while. Mike
  9. Wow! I had forgotten about that meet up. I was there and I remember some of the face but not all.
  10. Mykeys Toy

    WCSS 17 pictures post hear

    you are correct about the Justy.. It was only the second I have seen in 14 shows that I have attended. And the first Tribeca that I can recall. As for the Ornament I have no idea Looks like pistons and connecting rods but I didn't really look until you mentioned it.