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Found 8 results

  1. As of 7-26-14 I have bought this '83 GL 2Door Coupe locally, I couldn't resist for $900 Some info: EA81 with Hydro Lifters (Possible Calif. Spec emissions) Jatco 3AT FWD 3.700 Mileage: 75,745 The Undercarriage has some rust and a couple holes but is very fixable. Right now the plan is to get it running smooth, go thru it all, change all fluids and leave it be until Safariwagon is finished. Time for photos! When I went to pick it up. Got it home running on 18lbs of pressure on every tire lol. I've always loved the rear of these cars. Does this thing have Calif. Emissions on it? And yes, this is someones half assed attempted at replacing the radiator with one that does not have a built in ATF cooler. This will all be changed. Also working on getting some new Weather stripping. Loads more to come! -Tom
  2. Got this hatch on 8th of January for $250 non running missing the carb, distributor, coil, starter, rear windows, a lot of the interior, some ac components, and the radiator. My plans are to fix it and have it as a farm/off road rig thats street legal, so something like a 6 inch lift, 6 lug hubs, and some 15's just to start with. Last weekend i started working on it and got it running by putting on all the missing parts but its only running on 3 cylinders with 30psi in cylinder #1. Could be a crack in the head, hole in piston, cracked valve, bad seat, blown head gasket ect.(tried adjusting vavle clearance and it didn't help) Just going to put in a spare ea81 i have and get it going because why spend money when you have 2 known to be good motors to drop in. Ironically i got this in Lebanon and a spare motor i have is also from there so i might as well put it in since it has a new clutch. Another one is i bought a 84 brat on january 4th then sold my 83 turbo wagon on the 5th and bought this on the 8th.
  3. Hey there everyone, I have started to some work on my new 1985 GL Hatchback. I am not super familiar with Subaru motors and I have intermediate/novice skills as a car mechanic ( I know vintage motorcycles much better ) Anyways, I was removing my AC and its components and saw this and was wondering what it went to? It is all metal, it goes down/behind/underneath the driver side valve cover. There is also a bracket behind it that looks like it may have supported something as well. My questions: – What is this? – What was attached to it? – Is this something I can operate the car safely without? – Does anyone have a reference photo for a GL with this component(s) not missing? Please see photo attached, I outlined the part in question in yellow. Thanks pals.
  4. My '84 GL Wagon (2WD) has blown out the driver's side ASV,become difficult to start, and sooted up that side of the engine compartment. Anybody have one for sale or know a work-around? Thanks, Geoff in Georgia
  5. I finally got my car running, and took it for a drive. Here's what my problem is: * My car idles really low, and it will die unless I give it gas. * Sometimes, when I press the gas pedal, it will stick. * It backfires at higher rpms when I'm cruising. * The ECS light is on. I've replaced the spark plug wires and both the main and secondary fuel filters. What should I check next?
  6. Hi, just bought a Second Generation 1988 Subaru GL 3 door hatchback with the EA 81 engine, dual transmission (4 hi, 4 lo), 4 speed manual transmission. There had been alot of work done to this car about 6-8 years ago (with receipts), and it runs great. When we were changing the spark plugs though, we noticed the passenger front axle inner boot was torn, and we could see where some grease had sprayed out. The axles had been replaced in 2006 along with the wheel bearings and inner tie rods. I'm totally new to subarus and don't know anything about them yet, and just got my first repair manual in the mail (Haynes 1600 & 1800, 1980-1989 years) My question is, can I just replace the inner boot, and how do I know if the CV joint or anything else has been damaged? I just bought this car a few weeks ago, so I don't know exactly how long the boot has been torn. It's running really smooth, no noticeable vibrations, clicking sounds, etc. If that's the case, is it recommended to get an OEM boot from Subaru? I've read bad things about aftermarket boots (dorman, etc). I already found and bookmarked the axle rebuild post, I don't have a shop though, and live in an apartment complex. Plus I'm trying to get this fixed ASAP so that hopefully only the boot needs to be replaced. I don't want to give it the chance to damage anything else, if it hasn't already. Any thoughts/suggestions would be helpful, thanks!
  7. Hello, I am new to the forum. I am from Beaverton/Portland Oregon. I just got a 1983 Subaru gl wagon four door. I am hoping to fix it up and turn it into a cool machine. It has high miles, at 190,000. Body is good aside from rust specks on the hood. Interior could use new seats in the front and the dash is cracked. The first problem I have encountered is that the engine after it warms up has a high idle. Up around 2000 rpms. I have a few ideas of what the problem could be after reading other posts on the forum, but I have not found anything that sounds exactly like my problem. The engine also seems to choke and sputter a bit as well. Yesterday it actually just turned all the way off. If anyone has any suggestions on where to start, I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. Restoring a 1981 4x4 4 door wagon. Both front fenders need replacement. Anyone have a source to get new ones or great condition used? Closer to GA the better. Thanks in advance!
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